Brooklyn Pizza Authority

10613 Hull Street Rd, Midlothian
(804) 276-0040

Recent Reviews

Stacy Scott

If you are looking for true New York style pizza and hoagies, you gotta check this place out....totally amazing

carlos vargas

This pizza place is great! The guy that was working the pizzas really made us feel like family. Especially for our first time there. And the pizzas are amazing. The crust and everything. Definitely coming back for sure

Jenna Derksen

Went in for the first time today and was greeted by a super friendly, welcoming staff! Plus the pizza is great! Definitely will be returning soon

Daniel Robertson

Excellent crust, generous portions of high quality toppings and very fresh. Pretty good value and friendly service (in a pushy New York way) :)

Rachael Hartman

I LOVE BROOKLYN PIZZA! We found this perfect little pizza place during quarantine when we started a Saturday night movie night and tried every pizza place in Midlo. By far our favorite and not to mention the biggest pizza ever (and AMAZING WINGS!!!!)! This year, for my daughter's 3rd birthday we did a simple pizza party. Brooklyn hooked us up. Not only did the owner give us a discount but we asked for pizza to arrive by 5:15 or shortly after. They were there before 5 and the food was amazing. They also sent an amazing little cinnamon treat for my daughter. Folks from the party still randomly rave about the food ask me how far they deliver. They went above and beyond and I will never order pizza from anywhere else. Do yourself a favor - try it! Oh, and we have had their cake too, FANTASTIC.

Syra Sparkle

I love this place!! I am visiting my mom from NY and she told me this is the only place that have real NY style pizza. I was skeptical but was pleasantly surprised! And the slices were huge. I was shocked~ Its like getting two slices each!They had a great selection of pizzas and even a really fun Chef's special that could be whatever specialty pizza is felt that today. I got the Chicken bacon cheddar ranch, and the Chef's special (italian sausage, spicey peppers and spinach) Slices. I had him cut mine in half because I knew I couldnt eat two whole big slices but I wanted to try both(That is what you see pictured- half slice of each) I couldnt pick a favorite to be honest. My mom got plain cheese, which is her go to. And if you can make a plain cheese pizza taste good you've done the job lolThey also have my childhood fave IBC cream soda and root beer. My mom loves the Dr Brown's black cherry soda. She was talking about that on the way there as well.The one thing I could say is missing from this joint that doesn't feel quite like NY is the cold and rushy atittude and that's just fine with me! hahahah The owner was there when he went and he was so cool and super friendly to every customer.I will be recommending this place to everyone in the area that wants a big slice of NY. And I hope to go back before I go home.

Marla Collins

It may look like your average neighborhood pizza joint, but Brooklyn Pizza Authority is anything but! After carefully researching online shortly after we moved here from out of state, we've been ordering take out ever since. We're always greeted immediately by the friendly staff and incredible aroma of baking pizza. My favorite, the white pizza has chunks of aromatic garlic that will please any garlic lover. The fried chicken wings come in a variety of flavors and are absolutely delicious. The one thing that stands out the most is the incredible service and friendly staff. I rarely write restaurant reviews except when I come across one extraordinarily special.

Roland White

Huge slices! Pizza is definitely the best in the area. Quick service and good selection. The guy working that day was nice too. Can’t remember his name, big guy with a NY accent.

Michael W

Obviously this is going to be New York style pizza. Each slice you get is a quarter of a very large pizza. I'm not sure of all their offerings, but the pizzas I tried had thinner crusts.In my personal opinion the food is very reasonably priced and the quality of the food is outstanding especially given the price point.They have other appetizers and things outside of pizza. They sell Mexican Coke and Mexican sprite in bottles.I really wish I could give a 1/2 star rating because this would be about 4 and a 1/2 stars from me. I tried the chef's special pizza and margherita pizza. Chef's special was on point, the sausage was amazing and it had a very nice kick, spice wise. Margherita pizza was OK, in my opinion almost too many tomatoes. I will say though that the tomatoes were not mushy, and you can tell they use quality ingredients.Quick turn around from getting in to getting out.

Victor Voyles

First time trying them. Excellent pizza but felt like the dough was a little bland. Definitely eating there again, though.

Tucker Murphy

Quick, inexpensive, and friendly. Not to miss the obvious fact that the pizza is really good! Definitely coming back

Kevin Randesi

Ordered large cheese pizza. In addition to rude cashiers giving a bad attitude where wearing a face covering which fully covers your mouth and nose in is not sufficient (must have a "mask"), the pizza is nowhere near NY pizza quality. NY pizza has much more flavor and much better crust.

Sandra Withrow

We ordered pizza for a work meeting tonight and it was delivered on time (very important prior to a 2 hour Zoom meeting), it was hot and all toppings were intact, and it was delicious. My admin who placed the order also said that she spoke with the owner when placing the order and he was very pleasant and accommodating. Great local business!

Wayne B.

BEST taco pizza I've ever had! HIGHLY recommend

Carlton Clark

All of the food here is incredible. Just had the Taco Pizza and it is legendary. You have to try it. Best Taco Pizza in the game.

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