2M Mediterranean Market & Deli (+ Bakery and Catering)

7103 Staples Mill Rd, Richmond
(804) 512-7644

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Tom Bunting

I'm sorry we just learned about this place. The owner was very generous and insisted we sample everything. It was all so delicious! Can't wait to go back.

Jerri Stone

The food from 2M is consistently delicious. Never had better stuffed grape leaves! The portions are generous-as if they are feeding family! I normally do not like Tabouli but theirs is delicious! Spinach pie is the best. I splurged and got their special baklava…OMG cannot describe how good it was! I cannot stress enough that if you like Mediterranean food you will be delighted!

Rob Cole

This place is amazing. Stopped to get lunch on a long road trip and was in no way disappointed with the decision to stop here. The owner is as awesome as his food.At this point l would say "You need to try the ______", but the problem is, everything, EVERYTHING, is amazing, you will not be disappointed with anything you get.Go here. now.

Rich G.

I saw great reviews here so I swung by one day to order takeout for lunch. it's a Mom and Pop shop, which we love to support. The owner helped a couple regulars who were there before me and then took my order. He could tell it was my first time there, so he offered to give me a taste of some of his goodies. Good service... and it ended up ringing up a bigger sale than I intended. I came in just to try their gyro platter (which was excellent). I ended up picking up fresh humus, tzatziki, and pita chips as well for the fam. They loved it. Ambiance is typical of a family ran deli. Come for the food.

Tee L.

I ordered take-out for four people recently and it was ok. I'd heard the chicken kabobs were great, but I was disappointed to find that it was boneless thigh meat. I would not have ordered them if I'd know that as I much prefer breast meat. The tabbouleh and hummus are really good. I love mujadara, but there's was so mushy and didn't seem fresh, I tossed it. The owner is super nice, but pushy. I doubt I'd return.

Cesar Bonilla

A bit overpriced but very good authentic food. Big guy at the counter is a good salesmen.

Kreszenz Schumaker

I ordered the lamb gyro and the baklava. While I was paying, the owner said I will enjoy his food. He was correct. Little expensive but you get a large portion.

Roshni Desai

Amazing food and service! Get the baklava- it was phenomenal!!

Chloe H.

Such a great hidden gem! We ordered the chicken kebab platter, Greek salad, and chicken gyro! Our favorite was the chicken gyro although all were amazing. We were especially impressed with the service and grateful for the shop owner who noticed our rambunctious 2 year old getting tired of waiting for our takeout- he offered us her two samples of their premade salads (chickpea and orzo) and she ate ALL of both and even drank the juice out of the cups . Very happy we decided to stop here and highly recommend!


Was going to go a little lower because the price was a little surprising. However, after reading some of the reviews I think I understand how it got to be so high. Understand if you go here and get a tub of anything that it is charged BY THE POUND and not the size of the container and those containers are jammed packed heh.Regardless of that surprise, Everything I had was amazing and you do get what you pay for. The containers may have been expensive, but the food last for days and is darn good food as well. I have ordered their burger in the past which just blows my mind, but have had a hard time getting it lately.The owner is very nice and excited to share his food and rightly so as it is very good. For first time visitors who don't know what you are looking for, be ready to spend some money. Get an understanding of the prices and be watchful of the containers as that is where the surprise total comes from.As good as the sides are, the prices are worth it for the containers. I do recommend the Lamb Gyro and Orzo Pasta (think that's what it's called) and if you can get it, the Mediterranean Burger as is. Nothing is else is needed on it as it is perfect.

james wright

There really isn't anything here you won't like. I absolutely love their chicken salad on pita with all the fresh ingredients. Come hungry is all I can say and save room for some baklava cause it's mindblowing spectacular.

Pam W.

I've read great reviews for 2M so decided to order it for lunch. I got the chicken kebab with tabouli instead of rice and since I had a 50% off coupon, decided to get a tabouli salad or my daughter. To me the food was good but not something I'd order again or crave. The chicken was cooked on a flattop grill and the tabouli tasted like it had sat in a sterilized container too long and picked up that flavor. The hummus was Speer creamy and delicious with the pita bread. Glad I ordered from a local shop and supported a local business.

Connie W.

Be ready to try a bunch of samples. I have a newfound liking for hummus. The meat, spinach and other pies are so good!! The chicken gyro wasn't too salty and not dry. I'm a fan of their pita chips also. It does take a little time to make though.

Mandy Barton

Everything is delicious and so fresh! The owner is so nice and helpful. I went there for the 1st time today, I will be a long time customer!

Elizabeth M.

I was looking for a nice Mediterranean place and I'm glad I ran into this little shop. Amazing service, food tastes incredible! Coming back again!

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2M Mediterranean Market & Deli (+ Bakery and Catering)

7103 Staples Mill Rd, Richmond, VA 23228
(804) 512-7644