El Pope Latin American Cuisine

1731 W Main St, Richmond
(804) 997-4083

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Annena Ellis

Normally, this place isn’t bad - decent food, good prices. On our most recent trip here, our impression of this place changed for the worse. We placed an order for pickup, got there around 40 minutes later, and our food is nowhere to be found. Turns out, they gave our order to someone else by accident. Totally understandable that can happen. El Pope’s solution? They tell us that the other customer who got our order is coming back to get their actual order, so we can just get our food when he/she brings it back. In case it’s been forgotten, we’re in a global pandemic. I’m not okay with getting food that’s already been given to someone else. And I don’t think I’d be okay with that even without a pandemic going on.We said we weren’t comfortable with that arrangement and asked if they could remake the order. We got the impression that this was a real inconvenience and we were being a problem for asking that, even through its the solution they should’ve offered from the beginning. Another 45 minutes go by and we finally have our food. I’m thankful they remade our food, but the experience overall was really negative. I understand that mistakes can happen, but the business has to think about the customer experience in these instances. What you do to make things right can either build customer loyalty or ruin it. Overall, the experience is what ruined this place for me.

Andrea Picarello

What a great spot! The food and drinks were delicious. I had my order ready, but at the recommendation of our amazing waiter Adrian I completely changed my mind and tried papusa and a variety of tacos. I am so glad I did.....everything was amazing. Stop in and see Adrian and he will take the best care of you!! We will be back again and again.

Lucas Mahoney

El Pope is one of the best places in the city. The people there are always super nice, the drink specials are on point, and their pupusas are amazing (and very inexpensive).

Fernando Narvaez

Great tasting pupusas revueltas. Just as good as I can find in Miami. And the torta was delicious. Must try.

Taylor-Leigh Adams

Entering El Pope for the first time, we could tell it is a family run restaurant. My partner is from El Salvador so we were looking forward to the food. What we settled for was very tasty, although the menu was not as authentic as we were hoping for. It seemed it was more catered to the U.S. population who generally thinks Latin American food is the same- which is totally fine & we understand you gotta run your business & make a profit & appeal to customers! Another point is that we eat plant-based & when we ordered pupusas with either potato, bean, or zuchini without cheese, we were told they couldn't do that. It was a little disappointing because we make our pupusas like that at home all the time, & we can order a bean pupusa at the Salvadoran joint on Midlo Turnpike no problem. As a veteran restaurant worker myself I know that the food was probably prepared that morning. My recommendation, especially since there are many vegans in Richmond, is to either offer vegan cheese, or offer a veggie option without cheese, or be able to make special requests on demand (we were only 1 of 2 tables there)! Other than that the staff was friendly, the service was good (maybe a little too good - we like to take our time while eating & felt bombarded), food was delicious, & drinks were at a lovely price point!

Terry R.

Just Incredible Affordable decent portions great menu variety one of my favorite meals in Richmond

Emily O.

I've been here three times in the past week for drinks. The first time, they were delicious. The second time, the person who made my drinks did not know what they were doing and I seemed to know the drink recipe better than he did. They weren't very good. The third time, I was hopeful, as I thought the same bartender who made my drinks the first time would be making them. However, when she started making them, someone else working just shoved her out of the way and took over. Lame. Sufficed to say, i ended up with bad drinks again. Three stars for inconsistency and also the curly haired guy who oversteps every time i go in there.


Delicious! The waiter Adrian was phenomenal! Small cute place with great homemade food. Pupusas were great. The sauces are house made and the salsa was so good. Really fair prices too.

Linda Moody

Burrito Grande is DELICIOUS!! Also best Beef Soup I have ever tasted! Great service as well.

Hasti M.

We have been to El Pope a few times now and we have always left satisfied.
As you sit down to order your food, you're greeted with some warm tortilla chips with lovely homemade salsa.

The pupusas are the best we've ever had (our favourite is Zucchini & Cheese). Their brunch menu is also great with the Huevos Rancheros stealing the show.

Combined with a friendly staff, this place is a must visit if you're craving El Salvadorian food in RVA.

Ashley C.

So glad we stopped here! Great food amazing hospitality highly recommend the steak chimichanga it was ridiculously delicious and the servers made our night amazing

Yuri Weinberg

My covid safe street taco spot!! Love el Pope!!! Thank you for being here!!

Monica Byrom

Nice place!! They practice social distancing & the service is great. I had the pork pupusa & the Sopapilla. Delicious sauces made in house!

Dolly Buchanan

I have been here for lunch and loved it. I would like to come back for dinner where I can linger and enjoy it more. Excellent so far.

Mike H

I went to this place on a whim and can't wait to go back. The staff were friendly and the authentic salvadorian food was fantastic. I recommend the Pupusas and the soup.

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El Pope Latin American Cuisine

1731 W Main St, Richmond, VA 23220
(804) 997-4083