Istanbul Gyro & Kebab

723 Monticello Ave, Norfolk
(757) 314-1122

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Christian Curry

Food was very flavorful. Perhaps the best Gyro I have ever had. I wish the Gyro came with a side for the price. I will definitely go back.

Corey M.

Ordered lunch from here today. My husband wanted a gyro. He loved it! It's silly that you have to pay extra for feta and tzatziki sauce, but he was extremely happy with his choice. I ordered a small Greek salad with grilled chicken. The chicken was ok, but the salad was inedible. It was soggy beyond belief. There was way too much dressing/oil, even after I drained it. You want a gyro this is the place though.

Terrance Connor

Love the food and service only down fall about this place is they are either closed half the time or out of food to sell..grr definitely one of my favorite though.

Janee' T.

I got lamb and beef gyro with feta, extra sauce on the side ,and black olives. The food was delicious. I think it's ridiculous to pay $1 each for a few crumbles of feta, a 2oz cup of sauce, and a couple of olives. Likes absolutely ridiculous. The service was ehhh. But the food itself was bomb. $10.63 for just a gyro sandwich is pricey IMO. I give it 4 stars based solely on the food. It was a nice amount of meat and decent sized sandwich.

Yaser Pasha

Thank God for making Gyro / Shawerma / Doner the only way it should be made... directly off the vertical spit cone and not reheated and grilled fajitas that most places in US sell as Gyro. It's a hole in the wall type of place so not much to say about the dine-in area. They got my order wrong but I will let it pass this time, I am just too happy to find a genuine gyro joint. However they can do even better by cutting the meat slivers a bit thinner and searing and braising the gyro a bit more (I should've told them to do that as they are probably catering to clients who are not familiar with authentic gyro.... next time i will) and using a better Pita bread than the one they are using. I can tell this brand from the yeasty smell it has and a bit of rough texture that is not what a good pita / pide bread should be. Also would advise them to add a bit of parsley or herbs to the sandwich and servis platter for a more authentic Mediterranean / Turkish touch.


Outstanding food and service! My favorite is the mixed kebab. Keep up the good work!

Victoria Sexton

The food is delicious and reasonably priced, and the staff is friendly!

JB Coleman

Great customer service...and the food tastes excellent!!

Amber W.

Humble outsides but super tasty insides. This is a must go for gyro lovers! Also be sure to get a side of stuffed grape leaves, it's the perfect side.

Elyse C.

This place has hole in the wall's so good! Of course I got a gyro. It was fresh and delicious . You could tell the meat was cooked authentically on a spit. The greek salad was also very good. Def recommend for an authentic gyro

Philip Kerns

Fantastic food, super nice staff, always great atmosphere. They charge reasonable prices and the food quality is very good. Great work.

Kimi Wolf

Always a great idea to stop and eat here when we’re in the area! The food and staff are always amazing! Love the gyros!

Donovan D.

You can't get any closer to the real deal when it comes to gyros or shwarmas than this place in the states. It is absolutely amazing. Mr. shwarma is bs, but this place is legit. Absolutely fantastic and definitely recommend!!!!

James Hooper

Gyros are great! Meat is fresh and portions are more than enough.

Becky Hess

Good food. Decent prices. Perfect for a quick lunch

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