Carytown Sushi

2925 W Cary St, Richmond
(804) 885-6137

Recent Reviews

Henry Hertzler

Cute little sushi shop in the heart of Carytown. Their prices are very reasonable and you get decent quality sushi. In good weather their entire front wall opens up to the sidewalk.

Kevin Keck

Disappointing dinning experience all around. This was the worst sushi I've ever had, and I don't say that lightly. I was hoping to like it as I love the location and the atmosphere is nice (small, but nice).We ordered 5 rolls of sushi, and each roll had a "fishy" taste. I'm not sure if it's who they're sourcing the fish from or if we were just unlucky and had old fish, but each roll left a lingering "fishy" taste behind. The rolls are reasonably priced, but small. Would not recommend. Miles behind lucky AF, Red Salt, Samauri, and Sumo.

Brandon B.

1 star for the friendly waitress and another for the delicious tempura. Unfortunately the pandemic hasn't been kind to this place and they are serving chewy, fishy sushi. The chef didn't seem very happy and it showed in his food he served me. Such a pity because I want a small business like this to survive but they're not trying very hard.

Sarah Donaldson

Good sushi for a good price. Have ordered out 6 or 7 times now and have never been disappointed with quality or quantity. Love the friendly roll and yellowtail nigiri.

Dave Marksmen

Fresh Sushi served with the right tools! Please support this place! There's no Sushi like this within a 100 Miles

Lauren Sanderson

Kani salad was super lacking compared to other places and SUPER fishy

Mistydawn Travieso

Wonderful food and service!!

Melanie Armstrong

Great food. Great service. Tend to do takeaway rather than eat in.


Food was great no complaints here except for the water that I was served, it had a strong fish smell to it.Well I think it was the water, could have been the glass.I haven't eaten at a sushi place before maybe its impossible to keep it out ?

kevin parker

It's a small place without much seating so there was a 20 minute wait. It was a little pricey but the food was good and the service was excellent.

Summyya S.

Always amazing service and very delicious Sushi. The staff is always very nice and accommodating. For take out you can just call them and pay over the phone, and your order will be ready by on a table by the door for pick up. It's very minimal interaction which is great because of the pandemic.

Debbie Warfield Small

Love the new location, especially with the front open to the outdoors. Carytown Roll was delicious and the service was excellent.

Erin H.

I love this place so much! My friends and I used to come here at least once a week! I would highly recommend it if you're just looking for a quick dinner in a chill spot.

Shona M.

The food was OK. My son loved it but he loves sushi from Kroger so that's not saying much. It appears their sushi chef is a beginner. There is an over abundance of rice and little fish/veggies. I akin it to eating a rice ball. So, there's that. Nothing amazing, but maybe I went on an off day.

C Biz

The waitress and chef were very kind, the sushi was fresh, it was delicious and was a good pick for my first sake try.

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