Waffle House

3500 Speeks Dr, Midlothian
(804) 276-8400

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Cameron Ruggles

A friend and I pulled up around 12:30 on Saturday night and they said they were takeout only. That wasn’t an issue, we could see they were having a rough night. The entire time we were there, the staff was complaining about the lack of money they make. I tipped like 65% trying to be nice, and they STILL messed up the majority of our order. Cheese in my eggs that I specifically asked not to have cheese, I honestly couldn’t tell what was mixed into my hashbrowns that were suppose to be plain and my waffle was also plain when I paid for peanut butter. My friend had a bacon, egg and cheese hash brown bowl and it just wasn’t good either.

Ashley Horner

I was very impressed with the measures being taken keeping customers apart for social distancing. My waffle came quick and cooked to perfection!!


Went in for quick breakfast. Was told by server there were 2 seats at bar the she proceeded to sit down at low counter and eat. She did get up and walk over infront of us without her mask on to get the rest of her meal. No one acknowledged us and counter where we were told to sit was filthy.

Jason Ponczek

Food was good just cold. Staff were not that good. Heard a few arguing with each other. Didn't appear any type of management or leadership. We like this chain but this one in particular was sub par.

Blair snyder

When we got there, there was one table that had dirty dishes on it and we were told they didn't have a table for us and to wait outside. We waited 20 minutes and then went in and waited about 10 more after we saw a table leave. So now there are 2 empty tables on one side and Mr. Tubby was sitting there playing games on his phone. Made no move to go clean the tables so we could sit. So we went to clean the table for him and were told we could not do that. Mind you, there were maybe 6 other people in this restaurant. It was terrible and we left after some words were said.

Randal Johnson

They wiped the table but did not use a disinfectant spray. Did not wipe salt/pepper/sugar shakers until requested. Salt was wet in the salt shaker. Would not sprinkle. Not many onions on the "smothered" hash browns. Payed for extra. The steak was well done not medium. Coffee cups are small. I used to like this place. Maybe the waffles are still good. Service was good.

Maggie M

Waitress was super nice and attentive. The food was fantastic and hot and the coffee kept coming every time we needed a refill. My favorite thing is the Bacon Cheddar Egg Hashbrown bowl. Only problem was the cleanliness of the place but it is a Waffle House and the food is well worth it. Will be back soon!

Charles Teets

Service was fast. As is typical with Waffle House. In and out.

Amber Miles

Can feed the hunger at anytimeAnd it's always good! If not they fix it again !

Dianiris Bonilla

Just came for a vacation and wanted to try out the famous waffle house and there was an employee by the name of Jamie who was absolutely miserable. No one in the facility wore a mask except the chef... absolutely the worst experience ever I would never go back nor recommend this place to anyone

Lady Red

The tables was filthy and the floors was as well.. old food everywhere. Nobody was in here before we got here so I’m confused on how the tables wouldn’t be cleaned and flies was everywhere as well. they should’ve been killed before we got here too and there was something yellow inside of the salt bottle. During this pandemic, I’d think they would have time to have a spotless establishment BUT the food was GREAT

Ken Jaco Director Bryant & Stratton College

Fast and friendly, good quality.

John M.

Busy place on Saturday a.m. We walked into this Waffle House with the intention of dining in. However, after waiting for 5 minutes to be seated, we left. We weren't even acknowledged.

Don Rawlings

The food always provides comfort and the staff provides the smiles. So glad they are hanging in with curb service.

Jim Moler

Food is great, but probably not good for you....lol

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