Glenn's Forest Cafe

7202 Glen Forest Dr STE 104, Richmond
(804) 288-5410

Recent Reviews

Debbie Talman

great fresh food made with care. very friendly and courteous owner. Highly recommend

chichi small

Love Glens been going here for over 10 yrs now

Robert Briggs

Very nice little cafe hidden among the office buildings. Good food and a good price. Call ahead or time your visit to avoid the lunch rush.

Nancy Lewis

How lucky I am to work in delivery distance! The soups are delicious, salads always fresh and the grilled cheese......(I get mine on sourdough), yum! Great prices as well!

Kim G.

Really enjoyed our breakfast at this hole in the wall (said with appreciation!) take out/phone in/eat in cafe. We had omelettes and breakfast sandwiches and enjoyed them all. We spend a lot of time at the medical facilities in the area so this a find for us!

Michael Allen

It’s a small simple place with a good heart in the middle of an office park. Simple classic breakfast and lunch diner style options with good variety. Small staff and seating area, and speed and quality of service is heavily influenced by customer volume and takeout orders - from noon to 1:00 can be slammed. The food is solid but not good enough to merit a 30 minute wait, so call and order in advance. If they don’t pick up they’re already stretched that day and I’d advise looking elsewhere. If you are looking for a spotlessly clean, sophisticated eating venue prepare to be very disappointed - 5 stars because this place knows exactly what it is and does just fine with it.

Zack Marshall

To begin, you walk into the kitchen when you walk into this establishment. Second, the small cafe holds only about 4 people (more possibly depending on the height and girth of individuals in line). Third the soap in the dispenser looks like it is 43 years old. It has separated and into layers like milk water and oil. It also looks like it has grown mold if that is even possible. Fourth the tv is about 12 inches in diameter and could have cost no more than $20.13 at the weigmans. Fifth the person taking the orders answers the phone and leaves it on the counter and tells the person to hold and never goes back to it. Sixth the cashier doesn't know the menu or how addition works. He also asks the customer where the Klondike bars are. One other thing, as I was paying the cashier looks at me and asked my opinion on what $3.15 x 2 was. I asked him extremely politely to type it into his cash register and it would display the answer. He also did not know any items on the menu and was quite rude when asking to pay. The floors were covered in filth and the cooler did not work so all drinks were room temperature. Overall it's like trying to eat a half cooked sandwich from a Coleman camp stove while packed into a non air conditioned New York subway car while babysitting your Korean neighbor's kids that you were obligated to watch because they house sat for you last July while you and your wife went to Key West for a week on the strip. In conclusion this place should take a long walk off a short pier and do everyone a favor and sell out to a Stuckey's.

Regina Warren

Great food and great priced.

Elizabeth K.

Great little spot for a home cooked breakfast before work! Love It ! Plenty of new magazines to read while you wait and people are so friendly too!

David H.

Affordable breakfast and lunch for the office park that's there. They can take a long time when it gets busy, mostly because of a small staff.

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