Waku Chicken

458 Elden St, Herndon
(703) 870-7448

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Kiley B.

Waku is from the Quechua language for "bird with good meat" according to the poster on the wall. This was my first run-in with Peruvian fare, and overall it was as good or better than expected. I ordered the whole chicken which was a good deal for the amount of food you get. The chicken was juicy and seasoned lightly but tastily. The chicken was cut in quarters. You can choose two sides. I chose the red potatoes which were soggy. Next time I would choose something else. I would recommend the Chica morada drink. It is a homemade Peruvian purple corn drink and has a hint of cinnamon. Very pretty and very tasty!

Monica J.

We went to this place last night because the reviews were good. The chicken and fries were tasty. My Greek salad was without dressing and the gyro needed a bit more taziki sauce. The place is a bit run down and service was ok. They plated our food before everything was ready and the chicken sat out getting cold. I don't think we will be going back anytime soon.

Guy Saults

Delicious chicken and sides. Too much food piled on the plate. Get a to-go box

Travis Fritz

Always love the plantains and Peruvian chicken with the quick service

RodRang N.

Been seeing this resto as I always pass by Elden st. and wonder what they offer and so I went checked it out on yelp. The other day I went in and ordered the half chicken with 2 sides - banana and salad. Omg! The best Peruvian chicken for me! Super tasty! Super moist chicken! A lot of sides to choose from. Go get yourself some and you'll come back again and again

M Romeo

We live in Woodbridge now, and whenever we are back in Herndon we visit Waku. The chicken is always so fresh. We've eaten there perhaps 30-40 times and I don't think we've ever had a non-moist chicken. The portion size is huge. And the staff is super friendly.

Matthew S.

For the rating of this restaurant, because of past experiences, I did not want to jump the gun and give it a quickie because sometimes with these restaurants, you have to wait a few hours to see what really happens after you eat. So far, so good. If you are looking for pollo a la brasa, better known to the United States as Peruvian chicken, Herndon is the place for it, given its demographic. The chicken is juicy and full of flavor. Unlike a lot of these kinds of joints, you get a lot of food for a good price. $10 for two sides and 1/2 chicken? HECK YES! There are some things that retract from it getting the review I ultimately feel it deserves. I got the sauces, and they are kinda skimpy with how much you get. I also felt the plantains looked and tasted mushy. Maybe that is because I got there during a lull in the rush, but that is no excuse to how these things should look and taste. They were a big letdown. In addition, I asked for french fries and they were not ready. At all. Because of this, I had to substitute my fries for black beans, which while the black beans were absolutely terrific, was upsetting because I like to dip the fries into the sauces. Next time you be better prepared! But the chicken's flavor is a reason to get the star back. Not to mention they like when you try to speak Spanish. Even if it is not perfect, just give it a try. It goes a long way when you want to make a good impression on the staff, which clearly wants it's customers to be happy and return for another visit. Do not worry about that Waku Chicken, I will be back for more chicken.

Drew Nelson

Delicious Peruvian style rotisserie chicken and a large assortment of sides. Fried yuca is amazing、 the Greek side salad is tasty and the giant sweetcorn is strange but awesome. Really good family combo specials and you get a lot of food for a very reasonable price.

Marilyn Gomez

First time there, I took my boyfriend and his dad they loved it. Our new favorite place in Herndon

Daniella Ahumada Toncel

Super recommended! I ate a seafood pasta (tallarines con mariscos) and I LOVED IT! DELICIOUS!!!!

Kelsy Zaremski

Chicken is flavorful and moist. Sides were hot and good! Service was fast.

Kelvin P.

Waku is more than a fast food restaurant. I came in on a weekend and a few couples ordered what I think was a chaufa special (Peruvian take on Chinese fried rice). The orders take some time to arrive at the table but I think that's due to the care they spend on cooking the dishes. The rotisserie chicken is what most newcomers will likely order, but their sandwiches are equal if not better. They're very generous portions compared to other restaurants in the area, and superior in quality. Come dine with an open mind!

Rejane M.

I loved this place. They were patient as we were trying to decide what to order. Pollo was just as any other place. Beans as a side dish as a generously portioned. We also ordered one of their specialty plates, Biste a Lo Pobre, and it was a large meal. Could easily have been enough for two people. When food was brought, they were kind enough to give us real silverware instead of using plastic ones. I was even told, "You might prefer this one." Large space. Plenty of tables. Clean facility. Definitely on our list to return.

Alice B.

The lomo looks better than it tastes - although the sauce is well flavored and the fries are crispy. I wouldn't eat here again because nothing wow'd me but it was a cheap lunch in the area. We also tried the chicharrĂłn sandwich with rice and beans. Sandwich was good, but again, nothing to write home about. The beans lacked flavor and the overall ambiance/cleanliness of the restaurant could use a little boost.

Jim A.

My go-to pollo ala brasa place of over 20 years (we went there every Tuesday), Pollos Inka, had a fire and closed temporarily. Months went by and they never reopened so I've been on the lookout for a replacement and Waku is in the running. What I liked about Pollos Inka was not just the chicken, it was the other dishes you could get, such as lomo saltado, pollo saltado, pescado frito, etc. So my co-workers and I tried Waku and after one visit, I was pleased enough to want to go back. After a few visits now, I can safely say that Waku chicken is a good chicken place, the other dishes are decent, but not great and if you order anything but chicken at lunch time, you get a healthy dose of attitude with your meal, as they are a little too busy to take the time out to make other dishes. The man who made my pollo saltado during my last visit was clearly upset about having to do it, he was cooking and glaring, cooking and glaring (at me). Hey, I get it, probably 90% of the people who come for lunch are ordering chicken, so Waku ought to think about only serving chicken at lunch time. The chicken is very good, cooked perfectly and you can get it quickly. I'd stick with that. Otherwise, the sides are okay, not great. every time I went there a few of the steam trays were empty and that left me wondering what other sides would have been offered. I go to lunch before noon so they were not empty, they were just not being used. I think they could use more choices of sides.

Cesar M

I wasn't going to give them a 5 start...but i did, because the manager took care of me immediately, she found out that I had ordered a drink that they thought they had...as found out they didn't. But she acted and decided to take care of me l, I was very impressed by it. I do recommend this place the charcoal chicken is very good.

jeremy g

This is our favorite Peruvian chicken spot in the area. The prices are good chicken is flavorful. Best thing is the yellow dipping sauce it's delicious.

Claudia B.

The food wasn't the issue. The food was delicious the problem was that there was cockroach and when I let one of the workers know he seemed to not care. It was like if it wasn't a big deal. So that alone was a big red flag.

Tony T.

The good: fresh food. Meat cooked completely. The bad: it's only ok. Bland. Not much of a taste. I had a quarter chicken white meat with fries and chaufa rice. I normally love Chaufa rice. This iteration had very little taste and tasted less fresh than the fries and chicken. I drive all over the Tri state area fixing computers , so I try tons of places. That makes me pickier since i have a lot to compare against. The king of chicken and fries is Pollo Rico in north arlington. Every last bite of that chicken is delicious and flavorful. The fries are thicker fries and to die for. This was not that. Fries are pretty tasteless . Fresh. Hot. But tasteless. To,give you an idea good fries,too,me are from Five Guys, Pollo Rocco, Roy's if using the thicker fries , McDonald's (king of thin fries). This was not as good as any of those. The chicken was on,y lightly seasoned and after eating the skin had very little flavor. I will not go back, though I will say the place is clean, friendly, and food is fresh for the most part.

Han B.

One of my favorite Peruvian chicken in the area. What I like about Waku Chicken is 1) Sides are superb (Fried Rice and Yucca are great) 2) Fresh Chicken 3) Plenty of space inside One thing is chicken on the smaller side

Waku Chicken

458 Elden St, Herndon, VA 20170