Pollo Campero

496 Elden St, Herndon
(833) 226-7376

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Jaylyn Brown

First time ordering. The French fries were ice cold. The chicken nuggets looked & tasted like they came from a supermarket frozen food bag. The coleslaw was revolting. Cabbage, mayo and green peppers? In what world is that called coleslaw? Even the dinner roll was gross. Plus- no butter, napkin, or even a utensil to eat the revolting coleslaw was included in the bag (now I see that as a good thing after tasting it though) I ordered from the Elden Street Herndon VA location. Already deleted the app from my phone. Sorry guys- nothing you offer would make me try you again.

Bill Christopher

Altho I ordered by phone and was told my order would be ready in 11 minutes, I didn't get my order until. 40 minutes from the time I placed my order. Staff didn't care. Less than courteous. Very poor customer service.

Alfredo Lopez

I order online and it gave me a pick up time I get there 5 min after my pickup time and the girl that was there looked at my ticket and was like like it will be 10 to 15 min, and proceeded to cook my order, the place is empty what is the point in ordering online is they dont start with your order until you get there.

Mario Miranda

Very good chicken. I mean its not the same flavor as in Central America but it's not bad. Actually it's a very good option if you want to try something different from the Peruvian or the fast food chicken restaurants. The corn salad it's a must there.

Pierrein Sidifall

I love this place.. expensive... but I love thier food.

Chandra Thornton

The chicken was well seasoned, juicy and delicious. The Mashed potatoes and gravy tasted like glue. Box potatoes with gravy from a jar or can and no seasoning. The french fries were greasy and overcooked. My kids had burnt fries in their container. The staff didn't speak English which I don't mind as long as the person taking the order and receiving payment understands and speaks English. The chicken nuggets were too hard to chew. My kids wasted 3 orders. They were impossible to eat.

Z Andersen

The meals and service were above our expectations. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of this place. Superb restaurant to take the family out for lunch.

Veronica Acosta

I love thier chicken but hate that this location doesn't have the salsa bar . This is the only location that seems to bot have one. Will be driving the extra 20 mins to get my salsa. What a shame

Anthony Castaneda

The chicken is awesome, employees not so much.

Matt Sorenson

Great flavor. Reasonable prices

Mariachi Revelacion

The oil on the Chicken is not cleanig often. I know you can feel sometimes.

K Todd

I really love their dishes. I always get great customer service here. The place is well kept and the cashiers are always super nice. Will come visit again.

Endayia Boler

Well you have some workers who don't really clean under tables and some workers who stand around and do nothing. Sometimes I get less nuggets or chicken then what I ordered and they don't always refill the soda machine.

Mark M.

December 31. Brought coupon for BOGO meal about 5:45pm. Cashier had 14 orders backlogged, service was moving reasonably quickly; two trays of chicken legs, thighs, breasts of about 80 pieces fresh from oven brought forward as two employees filled orders among six visibly working. About twenty customers in the store; half waiting for orders. One Caucasian had had his order filled; we were only other Caucasians; all others of Hispanic or Asian appearance. In a clear case of discrimination, and the cashier being obvious that she did not want to honor our coupon, she said "your order will take two hours to be filled." I stated there's no way the existing backlog would take two hours. She repeated very emphatically, YOUR ORDER will take two hours before it will be completed. We had no choice but to leave.

Michelle GB

Good chicken and fast service. Friendly staff too!

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