Domino's Pizza

7101 Forest Hill Ave, Richmond
(804) 327-1633

Recent Reviews

Cindy Marini

One of the best affordable pizza places around here.I like the fact that you can earn points to get a free pizza.I usually order the medium 2 toppings pizza with chicken wings.

Annabelle Caelum

Have ordered multiple times from this store and everytime is as disappointing if not more disappointing than the last.The pizza always arrives late (over an hour), if it even arrives at all. Which is insane considering I live 5-8minutes from the store. I've received undercooked food multiple times. Condiments usually missing, poor customer service and in general low food quality.I really wanted to like this location because i personally think dominos is better than the surrounding chains near me. However this place is in serious need for an entire staff change or shut down.

Vincent Eberhardt

Highly discussed, first of all when I got there to pick the pizzas up they weren't even in a warmer they were sitting on the counter getting cold. Second I sat in the car expecting to get the curb-side like the commercials. So while doing this I'm outside looking in the window I see the same guy that's talking on the phone get off the phone without washing his hands start buttering dough for the pizza. I get out walk in get my pizza and hand him cash a bunch of dirty dollar bills he gave me my change and went right back to buttering dough didn't run a drop of water or soap across his filthy hands if this pizza was for me or my family I would have got my money back. This is not right.

Chris Stevens

Every single time order from here they take two orders at once and I always get mine last so my pizza is always cold. If I live 5 minutes away bring my order first so I don’t have to eat cold pizza every time

Amy S.

do not oder delivery when they are busy! it took me 2 hrs to get my oder and it was barely warm when i got it(cheese was no longer melted). i order 3 pizzas only received 1 and my cheese sticks were cold. i called them back they offered to remake everything but said again it would take 2 or so( or so!!) hours, so i decided to go pick it up. it still took them an hour to have the order ready but at least it was hot.smh. they were good before covid but they must need help now because they have been horrible since covid.

Mischon Williams

I ordered a pizza from them waited over a hour and no delivery. they claimed to have tried to call me and never left a voicemail. Then cancelled my order without provocation. And the girl on the phone had the nerve to get an attitude. I’ve been sitting here for over an hour thinking I had an order on the way. No cancellation email or anything!! I will never order from them again. If I could post a review without starts I surely would have!! I’ll definitely be send long this issue to corporate.

Courtney Johnson

I just called this store to find out if they delivered to my address. The girl on the phone said no they didn’t. She didn’t offer to find out who did. I asked her to find out which store delivered to my address. She put me on hold for 5 min and never came back to the phone. I tried calling back and the phone kept ringing. No one picked up. Customer service is dead with this store.

ayana glover

The worst Domino's I've ever ordered from. Unfortunately it's the only pizza place near us. I've had to contact corporate multiple times, for everything from charging my card incorrectly to employees lying about who they are. They are incompetent and have no business in customer service. I'm currently on the phone with customer care because of the unnecessary attitude from "Carter". Do Not Order From Here!

Bill Swann

TERRIBLE delivery time. Out for delivery for :30 minutes. Pizza was cold at arrival. I suggest stress proper delivery times after you place your order by calling them.

Hannah W.

HORRIBLE!!!! order from a different location!! I ordered tonight with car side contactless delivery. I checked in and said I was here... No one came out. After 15 mins I called and they brought it out to me. Got home. Pizza and pastas were cold.. barely any sauce on the pizza. Wrong toppings on my pasta. HORRIBLE. I would give 0 stars if I could!

Jordan Franklin

Pizza seems to be reheated. Wings not well done as requested. I ordered 16 wings and extra ranch/blue cheese which they left out. Had to drive back to pick it up. By that time everything was cold anyway. It really seems like this was an order that was not picked up by another customer. I just tossed it all in the trash and got subs for the family. Will NEVER order again from this location.


No alfredo sauce in bread bowls or garlic butter on any crust I got the stuffed cheese bread and the chicken alfredo bowls and they were just made wrong! My wife who can't cook could have made this so much better very displeased with this the best thing I got was the cinnamon twists and the service to get my food was good considering the circumstances

Anthony Jones

Management is severely lacking customer service skills, which explains the poor quality overall. Incorrect orders, late delivery, and I cannot for the life of me understand why a delivery driver knowing cash upon delivery and doesn't bring change ?. If you do have a taste for pizza, anywhere is better than this location.

Catherine Thornhill

Ordered 2 pizzas tonight. After an hour of waiting for delivery I called the store and the guy said pizza was out the door. 25 minutes later the Driver shows up(we live 2 miles away from store) and told us the pizzas were old and we sent the order back. I called the store 4 times to try and cancel and a guy named Nick kept hanging up the phone. When I called from another number he picked up after 2 rings. I tried to cancel the order and he told me it was, but I received no confirmation that the order was canceled. What a horrible experience and a difficult employee who had no concern for his job. I have had good experiences at this location before, but will need to reconsider going forward.

Drew H.

Better off with a local take out place or ordering through postmate Pizza took an hour and 15 minutes to arrive. Story is 7 minutes away. Will never order from this place again. They conveniently never marked the order as delivered so I couldn't leave them a review through their app. Update: manager called me after my bad review and apologized. He gave me credit for the pizza I ordered which is the only reason I ordered from here again. When I ordered again the delivery was again, slow but not as bad as before. I recognized the delivery worker so I assume they don't have enough employees. The apology was enough for me to bump my score up a star. May order again some time to see if things improve though I have since found a better local pizza place.

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