Jimmy John's

454 Elden St, Herndon
(703) 481-2525

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Transbeman S.

Very boring menu. Owner Jimmy John Liautaud posts on social media how he goes around killing rhinoceroses, tigers and elephants but I never see these animals on the menu. I feel mislead by his social media posts.

Josh F.

My favorite sub shop. Ever since I discovered this place I have not been to any other sub shop. They are unbelievably fast. I will get out of my car and come back in with my sub in less than 10 mins. Also their bread is the best I've ever had with a sandwich.

Philip J.

This place promises food freaky fast. I was handed me my sandwich as I was paying for it. Pretty freaky fast, if you ask me. The staff is super courteous and helpful. The store is impeccably clean. Half-way through our meal on staff member came over, asked us how our meal was, and gave us a complementary humongous chocolate chip cookie (delicious). Probably because we told them it was our first visit. I have never gotten this kind of VIP treatment at any other fast-food restaurant. So with all this positive, why did I not give JJ five stars. Because I really did not like the sandwich. It had an overwhelming taste of horseradish. Now I like horseradish OK but this was too much. We could not figure the source of this taste, because JJ does not offer horseradish as a condiment. Maybe it's just me but I ate less than half my sandwich. You may react differently, so I recommend you try Jimmy Johns.

Carl Garreg

They just stole my money! Paid for my food for delivery, I live 3.3 miles away from the store. Waited one full hour, finally decided to call the store and the employee said my order never went through after calling me by name. Then after he switched up his story and said that I ordered for pickup, even though when I tracked the order it didn’t even say ready for pickup and I remember putting in my address first. He then asked for my address and then told me I’m out of territory, that’s why no one came. I lost 11 dollars and Jimmy Johns lost a customer. Ive ordered from the Chantilly location everyday for work and I won’t be ordering from the Herndon location ever again. They just stole my money

ashlyn kimble

We've had deliveries to our office many many times.. today when i had a coworker call they simply said they couldnt deliver when we are 1.4 miles away. I tried to call back 4 times with no one answering the phone. Very poor service if you ask me.

RunWithWolves 00

Love JJ. Fresh and fast. Employees always friendly


chill staff and always fast

Heidi M.

Their sammiches as freaky fast for sure, but don't order a drink. They'll forget it and tell you they can't refund you for it, they'll just run back to the store to get it and bring it to you...an hr later, you'll have your drink after you've already choked on you awesome sammich that you had nothing to wash it down with.

Shannon B.

Terrible experience and customer service. Order food to be delivered 5 minutes from restaurant, looked forward to their "freaky fast delivery" to hungry kids at a baseball game. Order went in at the top of the first inning. 28 minutes later they call me "restaurant SLAMMED. order on its way. Order will come with a coupon for a free sub. " I called at the ONE HOUR mark. Order not here. "Sorry we are busy. Its in the car, on the way, no more than 15 minutes." 90 MINUTE mark. I cal again. "Sorry we're busy... don't know where order is....." BASEBALL GAME OVER. 9 year olds played an ENTIRE game before you guys could make 4 sandwiches and deliver 5 minutes away. You should've told customers you couldn't handle order. Extremely hungry. Never order from here.

Pablo Aparicio

Great value for the price.

Linda Stahl

Jimmy John's is a small deli style restaurant that I have been noticing for quite a while now. I thought I would give it a try and see what it was all about. The restaurant appeared to be cute and clean. There was only one other couple in there when I went in. I ordered the double ham and provolone sub to go. It was good. It is surprising to me that the shop did not have more business. Perhaps because it is surrounded by other restaurants that are fairly popular. I liked the decorations inside Jimmy John's. The atmosphere was nice and I think this restaurant probably does a better business at a different time of day. Since I've only tried one thing I don't feel that I could give a higher rating right now. The sandwich that I did order was good.

Cash Johnson

I often stop on my way home to pick up a sub at this locations.Ive seen probably fifteen different peiple work there, nothing but professional staff. The speed at what the subs are prepared is from super fast to there is no way you made this in 35 seconds! If you're a fan of what they offer, this place is an example of how this type of bussines should be run.

Sunil Pai

gargantuan sandwich my favorite

Hannah D.

Gotta love that feeling of sheer disappointment when you realize they forgot half of your order...a restaurant that specializes in delivery should have a better method of ensuring that ALL products in each order are sent out for delivery. I was looking forward to a quick and easy lunch from Jimmy John's. Unfortunately, I was extremely disappointed when I waited for my delivery for over 30 minutes, only to find out they had forgotten half my order. Not to mention, the ice in my soda had completely melted, leaving my soda watery and flat-tasting. I've ordered from a few Jimmy John's in the area, but I've never been as disappointed with my food AND service as I am with this Jimmy John's location. Thanks for ruining my lunch today.

Rathvon M.

After working late today, I decided to pick up subs for the family on my way home. The bread was amazing, the meat was above average and the entire meal tasted great after a long day. I also told the man making my order that I have never seen someone make three different subs as quickly, and as well, as he did. Job well done! Jimmy Johns will become a regular stop for our family. Nothing fancy, nothing expensive, but just a good solid tasty sub.

Ana Dion

I'm a frequent customer of Jimmy John's for several years now (not at this particular location). I just felt compelled to leave a positive review (FINALLY) because I had another great experience today. The catch line here is "SUBS SO FAST YOU'LL FREAK" well today when I walked in my sandwich was already made and ready before I even ordered it. I mean it was literally handed to me as soon as I went to the register. It takes a detail oriented and great employee to see you from a far and remember your order. I don't know that just really brightened my day and made me smile. Definitely freaked! Thanks so much!

Emily Laurel

Watched a food prep server use his gloved hand to unlock the doors, pick up something from he floor and DIDN'T CHANGE GLOVES for food service. Big NO

Thomas Wrobel

Great sandwiches at reasonable prices. Fas and friendly service

Bob C.

I come to this Jimmy John's about once every two weeks but go to Jimmy John's once a week between here and South riding. The subs here taste better because the breaded baked perfectly. Some of the other Jimmy's well over cook their bread or cook the moisture right out of it. Mr. William, who works the counter and makes the sandwiches, is absolutely fantastic. Watching him work with his coworkers shows me how much they care about hiring great people. With great people comes great service and great sandwiches.

Jim D.

Staff is so nice here, especially the manager named John. If you order the same thing every time they will have it ready for you right away.

Jimmy John's
Jimmy John's

Jimmy John's

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