Taco Bell

649 Newtown Rd, Norfolk
(757) 461-3289

Recent Reviews

Noah Way

One of the better run Taco Bells. Clean, nice, efficient.

Bret Dawson

Its taco bell man you can feed an army for 20 bucks. It's not gourmet but even as a chef I dig taco bell. Its fast food "Mexican" you should know what you are getting yourself into.

Kaishi Axon

Neither the best nor the worst Taco Bell I've visited. Fairly clean, and service wasn't too slow, but the place had a weird vibe to it. When I was there, they had run out of a few menu items, and I saw the staff interacting with customers in ways that didn't seem right, like preparing a substituted item for a customer before informing them of the problem (and no offer of a refund).

Jerry H

Fast service, courteous staff, clean drink and condiment station. Ordering kiosks all in working order. Seat at my table was a little sticky, but overall the dining room looked clean.

Antwone Gills

Fast, courteous, always up to date. New self-order kiosks are simple to use.

Kristin Escolastico

Soft taco supremes and mango tea. Can't go wrong. The chicken power menu bowl and nacho fries also yummy. Love the cheese sauce.

Joseph Kinyanjui

As always, this bellbis amazing. Good service, quick and friendly employees. I recommend a stop at this joint. I bet You will all love it.

Blaine Callahan

Always delicious. Friendly staff. Fast service

Delisha Brown

This particular TB and have a tainted history. I saw a commercial about the $5 big nachos deal. The young lady told me. They didn't run that promo at that TB my sis went an hour later and got the promo that that store didn't have. "Hmmm!"

K. Susan Huffer

Not bad at all for a fast food place. Good for a quick bite and service is fast. Food is pretty good.

Linda Watts

Food was not good at all, meat was not actual real ground beef. It didn't even have the texture of meat. They also allow a lady to come in and go through the trash looking for food because she would not outright accept food from them or anyone else. I don't want to have to watch something like that while I'm sitting and eating hot clean food. (If she will not accept clean food from anyone, she should not be allowed to dig in the trash, while we're eating).

Jazming C.

Went through the drive thru tonight and whoever made my taco just dumped it in the bag and they forgot my cinnamon twist. I went back and ask them nicely to remake it and give me the cinnamon twist and the femal employee looks to me with an attitude and ask the other employee "what she want". She goes to pack my bag while she is on the phone and does not apologize for Messi cup my order or anything. I won't be back!

Margo Manfredi

Always friendly and fast service. Even more convenient that you can now order online and just say your name at the drive thru! No more having to waste anyone's time trying to think of what you want lol

Kaylyn Kelly

Since I work nights, my lunch options are very limited so I always chose this taco bell. They are ALWAYS so pleasant, speedy, and delicious. I just got a spicy tostada that looks better than any taco bell commercial I've ever seen!

Ruth Hall

My son wanted Taco Bell for lunch. We pulled up, they told us to order when ready. Extremely polite young lady took our order and gave us our items and thanked us for coming to Taco Bell. Quick efficient and polite

lady bug

Came in just a few mts ago there was way to much playing and not enough customer service the young girl on the register went on break in the middle of my order. Then the back staff was playing so much the missed up my order and forgot something that I ordered

Austin Stanton

Service here is always slow and the orders arent always given out correctly. They seem to be completely understaffed for the amount of people the roll in. The staff that does work he seems to just have a no care attitude to them and when you walk in their isnt really a feel of friendliness but more like no one wants to be there and they have better things to do than work.

gina belcher

At 8:43 PM Sunday nightâ?¦ June 23, 2019 I visited the store 649 Newtown Rd., Norfolk, VA I went through the drive-through and got six items three pizzas three soft tacos and a stuffed burrito and on my five minute drive home upon opening the bag the pizzas were lacking cheese and sour cream and they were all over to the side and I have a bag holder in my car so I know it wasnâ??t from the bag slipping are also my husband took one look at his burrito and And not only was it totally wrong it had guacamole on it he didnâ??t even eat it he threw it away I spent many hundreds of dollars at Taco Bell we love them we also love the empanadas and are told that they are no longer available however I am extremely upset because that was our dinner last night and went through half of it away my servers Very disappointed

Raven Brown

Love . Its so quick and easy. It's a faster version your typical Mexican food. But...if your not looking to sit down and eat at a regular Mexican place. Taco bell has what you need. Day or night they have you covered.

Jessica h

Okay so I typically give people the benefit of the doubt but like I don't even know what happened here. My Mexican pizza was about half made, it wasn't event cut in half. We also paid for nacho fries and didn't get them. We didn't realize until after we left (I know I should've checked but it was late). We also didn't get any straws and the soda was warm below the ice. If it was just any one thing that was wrong I wouldn't be writing this review but that's a lot to get wrong all at once.

Katieh Brooks

I'm not a Taco Bell person unless I'm absolutely starving and nothing else is available.... But I did have a good experience at this one so I'll rate it. The food was....well.... Taco Bell. (Not Mexican folks!) And my appetite was appeased.

Spyda Webb

Best taco Bell I've been too..They are fast and kind..cleaning guy was work non stop..dinning room was delightful.

Hannah S.

This Taco Bell was quite pleasing and it didn't seem to line up with the reviews I have read! Great customer service and good food. No problems were here!

Öskr Cortés

I have eaten in so many taco bells. I thought that all taco bell taste the same because it is a franchise. But the cook has magical hands that tacos there taste different and really good.

Stephanie Allen

I haven't gone to Taco Bell in years. Was not worth the calories. Service was good though.

Ann Wilson

The employees at this Taco Bell are polite and friendly. The tacos were yummy.

Handz silverbaccboyz

Drive thru girl was really nice n pleasant

Jennifer Wyatt

I got the party pack and asked for just meat and cheese sifted taco Well they put meat cheese and lettuce when clearly the order was just meat and cheese. They was cold and the cheese wasnt even melted. Then asked for mild sauce and got a handful of other sauce. Will not be returning. And manager on duty act like she did no wrong with my order

Nikole Zabataite

Always nice and friendly order is always right!

Jeremy Bagwell

These guys always crank out the tacos hot and fast! One of the busiest taco Bell locations I've been to but I've never had to wait more than a minute to get food from the drive thru.


If you like waiting in line for 20+ minutes just to be told the system is down, this place is for you! I go to this taco Bell regularly and they've been having this problem for quite a while now. I would've thought they had fixed it by now.

Scott Hetman

Food was prepared and presented in an unappealing way. Service was slow and the restaurant was dirty. Considering that only 2 people were eating and there was an abundance of employees, no excuse to not clean up.

Judy Sharlow

Gotta love Fire tacos and the fire sauce. Add that to the fact that they are open late so I can still get good and tasty hot food after working a long night at my job is a big plus. Then, they are easy to get to despite the never ending construction work, there are many reasons to give Taco Bell a 5 star vote. The staff is friendly and patient. If I could change one thing I would lower the price! ð???

Poo P.

15 minute wait in the drive thru. The food was HORRIBLE, I don't think they made it anywhere close to how it's supposed to be made. Barely any meat whatsoever. Honestly, I'd be afraid to visit this place ever again.

Tracy Rosenbalm

Too thrown together for fast service. It's nasty once you get home to eat it.

j3ffr0 letgo

Out of all the fast food joints i never have problems here they always get the order right either dine in or drive thru plus the foods always great ð?? ð???

Melissa Masic

Omg this place is awesome!! The staff are super friendly and the food is always fast and fresh!!! I love the new nacho fries supreme is amazing!!!

Tim Brown

Love this Taco Bell. The cashiers and workers are friendly and also work quickly to make your food. The food is far from fancy, but it is very affordable. Even during peak times, you don't have to wait too long for your food in-store. There are single restrooms for men and women on the left when you enter. There is handicap parking / access in front of the main entrance.

Barbara Hargrove

I stop here because its covenient on my way to church... However, most days they're busy and slow... I'm not complaining!!! You just need to know if you are in a REAL hurry, it will slow you down a good 15 minutes... The staff are nice, polite and thorough... I love the naco fries!!!

O'Malley S.

I just went through the drive-thru this evening and there was a long wait but the lady taking my order was so bubbly and happy. The nachos were super crunchy and gooey with cheese.