Waffle House

3500 Speeks Dr, Midlothian
(804) 276-8400

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Pro Wrestler Aleks

Went on a late night, seated instantly. Service was great, was accidentally given an extra waffle, and when the server was notified she told us we could have it for free. Would come again.

Michael English

When the storm happened, it knocked the W down . It became the awful house.

Cheryl McCormick

I will never eat there again was not very happy when I went to check out and they charge me for my whole meal because I did not even eat the hash browns that were supposed to be smothered and covered. I had a waffle and hash browns smothered and covered and all I ate was the waffle and they refused to take the hash browns off my bill.

Jody Moncrief

The staff was not using any type of good hospitality. There was no desert. My server had his hat so low on the front of his head he was not able or may have even been blocking the possibility of eye contact. Further, he and another male staff member had ear buds in and could not hear as I was trying to see if they had a desert menu. Then, the ceiling started leaking on me making my clothing wet. The staff and facility needs significant improvement. Very disappointed...

Lisa Chandler

One of my favorite places for breakfast & waitresses know the customers by name

Barbie L

You get what you pay for but the service was excellent. If they learn to make scrambled, fried hard, hash browns, I'll change my rating. I won't hold my breath.

Loki Paul

3:19 am. Me and my wife Get to waffle House and told only taking Togo orders, well think it about time to find a new place to go from now on. yes they need to clean up in there as well big time tables a mess and counters. Y'all need to work on keeping a business going not turn people away who want to spend money in your store.

Tammy B.

If you want fancy then don't go to any Waffle House. However, if you want perfectly cooked scrambled eggs, hash browns and bacon this is your place. Nikki served us fast and friendly. I believe the gentleman's name cooking was LaQuan, that man can cook. The whole place runs with an amazing amount of teamwork and balance.

Hannah willis

I know it was late, it was midnight came for a late dinner and during our wait at the table there was a cockroach in my friend’s hair she panicked and swatted it out and it was in the booth and continued to crawl around and we soon explained to our server of our issue and they played around about it and it disappeared and the servers continued to do absolutely nothing about the cockroach. They were extremely apologetic, but the situation was not addressed as we hoped, because like any other restaurant, it’s all about cleanliness, and I do realize it’s a Waffle House, they’re not about that at all.

Donnell Lyons

Great breakfast with fast service at this location on a Saturday morning with a crowded restaurant. Staff did a great job under pressure. Overall great place to except the cleanliness, but it is Waffle House.

Lauren Delacruz

Always reliable for cheap, well done, comfort food. No frills. Just simple, country breakfast.

Leslie Christopher

I love it for breakfast

Gregory Flewellen

Food was great

Gregory Flewellen

Food was great

Gavin Pearce

Your typical awesome Waffle House experience. Good for, fast service and a decent price. What you expect.

Ross Workman

Waffle House is good if you're in the mood for waffles, hash browns, eggs, or toast. Not a huge variety, but the do a good job cooking it and the staff is friendly. Service:5, location:5, atmosphere: 3, price: 4, quality: 4

Jennifer Laws

We went for Valentines Day and it was a great time. Jesse the manager and staff were great and we had a wonderful time. Thank you.

David Dobb

It was decent, not but one customer in the place so service was fast. Got it to go as the place typically seems dirty and greasy. The prices are never consistent. I order the same thing every time and the total can be different by as much as 4 dollars. Bad math or padding the bill? I have no idea which. Seems to be a huge turn over in staff in recent years. It's not a place I eat often maybe once or twice a month.

Sandra Williams

Everyone, at this location, has always gone above and beyond to make our visits more than pleasant. We come for the food and stay for the people!!!!!

Christian Holloway

Great breakfast with fast service at this location on a Sunday morning with a crowded restaurant. Staff did a great job under pressure. Keep up the good work.

Waffle House
Waffle House

Waffle House

3500 Speeks Dr, Midlothian, VA 23112