Little Caesars Pizza

9327 Midlothian Turnpike # 1L, North Chesterfield
(804) 323-1000

Recent Reviews

Ann Marie

Always a long wait and not that great

Jacob Fine


Nate L.

I was excited to learn we had a little Caesars near us and they were doing the bacon wrapped pizzas again! My wife and I went in on a Saturday night around six'ish. Wasn't busy, wasn't a lot of people in the store and we waited 55 minutes to get our pizza. We ordered a bacon wrapped pizza and some crazy bread, not a tough order, not a big order. I won't count the 6 - 7 people that used the app and just came in and picked up their pizzas... There were 2 people in the place that had ordered before we did, and 9 people that came in after us and ordered their pizzas after we did in the store, and 7 of them got their orders before we did. We were standing at the front right beside the counter and I got to the point where I was asking what the hell was going on and why do we not have our order. I would like to give these guys a better review but I can not, their services is BEYOND horrible and they don't seem to care of the customer is irritated or not. I am giving them two stars because the pizza and crazy bread were very good but for the service, I would rather go somewhere else 9 times out of 10.

Colby Jones

Maybe not the best pizza in the world, especially with all the smaller chains popping up but when you're hungry and want pizza who can beat a 5 dollar hot and ready pizza? One of the best values around, I think.

Anthony Pollock

Nice customer service and Great PIZZA

kenneth wood

Great price for pizzas and good,fix it the way I wanted it light sauce



Kim M.

This is the second time this has happened, so shame in me I guess. Shouldn't have gone back. Showed up and there was zero hot and ready pizzas available. I paid for 1 pepperoni and 1 cheese. It wasn't until after I paid that he told me it would be 8-10 minutes! Ok, fine. 25 minutes later I go up to the counter and ask about my order, to which he frantically looks around and says "were just putting the pepperoni it, it'll be 7-10 minutes". NO. NO, NO, NO. That is not the definition of hot and ready. It's lunch time on a weekend. Have some pizza ready!

Donald C.

Didn't have anything ready had to wait 20 minutes because they give mine to a guy who just walk in and said oops sorry we give your pizza to the worng person what the !

Huy S.

We go here often. They are busy but always smile and make it point to talk to my kids who love their pizza. If they don't have what I ask for ready it is always a short wait. I know it is a franchise but the people who work there make us feel very welcome. Every pizza has been perfect.

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