12160 Sunset Hills Rd, Reston
(571) 203-1234

Recent Reviews

Chynna Murphy

Been going to this Chick-Fil-A for years! Love it here. The owners are so nice, the food and service are great. I never have any issues or complaints.

Mary Wesolowski

Even if you see a line don't be discouraged!! They have so many helpers outside taking orders and it goes by in a flash!!

Tigerlily Fresh

This location is always efficient, the food is hot, orders correct, and they get you in and out quickly. Thanks for express lunch Chick Fil A!

Rob Myrick

Went my usual CFA breakfast of burrito, fruit cup and tea/lemonade. Ordered through the app which is so easy to do. Promptly served with the friendliest server and on my way quickly. Everything was perfectly made and delicious.

Binda Owusu

Very good place with great services. I love Chick- fil- A

Kim Lawson

Visited the drive through 3 times this week and they got my order wrong 2 out of the three times. When they repeat my order back to me they get it wrong and I correct them, but it is still wrong when it gets handed to me.

Mike R.

What a wonderful Chick-fil-A here! Located in Northern Reston, whether dining in pre Coronavirus, or delivery during this pandemic, kudos to the staff here. They are extraordinarily friendly, and I think the corporate staff have to be pleased. This chain is run with a focus on customer service, and each visit, I find the food to be piping hot. That's hard to find at fast style establishments. Consistency and attention to detail are important. They've got this down, and a lot to like here. The drive thru here isn't usually too long. Even during busy periods, the staff change "battle stations " as necessary. This greatly decreases wait times. The inside is exemplary. Truly clean and comfortable seats, to enjoy their chicken sandwiches or nuggets. These are really addictive, plus the shakes are fantastic. If you're in the area, you'll be pleased with this restaurant.

Dave C.

Thank you for the two burnt chicken biscuit sandwich's. I'll never order from this crap hole again.

Gail Freiday Crockett

What a special crew works here at this restaurant!! We called up to see if they could do contactless delivery for a 75th Birthday celebration for a dear friend who has had health issues and whose family lives far away and could not come for her birthday. This Chick-fil-A was so generous of time and product and had balloons, gifts and the big cow show up!!! I called her later and she said it just made her day!!! So thank you from the bottom of our hearts making the day special for this dear lady!! You are awesome!!!!

Irving Figueroa

amazing customer service

Edinoel Soto

Great place for adults and kids!! It's a monthly visit for us to catch up with old friends while the kids have a blast.

Seth W

Chick-fil-A is Chick-fil-A is Chick-fil-A..... solid as always... Drive through can get busy at peak hours, but usually moves pretty fast; as they have 2 lanes as well as attendants taking your order.

Erika Gonzalez

Have you ever felt rushed at chick fil a to order drive thru. Not that I was taking 3 min to think about my order. But GISELLE the drive thru was very rude and huffing and puffing when I changed my order at the drive thru speaker. On top of that I asked to add a lemonade at the window and she looked back and rolled her eyes. Never have I ever been NOT greeted by a staff and she was the first. Maybe putting a more friendly staff at the window would help.

Joe N.

Horrible customer service from Jason at the Village Commons. I came via the drivethru. This location has 2 drivethru entrances but when I arrived at 6:50am one of drivethru entrance had "CLOSED" red lights on. The OPEN drivethru had 3 cars in front of me so I was the 4th car. Next thing I know a car comes thru the closed lane cuts the light. Jason who was the only person taking orders proceeded to help this person who cut the line. So after I ordered I asked why did you help someone who cut the line? His response was why are you angry? I replied I waited in line and you proceeded to help someone who cut the line and I have a train to catch. He asked again why was I angry and I replied why is this so hard for you to understand this. I came up to the window and asked Jason what happened? He asked me again why are you angry? Then he proceeded to say, "you are angry because you are hungry and you will feel better after you eat something". Unbelievable. Here's a guy who helped someone after they cut in line and then not only does he not understand why the patron is upset but then proceeded to insult him. As I left I called the restaurant and asked for the owner David Kim to call me, but I have yet gotten the call. This is the second time this Chick-fil-A helped someone who cut in line. I'm a patron who goes there almost everyday and am a Red reward member. Jason should be fired!

John Roache

Food is great and the service is always top notch. All the associates are smiling and helpful on every visit.

Craig Herring

Very friendly staff. Ordering with the app and having your meal delivered at your table is amazing. The friendly smiles are consistent and always a pleasure to see at each visit at this Chick-fil-a.

Trey K.

This chick fil a is good good service great food friendly staff delicious meals if you in Reston off of sunset hills road come here and don't forget to have your rewards ready on your phone to scan so you can get free food but sometimes they mess up your order I've hAd that happen they didn't fix it but ya come here

M. Herring

It's a small confined area for such a popular restaurant. Comparing to other chick fill a locations this was not as good. I did have some inconsistences that bothered me but not enough to address directly during this visit. Not everything is always just right. This may have just been an off time..

Denning Family

Best fast food on the planet, super polite, quick & efficient. I always leave happier than when I arrived. Forgot the sauce I requested in this instance but that's unusual for them.

Sean Crook

Busier than most and gets packed during prime time but the manager is great and offers a lot of frebbies to get ya hooked on the addictive CFA chicken.

Myisha R.

So.. I went to the drive thru this morning and they forgot to put the chicken in my bag. I called and they said we can send someone to bring it to you. Literally less than 5 mins later they were here. He said thank you for allowing us to fix it. Its little things like this that make it all worth while. how many places do you know, wouldnt have even answered the phone.. Take the time or even fix the issue... Great job to this location. the workers are friendly, fast and I have NOTHING negative to say. :)


Staff at the window was rude and incompetent. Kept trying to get me to come inside when offers were available on the app, and she was not understanding my requests. The people standing outside the window were all awesome. It's too bad the woman on the register/line was nasty. Maybe she needs to be on the inside instead of the busy lunch rush window or maybe she needs to learn chickfila customer service tactics. There was no "my pleasure" in sight. Will not return to that location.

George Garza

One of my preferred spots to eat. good location, clean, and excellent customer service. 5 stars!

Joshua Roy

I hate how much I liked this. Their politics suck, but their sandwiches are amazing.

Tee Bee

I placed an order for 4 mac and cheese on the mobile app. With limited space for comments, I simply put "all 4 in 1 ?" AND THEY DID IT! I was impressed and so happy to take a nice container for a small gathering instead of 4 separate orders. THAT is customer service!

Antsokiya Asfaw

I come to this place because it’s closer to my work. Workers here are impolite disrespectful especially when you have an accent they don’t even want to talk to you, especially those employees who take prefer in the drive through. They laugh at you and say with disrespect “what what did you say?” It happened several times for me and I even talk to the manager at this location twice. He doesn’t even care. These employees are ruining the good name of this company. I’m not going to come here again and be disrespected. I wish there is no star on reviews that’s what these employees deserve. Shame on you. You need to learn to respect and embrace diversity instead of laughing at people.

Sachin T.

So I LOVE ChikFilA ( who doesn't ?) . The service at this one on Sunset Hills is the worst service I have had at any fast food restaurant. Until now, all my ChikFilA restaurant experiences have been awesome, which is what sets them apart from others (in addition to the awesome food taste). This location - on 3 occasions now within a month has messed up my order or I have had to wait for 18 minutes AFTER paying and being asked to wait in the pick up area for drive thru. The staff is clueless, they always mess up orders ( ChikFilA guys pride themselves on making sure things are right, people confirm your order, etc), and they still mess up. The folks at this location are not friendly either. Stay away from this location! Btw - my fav locations in this area are then Dulles Retail plaza and Broadlands. Consistently awesome food and experience- it's a joy to go there with family , coworkers or yourself!


Very fast ordering and delivery of food through the drive-thru at this and every other Chick-fil-A. Seriously, the BEST customer drive-thru experience in the world. Hot and Fresh food handed to you at the pickup window shortly after ordering without any mistakes or attitude.. . I have NEVER seen lines this long at any drive-thru restaurant -- even with 2-3 different lanes! The best!

Alex Ander

Go to Popeyes and fight for your chicken. It’s better than homophobic chicken

Tahereh Sedghizadeh

Most of tje peoples liked there. I believe so they food is tesy. It is my Daughter and my friends favorite .

Trinton Lowery

People aren't getting killed for a chicken sandwich or cutting in line and the meal is far more better than Popeyes

Derrick Max

This location has the best service and always serves the food hot and tasty. Dont be intimidated by the long drive through line, it goes faster here than anywhere! LOVE IT.

Aidan C.

I LOVE Chick-Fil-A every day after soccer practice I come here and I love it. They don't do anything bad from my perspective, they have never failed me and I see people smiling everywhere it is so fun to eat here and I would recommend this place for anybody to come it has awesome food and great to go. Please come and try this it is very tasty. :) P.S It is pretty cheap it is like 7-8 dollars per person w/ waffle fries and a drink.

Richard Doty

Our school comes often for spirit nights. Always a good turn out as the food is consistently good. Service always is polite and with a smile. The cow is always a great touch for spirit nights and our kids always enjoy seeing it and get pictures.

James Schaefer

For a fast food chain, they have their ordering process and seasoning down. Don't go looking for a burger though, they do chicken well but don't offer much else (you might have assumed otherwise).

Myron B.

This Chick-fil-A is the prime example of why Chick-fil-A's overall are praised. Even during the most hectic of lunch breaks, I never feel as though I have to hesitate before getting in the long drive-thru line because I know that they'll take care of me in 5 minutes or less. They are very efficient and the #1 is always good and fresh. I don't know who's in that kitchen prepping these sandwiches, but they certainly are good at what they do.

Josh N.

Refused to serve me breakfast order at 10:31 when the only reason it was after 10:30 was because I was still in line when the person in front of me was ordering at the drive thru... so now I'm stuck in a long drive thru line for nothing. Great. Whatever it happens.... but then you have the Gaul... to literally ACCEPT a breakfast order 1 car after me?!? You gave me no apology, no solution, nothing. And you literally say to the woman behind me "okay; we can make it for you, it will take about 5mins" are you freaking kidding me?! You selectively chose to not serve me at 10:31 when I was already in line but then allow the person behind me?! Pathetic. I will gladly give my money to a business that actually wants it

Ming Huang

The food is not expensive and good. But because of the popularity, the waiting time could be long

Dennis Morrison

Excellent place for a great chicken sandwich that is cooked moist, flavorful, and delicious, . Personally, I like the spicy chicken sandwich best. It's spicy enough to taste good without giving chemical burns.

Andy Kokkinis

The food was ok but I had a bad experience with service. My sandwich came without the ordered lettuce, tomato, and cheese. The brought me the missing items in a to go container for me to put on. Really?! I paid to assemble my own sandwich?! They should have corrected and brought me a complete sandwich.