Waku Chicken

458 Elden St, Herndon
(703) 870-7448

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Tom Walsh

The chicken is awesome. The yuca is good. The chaufa rice is amazing. Though one time my rice was over salted, and another time my yuca was undercooked. This place is still good. I will eat here again, but pay attention to details and you will get 5 stars.

Eng Merc

NOT a halal place. Only lamb gyro is halal. Rotisserie chicken tastes old.

Arthur Willmore

Chicken was dry and they try to nickel and dime you on the sauce. There are like 5 other Peruvian joints nearby that are better value.

Michelle A.

Ordered the lomo saltado and the half chicken meal with white meat and yucca and maduras and it was all so delicious!!! Definitely recommend if you want some good tasty Peruvian!!!

Emreo O.

Very delicious Peruvian food. Food is very flavorful and delicious. The best part of the food here is that it doesn't leave you bloated or feeling full but definitely satisfied. Highly recommend!!!

Phillip P.

The Ceviche is great. The food is great. This place is great. They have cleared out all the tables and chairs from the main area. It looks empty by is neat and clean. Not sure who the person from Michigan was reviewing but these folks are super nice and very efficient.

Gary Rosales

it was excellent up until a month ago, unfortunately the last 3 times I ordered, the chicken was dry and subpar. not sure what has changed. A month ago I would have given it 5 stars

Michael B.

Went here based on others' good reviews. Wow. Yum meee! Pork fried sandwich, yes! Fried red pickled onions for the sour, and plenty! Sweet from sweet potato fries on top, also abundant. 3 Large pan-fried medallions of pork, perfectly crunchy on the outside, just-tough-enough and juicy (without being greasy) on the inside. The amount of meat in sandwiches often seems skimpy, on the scarce side; not with these monsters (I ordered 3); goes perfectly with the amount of toasted roll. Seriously, I would not change a thing, and that is Quite Rare for me. Seasoned nicely, too -- not too much, but just enough. Spicy green sauce on-the-side for that little extra kick! You can tell it's family-run. Very very good. Perfectly toasted roll. Looks like live 2-guitar / singer music, during happier, non-Corona times. The French fries...eh, not special. I will get the black beans and maybe fried plantains next time, since I'm definitely going back.

Joanna N.

First time here and was disappointed with the flavor. I order 1/4 chicken dark meat with white rice and black beans. The chicken was bland begin the skin and I was expecting the skin to be a lot more crispy like some of the other competitors in the surrounding areas. The service and price was is good. The gentleman greeted me and put my order together quickly and I paid. The cleanliness seemed like it was lacking. This place needs a good wipe down if the tables, the floor is sticky and the trash can has food dripping all over its its gross to look at while you're eating. Quite honestly I won't be back. There are much better options for Peruvian chicken in the area and this one was not my favorite.

Joel L.

Service here is pretty bad. The food was good though. I speak Spanish and it was hard to understand the staff. I had ordered food, which took a bit to bring, it seems they were making it fresh though. They brought the food out, but forgot to bring out the side dishes. The place seemed a little on the dirty/grimy side, but it did give it an authentic feel to it. I'd recommend the food here as I was happy with it, but the service wasn't very good.

Mark D.

I got the 1/2 white meat chicken and two sides and I wasn't that impressed. The chicken wasn't terrible but it was pretty dry and the vegetable side tasted like an overcooked bag of frozen veggies. It is possible we just came on an off day or some of their other dishes are better but with the other options in the area I probably won't come back. I will say they portions are very large and the price was about $10.

Ali Z.

I heard their management has changed at some point, and was excited to try authentic Peruvian in a convenient location in Herndon. I tried the beef Lomo Soltado. Not impressed, beef seemed like it was from the day before, and it was very hard and overcooked. My friend got the half chicken, it was ok, kind of dry and not a lot of flavor. Side vegetables looked like they were frozen or from a can. For authentic Peruvian I recommend Pio Pio in Great Falls, and for rotisserie chicken I like Guapo's better

Mario Salas

Amazing Peruvian food! I had the Bistek a lo pobre, anticuchos, and ceviche mixto. All three were delicious. I will make a point of coming here whenever I’m in town.

Sean Crook

Waku is whack. Food takes a long time to come out and the chicken is no different than your local Peruvian chicken joint. They have other dishes like lomo saltado but it takes so long and tastes just alright. The place definitely needs an update too, tables are old, the menu is faded. It's in need of major updates. I'd recommend going to El Guapo's down Elden for a much tastier meal.

Brandon B.

Genevieve W, listed below is conplelty wrong. I didn't want to order after seeing her review but I did and it was GREAT! Very seasoned chicken, rice is good, and yucca is amazing. Great portions for a low price. I grew up eating Peruvian chicken and this is on the top end!

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