Taco Bell

649 Newtown Rd, Norfolk
(757) 461-3289

Recent Reviews

Valentine Wendy

Great service. Food was yum. The new Grilled Cheese Burrito was very good.

Alexis Shanes

The service was fast but my order was wrong. My daughter can't have cheese and I specifically said no cheese and her tacos had cheese on them and no lettuce.

Molly Dickson

We went inside and it was just a complete disaster. My tacos tasted like they had stale shells. My drink was so watered down that I had to take it back inside. There are so many more things I can say but I am trying to be nice.

Alex Diaz

Ok this TB done came up. Good service.

Patiense Barbour

The service was fairly fast.

Jenniffer Santiago

Ordered 2 tacos with a nacho bell grande. When asked for sauce, I did say yes and my type I’d prefer. I got home and I’m missing a taco I paid for and no sauce. Tried calling and of course nobody answered

Triniboi mark

Horrible customer service girl(black female)at drive thru rude as hell and gave me the wrong order threw my change at me dropped some of it on the floor no apology notthing I will be writing the cooperate office and I will be there tommorrow for a refund

Jenifer Hollett

This is one of the best Taco Bells ever. The burritos and tacos were well filled and looked good. The service was pleasant and they took touchless delivery seriously.

Mirallorne Starchild

Drive thru "manager" rude. Lied about giving me my receipt. Made excuses when I called. Told me to call back tomorrow. Acted like doing her job was such a burden. Will never go to that location again.

Dominick Moore

Best manager in the area. Seriously, I haven’t been to a Taco Bell in forever and he and his staff made my drive-thru experience, during difficult and uncertain times, a pleasurable one. The food was good too. Thank you for everything!


Great prices. Great food. Friendly staff

maylene cadiz

Me and my bf went to buy our dinner here but unfortunately our food is not that great. Their cinnamon twist barely have cinnamon sugar in it which i am so disappointed i throw it because i dont like it without the cinnamom sugar coated in it. Food is messy look loke they just dump everything 8n unorgsnized

Isabella Broyer

My fiancé and I go to this location because it is closest to home. When ever we order, we get cut off after each item because the cashier in the drive thru asks “is that all” or gives us our total expecting us to be done. The food is constantly incorrect and they’re consistently rude. I was actually hired there and had to leave after a week due to how bad it was. They didn’t care about the customers or how they train their employees. The only reason I gave them a star is because it’s required to leave a review.

Joanne M

Yet again, another fast food joint where they screwed up my order. I was the only one in the drive-thru at the time. First time I ordered the infamous "nacho fries." Disappointed of course because they were cold. Had to actually ride thru drive-thru again because they also forgot to give me my drink. Funny how they ask you what you want to drink & if you're not specific about what size, they automatically order the largest one to hike the tab wherever they can.

Javiér Steele

The food and service was very impressive. They have 2 options to order and everything was ga fast and friendly. ??????

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