El Vaquero LLC

7461 Midlothian Turnpike, North Chesterfield
(804) 622-0130

Recent Reviews

Denasce Messina

Great everytime



G Estrada

I ordered my food one hour ago.

RonnRetrobro jr

The hair cuts they give are really good and they sharpen your hair long with a rasor. For Smoother edges.

Esther Ramos

The food is good, but they take too long to get it done. It's very expensive for the small amount of money.

Ricardo Flores

They need to make better micheladas

Yung Hwangpo

Yummy gorditas and tacos ,, tortillas made right in the moment you order the food, one of best taco place!!!

Timothy Curtis

Good steak

Lickiyim Playz

This Place is good

Gordon Shumway

The food! No doubt this place prefers Hispanic people over non Hispanic, The waitress who didn't speak English wouldn't even make eye contact with me as she brought the check. The other waitress spoke excellent English, and was warm and polite. Normally this would ding at least three stars. Add flickering florescent lights, no music, a shabby bar room, slow service, you got a recipe for disaster. The recipe for the chicharrone tacos and salsa verde TOTALLY ( well, mostly, hence 4 star) redeemed El Vaquero. The salsa was great, not typical standard Midlothian Mexican style, rather authentic, like the workers used to make at my aunts farm in SC. The rice was also different, but great! This isn't the typical steam table Mexican joint, after tasting the food, soaking up the total Mexican market vibe, you almost feel like outside are horses and a dirt street, not a parking lot and Bojangles. I may not go here again due to the clear preference for non whites, I've had that experience before on Southside. They basically ignore you until you leave. I get it too, it's awkward when you can't communicate with a customer. It would take a afternoon to learn "hello, this way, what would you like", etc. I wish the non English speaking waitresses would at the very least address me in Spanish if that's all they know, I've fumbled through enough foreign restaurant menus to understand a smile and a menu.

Jenn Dañiela

This Place is good

Marcela P.

Food so good, service is lacking, waited 25 min for 3 tacos didn't bring taco sauce till I asked waited 10 min for a lime. If you buy the cheap tacos you don't get chips.

Jenn Dañiela ツ

This Place is good

Miguel M.

decent food kind of on the more expensive side

Victor Sandoval

So good

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