Yoko Sushi

2946 Chain Bridge Rd J, Oakton
(703) 255-6644

Recent Reviews

Ashley Taylor

This sushi spot is awesome! Located right in Oakton and awesome service. I typically order their Maki Sushi Deluxe. Super yummy and fresh. I would highly recommend.

Landry Mccarthy

Superb ambience and super friendly service. The meals were fresh and enchanting. Will absolutely recommend this restaurant to friends and family. Reasonable rates and generous portions. Keep it up.

Frank Walker

I cannot say enough good things about this restaurant! Their portions are very large, the food is absolutely delicious and you can tell that they put a lot of love into their cooking.

Eddie Drake

I eat in this lovely place a lot! This is the best place to dine. I visit this place frequently. The meals are very good, the team is professional and the prices are reasonable. I like eating in this place to have a decent dinner.

Mimi N.

This sushi restaurant is incredibly underrated. We stopped by because the wait for takeout at Sushi Yoshi was over an hour. We tried the salmon skin roll, salmon belly roll, spicy tuna roll, and my favorite the spicy scallop roll. GREAT flavors. Great value and quality. Highly recommended!

Natasha P.

The best sushi in the area! I've gone for years and they never disappoint, and the sushi has always been top quality. I always get the spicy roll combo and it's so delicious.

Hayden Webb

I adore this spot! They provide excellent food, their menu is decent, The chef in that spot is a real authority in the kitchen, I enjoy very much tasting all their dishes. The dishes are consistently of high class, the attitude towards the customers is helpful. I often go to this place and I not even once was disappointed. I highly recommend it.

Julia S.

One of the very best Sushi places. Fresh & Delicious! Pricey, but also the best quality of sushi in this area. It's a family favorite! Highly recommend!

William Jones

We came to this spot for lunch. we heard about this restaurant from quite a few people. Well, we were not disappointed. The staff welcomed us with a smile and we had a fantastic feeling. The meal was great. We had a great time and we shall absolutely come back again. Recommended.

Amanda M.

At first I thought it was a bit pricey, but when I got home and saw the portion size, I realized it was actually a good value. The special rolls are huge and quite good. The tempura is also excellent. I have a feeling this will be my go to spot for sushi.

Jessenia M.

The sushi is good BUT they don't offer sit in or outdoor seating.  I really wish they would.  Other surrounding restaurants do.  If they don't open up dining in option soon I may have to find another sushi place.

D Moore

Fantastic food, nice staff, constantly fantastic atmosphere. They charge affordable prices and the food quality is very good. Great work.

Judith W.

This is the family's all time favorite restaurant in the Vienna/Oakton area. The sushi is always fresh and great customer service. I would highly recommend!!

Joel Marques

OMG! Amazing sushi! I am hooked. Have to go at least once a week.

Eliezer Manning

I tried this place already with my friend and I am hooked ever since. I love the excellent atmosphere and tasty food and drinks. Highly recommended.

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