Pho 83

615 Pilot House Dr, Newport News
(757) 873-8382

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Sosalena Tes

This place is absolutely fantastic! They are the best authentic pho place in Newport news! My husband and I always come here for our pho fix and they never failed us! We have tried multiple places and there is no comparison. Their food and customer service is outstanding especially for the price! Definitely give this place a try if you're in the area

Denise G.

The food here is so fresh and delicious! The server was such a fun person and everyone works so hard to make your feel welcome.

Lyly Le

Service was efficient and friendly, waited no more than 10 minutes. Quality was amazing for price, and place was clean. Would strongly recommend to anyone! Brown sugar boba was also delicious.


Used to be my go to vietnamese food stop, but after the last 3 visits I noticed that their food quality, freshness, and even quantity has gone down hill.

Rico R.

First and last time visiting. The food did not taste fresh and had excessive fat on the meat.

Ryan C

I believe I have tried every Vietnamese restaurant on the peninsula. None are bad, but if forced to rank them all, Pho 83 would be the obvious winner. Excited to return back in the very near future to explore more of the menu.


Ended up not eating dinner at Busch Gardens and opted to find something closer to the hotel. On an Asian food fix, we went with Vietnamese and found Pho 83. Checked out the menu ahead of time, called in the order for takeout. The interior was nondescript, nothing that really stood up. Suitable for sitting down to eat dinner. Service was friendly, I paid for the meal and was out the door. Ended up ordering Bahn Mi, a grilled pork entree with rice for the kiddos, and some limeade soda. The Bahn Mi was some of the best Bahn Mi sandwiches I've had in a while. I preface that by saying that when I usually go to eat Vietnamese, I'm all over the pho and don't eat that many sandwiches, but it's still the best in recent memory. The exterior crunch of the bread, the fresh veggies, the liberal use of condiments, nom. Only disappointment was that the fresh jalapenos had little bite to them. The pork chop tasted good and the rice was as expected - kids ate it up. The limeade soda was customizable - they'd offer a lime base and then provided a side of sparkling water. The base was very tart and not too sweet, which made it different from a typical limeade. The sparkling water brought that effervescence that went down easy. All in all, as much as we enjoy the food at Busch Gardens, we were glad that we opted to go here instead. If in the area, will definitely consider going back to try some of the other food on their menu.

Ambiguous Intent

Fabulous staff, and quick service. Lots of vegan options and good prices. Kids servings are generous too!

X. B.

Pho 83 is my favorite pho in Hampton Roads. The broth is so flavorful, and the noodles and vegetables are plentiful. I can never get through the bowl! The service is incredible and the food is delicious. You won't be disappointed.

Sylvia L.

Very disappointed and very upset of myself for agreeing to give this restaurant a try. If anyone wants good VN food and service, pls this place is nothing near it. We normally visited Pho 79 everytime we go to Williamsburg BG. This year we wanted to try a new VN restaurant so my bro suggested Pho79 due to the 4stars (idk how they got their stars) Before we go to this restaurant, we called to make sure that someone there speaks VN. This means that at least they are serving good VN food close to authentic. Wrong!!! Once we entered the restaurant, no greeting whatsoever. All she asked was "how many?" Then POINTED us to the tables. My husband was about to leave but the kids were hungry. To be safe, i ordered the special grilled porkchop rice platter. Pork chop was very very dry and didn't have that authentic VN grilled porkchop aroma. Grilled pork chop is the most basic dish in all VN restaurant. If they can't get this right,, then..... Rice was very dry and not warm enough so as the egg. The pork skjn was cold. We also ordered 2 bowls of the spicy beef noodle Bun Bo Hue. It's not bad. But it shouldn't be call Bun Bo Hue. Basically it's just beef pho that they added a scoop of spicy sate and a tiny piece of hairy pig feet. We ordered 2 beef pho for the 6 yrs kids. So little noodle that our 6 yrs old said that they were still hungry. Not worth the money at all. Service was bad that I don't understand as to why they deserve the 18% tips included in our bill. The 2 waitresses were just sitting behind the counter with their phone instead of checking on the customers (just my family and another table with 2 customers at that time) I was so upset about my Grilled porkchop rice platter and the Bun Bo Hue that I wanted to ask to see the cook to ask him/her if he/she ever eaten a real bowl of Bun Bo Hue or grilled porkchop before.

Kevin Jordan

Delightful lunch! I had the seafood P16, excellently prepared & bursting with flavors!!!

Elaine Loi

The pho noodles broth soup is not good because it do not have real beef flavor. It just have a sweet taste and the pork chop looks very pale and dry. I would not recommend it.

Jeremy N.

Always good. Usually get pho, but this time I got shrimp bun, and I've had better shrimp, but I can't remember when. It's definitely an unassuming place with fantastic food. I highly recommend it.

Victoria P.

My first time here and very impressed! Not only is the food delicious, service was wonderful and fast. Very warm environment created by the staff here.

Chiaki W.

My favorite pho soup place. Great flavor and quality foods. I usually get chicken pho and soup is absolutely delicious.

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