Christian's Pizza

7003 Three Chopt Rd A, Richmond
(804) 288-0858

Recent Reviews

Kim Fox

Pizza is good, but none of the employees were wearing masks.

Jim Rubin

They make a good slice, but I was there recently (early this past week, the week of April 27th, 2020) and no one preparing the food was wearing masks or gloves. I just turned around and left. Yes, I was, indeed, wearing a mask.

Shana Takahashi

Pizza is thin and delicious! Curbside pick up was seamless! Thank you for providing some yummy pizza during this crazy time! You definitely made my quarantine mood more bearable!

Michael J Smyth

I asked for extra cheese and it's clearly not on there. the flavor was bland. I was very disappointed.

Pippa D.

Do yourself a favor and don't order from the three Chopt store. Ordered a sausage fresh mozzarella basil black olives and red onion. Came with no sausage and no mozzarella and no basil but they sure charged me for them. Also ordered a salad and the lettuce was brown and wilted. Last dollar I will spend here. Don't waste your money. Called the restaurant to complain and they took forever to even find the order and my time is more important than holding on the phone. All of it went into the trash. They are definitely off the list.

Courtney Prada

We liked the food but there are surely some communication issues. Twice our salads were neglected from the orders. And tonight the store had no clue that we placed an order online, but Chowhound showed up shortly after. We will keep ordering because we are desperate for NY style pizza in Richmond that's not Jojo's since he closes early.

Efrain A.

I 've be been going to this location for years as I live in the the neighborhood of this location. They run great specials, they use fresh ingredients, always well done the way I like, and the way I believe it should be. Great service. I'm from Brooklyn, NY so I believe that makes me some what of an expert on sliced pizza on the run a staple to our weekly diet growing up. As a kid I had a buddy named Donato who's family owned one of the neighborhoods pizzeria. Needless to say hangin with Donato that summer of 74 I learned a little bit about pizza making. One day I was watching his uncle sliding the pizza off the long handle wooden flat board into the oven. Before sliding it in he used a hand held air pump kinda like a turkey baster around the edges of the pizza doe so that it would prevent the doe from sticking on to the board as it slid off into the oven. At the time I thought cool. Today upon picking up my pizza order from Christian's on Three Chopt I witness the pizza maker on 3 separate pies with no discretion blowing wind directly out of his mouth at close range to do what Uncle Luigi did to keep the pizza from sticking on the board. I know that the heat of the the oven will kill any bacteria, but this practice really needs to end ASAP I'm sure there's probably a health code issue. Still give a 4 star because it's f'ing good pizza

Elizabeth S.

Omg I love this place! April is amazing and Got me hooked on their cinnamon dough bites. Like let's talk about the cinnamon dough bites for a little bit. Deep fried dough with cinnamon and sugar and icing. Like these things are the most amazing thing on the planet and I probably eat about four orders of those things a week. I really wish I was lying about that fact. Their pizza is ginormous. Very high-quality crust and a very robust and flavorful sauce. If you are looking for pizza in the University of Richmond area this is the best pizza around.

Kirk G.

Our go to every time that we are in Richmond. Wings, Philly's, pizza. Good food and better people. We haven't had a bad meal yet.

Teddy B.

I frequently am at this pizza joint and I must say that it is great.the pizza is made from scratch from the dough to the sauce and the veggies are NEVER frozen. The wings are compared to no other and the staff is very friendly...if you have a problem with this place maybe you should look no further than yourself...Christians ROCKS!

Lesley R.

I love this mini chains pizza. No frills. Anyone whining about this pizza should go back to there Americanized dominos. This particular spot on three chopt is a bit uncomfortable though. The staff are all yelling and rolling their eyes at each other. I almost had to stand up for the guy ringing me up at the checkout because other staff were just so rude to him. Y'all, be kind. The world is awful enough out there. It's just pizza...

Matthew James

Very Uncomfortable , Ill Never Go Again . Tha Man Who Took My Order Seemed Aggrivated that i only wanted one slice of cheese

Zachary Connors

We recently ordered Christians for a work meeting lunch at our office in Stony Point for about 30 people. We had ordered from the same location before, and other than timeliness of the delivery, we were generally satisfied. This time we were literally POISONED by Christians Pizza.

n rag

I really want to like this place but after going twice I can't recommend it. The pizza is just okay and surprisingly lacks flavor. The service always seems behind with long waits for unknown reasons. I may be picky but it's just hard to find good pizza in RVA.

Zach C.

We recently ordered Christians for a work meeting lunch at our office in Stony Point for about 30 people. We had ordered from the same location before, and other than timeliness of the delivery, we were generally satisfied. This time we were literally POISONED by Christians Pizza. Of our 30 attendees, 12 of us (including myself) got violently ill. It started with two or three is us appx 3 hours after eating and then one by one they came with vomiting, fever, abdominal pain, headache and diarrhea. The people affected had no other common meal or drink. I myself topped out at 101.5degree fever to go with my vomiting, abdominal pain and severe headache. My work decided not to call the health department so far, but this is totally unacceptable and cannot go without public awareness. Stay away from this place.

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