California Tortilla

2930 Chain Bridge Rd, Oakton
(703) 255-5095

Recent Reviews

Brent D

Huge fan of this place! Food is always good.

Alex B.

Today Friday June 26th 2020 my first time for lunch. It was the best salad in the area. Mango salad with chicken, tomatoes, avocado. Avocado was very fresh, as all above. Chicken was cooked correctly and was fresh. All for just $9.95 I think is better for a taste then Chopt and Chipotle in Maple Ave, Vienna.

Samrparker 12

Quick food, Quesadillas and chips are fantastic.

Clement Hudson

Great place to grab something when in a rush. Their service is efficient, rates are reasonable, fantastic ambience. Will visit here again

Jean D.

Is it just me - or is it annoying when the person who is supposed to take your order is way more interested in their cell phone? He seemed completely irritated that he had to stop texting and take my order. Why is this allowed ?!?! Anyway, the food is ok. I stick to salads (Caribbean mango) and usually they are good. The lettuce seemed fresher this time and all other ingredients were fresh as well.

Kamal K.

Never have I been to a place like this. The lady who takes the orders seemed unamused and not interested in working. I was told I couldn't customize anything and would have to choose a pre-arranged item on the menu only. Ok fine. I choose a taco, I then sat in my car and pulled it out of the bag and there was a giant hole in the taco wrapper. All the sauce, meat, lettuce.... everything fell right through the hole and now I have to get my car detailed. What kind of employees don't notice such a big hole?

Robbi Walker

Always enjoy the food!

Stefan S.

Have visited here a few times over the years, mostly for take-out, which was tonight's visit. Ordered a take-out order tonight, a California Sunrise bowl and some chips and salsa. The bowl was warm and prepared to order and the chips were warm and tasted delicious, but they gave me this tiny cup of salsa and I would have needed at least three for the amount of chips. The bowl was good, but wasn't overly filling and I didn't feel there was enough of the toppings that were supposed to be in the bowl. It did taste good, but just wasn't enough for the price of the bowl and especially the chips and lack of salsa. Not sure if I'll be back or not. You can call them on these things if you are eating in, but makes it hard when you are 30 minutes away to have them do anything for you.

Diya B.

This place is average. Decor- 5 stars, love the creativity Service-2 stars, hard to understand Food- 3.5 stars, my rice bowl was nothing to rave about

Vicky O'Brien

Had lunch today and had the carnita Verde bowl and it was very good. I was impressed also of how clean the place was. I am disabled and walk with a walker and they were very helpful, made sure I got my food and was settled and comfortable. Staff was excellent. Will be my place to go for great food.


This is our favorite place to eat! The burritos are fresh and delicious! Great atmosphere and nice people!

Oj Y.

Decent food and quick service. But on rare occasion it's not. Worth trying.

Dawn Gomez

This is our favorite place to eat! The burritos are fresh and delicious! Great atmosphere and nice people!

Jarrod S.

This place is not one you want to visit! Let's start with the seating, the left over Pizza Hut booths it looks like they installed are old and cracked. Not something you feel comfortable sitting on. Now the food.... they have small or large bowls but at the end of the day they all were very small portions with small flavors. I would not recommend or go back.

Giji Dennard

Great Southwestern salad with steak (sans corn, guacamole & tortilla strips)! Got some queso to top it off with three 6-8 level habanero hot sauces.

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