Noodles & Friends

7415 Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond
(804) 675-0103

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Gabriel Cho

Consistency. They are perfect everytime. This place makes some of the best tasting food I have had. Thank you so much!

Tina F.

I just want to let y'all know how authentic this place is. Walking up to the restaurant smells like days old octopus, mixed with rotten kimchi. The service was rude mixed with a lot of attitude and laziness. While eating, be prepared to be accompanied with flies and fruit flies. This place take cash and doesn't believe in switching gloves or sanitation in between.

Harry P.

The food is good and the price is great. I have not tried all the dishes however; Yu ki Jang is good. Sun du bu jigae is also good. Ja ja myun is good. Bul go gi is on the sweet side for me. You don't get a lot of side dishes but again the price is usually under $10 so nothing to complain about. I go there to get my Korean food fix and it usually does a decent job.

Nathanial Parker

I got the grilled croaker combo and it was probably one of the best things I've had in a long time. Rice wasn't all mushy like you get from some places, soup had a very slight spice to it and tasted great. A small amount of kimchi was provided and it's perfect with the croaker and rice. But that croaker....oh man. Was grilled to perfection. Crispy outsides, meat inside was cooked well and delicious. Definitely one of the best things I've eaten in a while. Fish is served whole, meaning you get head, spine, and all. Get over it though if that bothers you, it's freaking amazing.

Angie S.

Best spot in Richmond for Korean food. Delicious, authentic, and cheap. The restaurant is nestled inside a grocery store allows me to eat and shop, which I think is an added bonus. The decor is not great... walls are painted or wallpapered with a fake brick pattern and has a tacky mural, but for the flavors and price of food, I could care less. It is self serve, which means you have to pick up your food at the counter when your number is called and you have to put away your tray with dishes after finishing on the shelf, kinda like ikea does. This keeps prices affordable and honestly I don't mind it cuz that means I can afford to order more to take home for later ;) often times, I can't decide on one thing so I end up ordering 5-6 dishes and take them home for leftovers. When I'm feeling like eating something spicy, my go to is the soondubu: spicy soft tofu soup, bibim meyun: a spicy cold noodle dish served with kimchi and cucumbers with a bit of tang, jjam pong: spicy noodles in a seafood broth, dukbokki: spicy rice ales and fish cakes eaten with kimbap: Korean seaweed roll filled with veggies, meat and pickled radish. If I'm not feeling spicy foods, I'll eat the jajangmyeun: black bean noodles, or any of the flavorful meat/ fish dishes. The only dish I've ever disliked was the seafood pancake. It was too thick and not crispy enough, but given that I love their food and price, I still give them 5 stars. It's hard to find authentic Korean flavors in Richmond!

Jalene Bartolome

Hopefully can return soon!! Great ramen and very nice owners

Spencer Stitt

Good food if you like noodles

Steven H.

Doesnt look like much, but service was friendly and prompt. Ordered the bulgogi and mapotofu with a fried dumpling appetizer. Appetizer and bulgogi were pretty good, but ma po tofu was too sweet and not spicy. Bulgogi also had more vegetables than meat.

John Grace

Love the food! Just like mom makes. They are always friendly and helpful. For delicious and spicy try the jiampong. The tenjang chige is delicious too! I'm looking forward to having more and more!

Althea Romero

Great food

Al S.

When in Richmond to pick up some car parts, It almost a must to stop by Noodles and Friends inside Grand Mart. This is a no frills place to have some Korean food. If you're able to disregard the appearance of the grocery store, the food serve here are very tasty. The Bulgogi with steamed rice is an all time favorite of the young one. The mandu/gyoza is fine, Jampong (spicy soup) has the tendency to clear up a clog sinus, and the jaja myun with fried pork cutlet goes together well. Reminds me of the street food in Busan. The price is as expected - some would consider pricey. But its less than the cost of a plane ticket to go to Korea to have authentic Korean food.

Sarah Dillard

Delicious food, good portions. The Beef Bulgogi is particuarly delicious!

Yang Huang

If you can get past the fish smell from the New Grand Mart fish department where this eatery is located in, this place has solid Korean food. I grew up in NJ with many options for Korean food and this restaurant is as close as I can get to that in Richmond. The prices are so reasonable as well and they don’t skimp on the ingredients. My go to is the spicy seafood noodle soup, with enough for a whole portion of leftovers. The seafood fried rice is also excellent. Comfort food at its best.

Ralph Delano

The food here in the New Grand Mart store is great.

Luis Serna

Great Korean food

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