Burger King

598 Elden St, Herndon
(703) 435-7207

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Gioia Albi

Always good, always fresh, always fast. Best staff in the area.

Fred Hman

Came in to pickup for a delivery. I stood at the front counter for about 15 minutes. Made eye contact with one of the employees a few times as they prepped drive through orders. No one tried to assist me or spoke with me. Another customer entered the store, and they went to the register and called out to him within minutes.Dunno what sort of Mickey Mouse organization is being run here, but there's a level of professionalism, human decency and respect thats clearly lacking.

Angie Nicole M.

the Worker at the drive thur can't take order right, i order a bacon king meal w a coke when I get to the window,he ask for my order and I told him my order then he comes back saying he doesn't have my order he then calls the manger and she just starts yelling at me and acting like I made the mistake, that just bad Customer service.

Irfan Syed

I would not recommend this place. Worst customer service. Staffs are unprofessional, they don’t care about customer.

George C.

This is a great place but the staff is almost completely Spanish who understand no english, lol. The only way to get your orders right here is to do the following on paper and just hand it to them. Promotion code, example 8777Item 1WhopperKetchup NormalPickles Extra/HeavyMustard LightTomatoes NoThey Will screw up your order if you don't do this...They seriously need to get touchscreens at this location.

GabiEuzinha 2

EXTREMELY RUDE customer service given by a lady at drive-through window today, May 11 2020, around 1pm. She was even racist against Salvadorian people , since she tried to get us mad by calling us Salvadorians. Really??? She was Hispanic herself!!! By that point she made me laugh.. I'm not Salvadorian and have nothing against people of any origin!!! Would give -100 points if possible... Get away from this RUDE and RACIST place

Alexander T.

every time i have ever come here, they have forgotten something from my order. their sodas are flat, their service is slow, they're often out of multiple dipping sauces, and their employees are sometimes rude. this was the case before covid, it is the case during covid, and it will be the case after covid. it's an all around terrible experience. stay far away from this place.

Daniela Lovo

Bad manager Karla She was talking to me about a very bad way to do customer service. I think the manager leaves a lot to be desired. She should learn to respect a little more because the customers we get to buy, not beg. And the moment he asked her why she is talking to me that way, she tells me that her voice is something that doesn't make sense.

Facts M.

I've ordered both lunch and breakfast from this location from Door Dash and was disappointed both times. Their bun was burnt on the inside with their whopper. Their breakfast sandwich barely had any cheese and I had to open the croissant to find the 1 small strip of bacon inside it. Now either Burger King is falsely adverstising in the commercial or their employees just don't care about preparing delivery food for their paying customers. I will never order from another Burger King because I'm now 2 for 2 with bad experiences with their food. I can't be the only one that thinks that. It could just be that location, but I'm done with them

Walker Kerwin

Good in-out location. They made a single patty for our dog cuz we were driving for hours n he was hungry. My Whopper was perfect. The fries were soft/crunchy, as they should be.


I've gotten exactly what I expected when I received my order of two Whopper Jrs, both times I've gone to this Burger King. A couple of hot fast food burgers delivered quickly and ready to eat!

Torijenae Russell

I just went there for my lunch break with a friend. The guy in the drive through was extremely rude to my friend. All he asked was if they served smoothies. The guy snapped, "no. This isn't subway. No, we don't sell smoothies." My friend and I are used to occasional rude customers, but we never snap back at them and the last thing you want on a lunch break is to deal with MORE attitude. I told my friend don't order anything. Let's go somewhere welcoming. Do not come back here or give them any business.

Jeffery Obando

Good place to get some fast food. Its clean and welcoming

Alan Keeler

Easy and fast, Whoppers are still good but the fries! Not so great.

L Fisher

One of my main places to eat. fantastic location, neat, and great service. Very good job!

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