2972 Chain Bridge Rd, Oakton
(703) 255-1444

Recent Reviews

James Scannell

Great place for a subway. Friendly respectful. Always wears masks and they know my order by heart

Jenny Rojas

they keep messing up my orders

William Clement

Great place. I have been going there for years. Highly recommend.

Kipp burgoyne

Great service, good sandwiches, a fair price.

Kenneth Michaels

Slow service, okay food, not much English, but what do you expect it's Subway!

Karianne Wade

Rohan is great! Handcrafted my sub with care.

Ernesto Rivas



Ordered two turkey subs OTW out of town. Turkey meat was beyond nasty. Discolored and smelled medicinal. Called to let them know so no one gets sick and they couldn't understand a word I said. Thought I was trying to order a turkey sandwich.

Geovanny Padilla


Jaehee W.

Today I was having such a horrible day. It was just a typical hard day that drained someone. But as soon as I walked into the store. The Asian teenage girl, Kisaki, was very very welcoming. She greeted me a big smile and that really boosted my day. She was very patient with my order. If she sees this post, I really thank you so much. You were the best subway employee ever.

Anthony M.

It's a SUBWAY so let's not expect any revelations here. Still, it 's a well-kept place. The sandwich makers are pleasant, polite and patient with the varying demands of their customers. This may be a family operation. The store is also accepting of the multitudinous discount offers that SUBWAY generates (btw, be careful with those coupons, as some of them are more expensive that the regular prices.)

Yiping Z.

This is your standard subway. Every time I have been here I've always been happy with my order and my sub.

Alberto Borges M.D.

Grest sandwiches!

Leelee Shell

Great service

Mike R.

This is one really good location. The staff here is so friendly. They've also been helpful in finding new delectables, although Subways are on every street corner it seems. I like that the staff here is really good with kids too, whether learning how to order, or even how much change is given back. It's truly warm of them, and this one really sets the bar for great service. As like any other Subway, they have the sandwiches all of us are accustomed to. The meat and vegetables here are extremely fresh, and I love how clean this one is. A military drill instructor would be pleased. It's comfortable too. Hard to believe a Subway next to the rather busy 123 seems serene, but this is a fine place to unwind. It's the best location I've found yet, and is from top to bottom well run and a smooth operation.

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