Buffalo Wild Wings

7801 W Broad St Suite 10, Richmond
(804) 672-8732

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Grace B.

Been to this location before about twice. It's fine... never been here for anything other than wings and I don't think I'd come here for anything other wings so that's fine. I don't typically write reviews on chain restraunts but I just though why not. Came here at like 11pm Friday night because where I originally wanted to go was closed and I knew bww would be open. Ok so this place was insanely packed for like a sports bar late at night I feel. They had karaoke going on and everyone was just really drunk and people were showing up like it was a club which seems odd to me.. but to each its own. My friend and I ordered water and wings, I think the only reason I'm writing this review is because it took 35 mins just to get our waters.

Amanda T.

I usually go here and have a great experience but today I went and ordered and asked the server to get a snack and he brought out a small. I did not know that my order was a small and I ate it. I was charged for the anal and I talked to the manager and she was rude. She had an attitude and did not apologize for the inconvenience. The service was impolite and I do not recommend getting the server Millard.

Lauri W.

I had lunch at this Buffalo Wild Wings last week and the experience was less than desirable. I ordered the buffalo chicken salad and it just wasn't good. I've had it before and liked it, so I was a little taken aback when it was not good this time. Additionally, the service left something to be desired. I felt like I was forgotten for most of the time. It's a shame that this experience wasn't better. I live so close to this BWW that I could walk there if I wanted. Better luck next time? Maybe?

Suvonne M.

Did not receive exactly what i ordered and when i called to have the issue resolved, TY was very rude while trying to correct me about what i ordered. I usually don't have any issues when visiting but this time has been the absolute worse!!

Rob Bethea

This is a great BWW! The staff is super attentive and the food is great. Michelle at the bar was particularly helpful and managed to keep up with a large March Madness crowd. I'll be back!

Brittany Olmstead

Always slow service. It normally takes 5-10 minutes to be greeted and 5-10 more minutes to even get your drinks. Don't bother for asking for anything extra because you'll never get it. Once your food is delivered then you better ask for your check right then because your server won't be back for at least 30-45 minutes. This has been how it was the last 3 times. Honestly, we only go back for their cheesy chili dip. The dip is the only reason why I gave 1 star.

Tyler Cherry

So first time I went here was 2015, i believe, and that is cause they offered vets free wings. Since then I have been there twice, one time out waitress just left and the other time our waitress took forever to do anything and brought my friends the wrong drinks. They need to obviously fix their management and hire better workers.

Kim Whitley

Looks like they have remodeled. Looks fresher. Our waitress was very nice and it was pretty quick for lunch . And that's what we were looking for

Andy Mudd

Always a great place to watch a game and have some wings with my wife, the best date! ... Bring back the paper boats! The steel trays felt like prison food.

Kevin Irby

The staff were friendly enough, but my order sat in the window and was forgotten for at least 30 min compared to the rest of my table and then had to be remade. The quality of the food was on par for a casual restaurant of this type. The experience can and should be better.

Scott Broaddus

Good but not great. They are a chain restaurant and are therefor limited in creativity and originality. If you eat at one, you’ve eaten at them all. The food quality is good but not creative. I make better food at home. When I go out, it isn’t because I am too lazy to cook. Rather, it is to get something I can’t or don’t make at home, or to get something better than I can make. BWW doesn’t do that. Sorry, but for me it’s just slightly above average.

Katina Sprouse

We called ahead for a party of 7 on a Saturday evening. The person who answered the phone told us that there would be about a 20 minute late, but he could get us in. We arrived about 10 minutes later. Upon arrival we were told that they could not seat us. There were numerous tables empty. When we asked if we could just push two tables together, we were told. So we asked to speak with the manager. The manager on duty "allowed" us to push the tables together, but tried to make us feel as if he were doing us a huge favor.

Kathy W.

This location has the WORST SERVICE EVER. Wait staff unprofessional, inattentive- they NEVER come to check on you-food here is not even good like the other locations- dry wings. Don't waste your time & money at this one- go to Pump or VCC locations.

Carey S.

We have had many pleasant experience at this BWW. Saturday was not one of those times. The place is huge, but never busy on Saturday for lunch. Our server was fine, but not super attentive. We started with the mini corn dog appetizer, which is always good. The reason for the two stars is that I had to send my food back. The grilled chicken in my wrap was inedible. It was like eating rubber, my teeth bounced off of the meat and I could not chew it. It was disgusting. Our waiter took it off of the bill, and I ordered some boneless wings instead. These were mediocre, but better than the rubber chicken I had been served. I don't even think the dish was supposed to come with grilled chicken and I wasn't asked if I wanted grilled or crispy. Oh well, this restaurant will be at the back of the rotation for a while.

Mark Grizzle

We were seated quickly because I called ahead (group of 11) but that's where the good ends. It took 20 minutes for the waitress to get our drink orders. Another 15-20 minutes to receive them. Now I understand that a group that big can be hard to handle for one waitress, but we arrived in groups of 3-4 and ordered as such. Very manageable. Our drinks would just sit at the bar (I saw them up there) while the waitress did her own thing. One member had to address the manager twice. After that everything started smoothing out. On top of that my burger was subpar. I could've gotten a frozen burger from Food Lion and done better. I doubt I'll be going back.

Da'Vette J.

Bdubs is ALWAYS a goodie, but I came specifically for drinks this time and I chose the Buffalo Zoo. Although it was VERY tasty, it is extremely strong and having only one of them made me feel slightly tipsy. Maybe because I don't drink heavily‍ I'd order it again, but at least I know what I'm getting myself into this time

Vin Beau

Sat on the patio after work in a nearby area since everywhere else was closed and was greeted immediately by Jack. Ordered a beer and a shot and it was promptly received. The patio was enclosed and smoker friendly so that's a huge plus for a chain smoker like me! There was a group that was fairly loud but what can you expect being at a chain bar?


Met a friend here for dinner and had a nice experience. They offer a good selection on the menu. The service was good as well.

Franklin B.

I went in for my hour long lunch break. It took 10 minutes before anyone took my order. By the time my food was finally ready I had to just pack it up and rush back to work. I ended up just getting to eat as many wings as I could in the 2 minutes I had left when I made it to my desk. On the plus side the wings were great.


I buy for them for my Xmas eve celebration with my family every year. Also use them on my cheat Sunday when I do not want to cook....or it is too hot to cook

Buffalo Wild Wings
Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings

7801 W Broad St Suite 10, Richmond, VA 23294