Chipotle Mexican Grill

7106 Midlothian Turnpike Ste A, North Chesterfield
(804) 292-2995

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Benjamin M

I deliver for UberEATS frequently from this location.Yesterday, a customer caused a scene by accusing me of "cutting in line" while I was trying to check on the status of the order during the lunch rush. It was not ready so I left.Today, I had two orders in one trip. One was ready. I waited an exceptionally long time for the second order, watched as regular customers received their food and left. Staff asked myself and another driver multiple times who we were picking up for, and I am fairly certain that the other delivery was on the shelf - I canceled the second order so that I could deliver fresh food to the other, at a loss.TIME IS MONEY FOR US.Please move the shelf with online orders and deliveries from behind the counter, as is the case at every other Chipotle I have delivered for. Eliminate the "line" issue or staff having to repeatedly ask who is waiting for what.The staff is friendly here but this is a disorganized mess.

Cruz Incorporated

The quality of the food and service are consistently good at this location.

Stephanie Dean

Line for mobile pick up is always lengthy and orders are consistently delayed. Gentleman in line without a mask.i won't continue to order if this doesn't change, especially the mask requirement.

Brittany Jessee

Order from here through door dash for a second time. Obviously didn’t learn from the first. The first time they completely screwed my whole order up to the point I had to find a ride to go there and make them fix it. Tonight was completely unacceptable. I got 4 of the same bowls and 2 build your own taco kits for my kids. My receipt clearly says cheese, beans, rice, fruit side and chocolate milk. My kids got taco shells, beans and rice. That’s it. Luckily I had the stuff here to accommodate but you charged me for what exactly?! Mess my food up all you want I’ll get over that but my kids? And now they won’t answer the phone. Irritated as hell right now.

Amanda Ogle

Rushed through my entire order and didn't close my burrito bowl well enough. It leaked through the bag and dropped all over me. Thanks for doing your job.

Holly Demby

Food was good and fresh as always! Service was fast.

Skylar T.

Worst Chipotle I've ever been to. I had used the app to call in my order on my way back from a 3 hour drive and made sure it would be enough time so that I could pick up and leave and continue my drive. I go inside and my orders not there and the lady said that I had the wrong address so I had to show her my receipt on my phone and PROVE myself and she said all I can do it let you wait in line. So I had to wait in line and when i got to the front of line they even proceeded to make delivery orders right in front of me for 15 minutes instead of making mine as if i wasn't there. So aggravating. Chose a different location.

Sam McCormick

I would give five stars. But everytime I order a bowl with sour cream and queso(upcharge), I'm either not getting any queso or I'm possibly getting a tablespoon of queso underneath a mountain of sour cream

Felicia B

This location had really improved. The first few times I went the rice use to taste a little off but now my order is perfect everytime even when I order delivery ❤❤❤

Jesse Moats

This location has always been a slower location than the others. But tonight was the worst as they showed that they didn't care about their customers. I am a dasher so I was picking up for someone. They ended up giving my order to another dasher and then gave me the whole "tough luck but we aren't going to remake the order". So I then had to contact the customer and let them know that they were refusing to serve them again since the mistakenly gave it to someone else and had to contact dasher support so I wouldn't be penalized for their mistake which was a very long process. They also confirmed that it was Chipotle's fault and I made half the money still but still not cool because of their selfishness a customer never got their order and I wasted time and lost out on some money to fix their mistake. Never going to this location again. I strongly advise you to go to the one by the mall for better service.

Amanda Ruiz

I am so disappointed... I stopped by to grab some food since I didn’t have time to cook dinner. And you know when you order something & expect or at least a good amount or what you have asked for, & you don’t get it. They gave me more beans than rice & it seems like they counted each lettuce.


Placed order online... I asked for light white rice in my chicken bowl, because I like to leave room for romaine. My chicken bowl arrived half-empty, no lettuce at all. Chips are stale. I’ve called three times, but the automated customer service keeps disconnecting me. Super bummed. Order from a different Chipotle location.

william muhammad

Driver lies and says he delivered our food last night after we spent nearly $40 for our food which took well over an hour!

Kylee Vaughn

Phone line does not ring through. Placed an order directly with store website and never got order. When calling in to ask where order was i never got through. There is no reason for such poor customer service or to give a promised time to receive a delivery if a. It's not going to be there at given time or any reasonable time within given time and b. If food is never delivered. Now I'm tasked with finding a way without the store to directly communicate with to receive a refund. I understand we are in a trying time with a pandemic going on but again this is not a excuse for a delivery to never show up whilst successfully taking payment and giving order confirmation

Andrew Finfrock

I tried ordering through the Chipotle website and will not choose this option again. All I wanted was their vinegarette dressing that I always get in the store. Tried calling the store 4 times and it would ring and then hang up. Then on their website I called the number they say if for order support but the associate I spoke with told me they just handle deliveries and don't fix orders and said I could drive their to pick it up. If I could have driven to pick it up I wouldn't have needed to order delivery. After 5 phone calls and no help my food was delivered before they could figure out how to add vinegarette dressing to an online order.

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