Inter China Restaurant

11512 Busy St, Richmond
(804) 794-0866

Recent Reviews

Waylon Jones

Very old school Chinese spot. Lots of mu shu and other old school Chinese fair prepared very well. Not a NY corner mart. Think more upscale like 1950s Duck palace. Good dishes, well preparedFood: 5/5

Richard Howle

Nice little, quiet restaurant. Food was very good... The egg rolls were the best I've ever had. We'll probably be back.Parking: It's in a strip mall... There's lots of parking.

Crystal Bell

I wouldn’t recommend them. I ordered an orange chicken lunch special. There was a shrimp egg roll, 6 pieces of chicken, a small side of fried rice, and side salad for $13. Besides the quantity of chicken (or lack thereof) it wasn’t fresh at all. I would rather not have all the extras and simply have good-tasting, fresh chicken and rice. Maybe their dinner and eat-I’m experience is better, but this was pretty bad.


Always a pleasure. We have been coming to this restaurant for years and the food is always delicious. Alice, the owner is a family friend and she runs this place so well.

Candace Turner

First time and last ! Food was horrible! Quality and presentation lacked severely! Puts a shame to how true quality Chinese cuisine should be. I ordered hot and sour soup and a pu pu platter . The soup was awful and the pu pu platter was like not worth $12.00 .

James Carden

Whoever is giving this place 4-5 stars and saying the food is good does not know what good Chinese takeout tastes like. I ordered pork fried rice, general tsos chicken, egg roll, spring roll and pan fried dumplings. The pork chunks in the rice where huge, the fried dumplings were burnt, the chicken in the general tsos was dry and barely any flavor. I will never go to this place again. I am warning all of you to not rely on the 4-5 star reviews and to find somewhere else to eat before you waste your money.

Ritta Cunningham

My family and I have been eating at Inter China since we moved to Richmond in 1981. We’ve all moved away but anytime we are in the Richmond area we stop in to eat because this is the BEST Chinese food you can find anywhere in the US. Every dish is tasty and fresh. Our favorites are the orange chicken, cold broccoli, and lo mein. My Mom passed away and we all went to eat there today. Alice shed tears because she was sad to hear about my Mom. She is the real gem of Inter China and ensures that the food is delicious and the restaurant is clean and delightful. We always will be back.

Lj R.

Nice variety of choices. We ordered delivery and it was delivered HOT! The egg roll really is yummy. We had the House Thai and General Tso's Chicken, both superb. We are ordering the same items again tonight, yes it was that yummy.

john h.

Been going for years excellent food! Alice is a hard working person. This is the standard for me Chinese food and I haven't found anything close in my new city

Tyler Trent

I would say that this is a higher and fast food Chinese restaurant that gives us a really good quality meat unlike any other Chinese around here. But the one time was pretty overcooked. All in all 4 stars!

JoAnn Bertana

Recently did their takeout for dinner. YUMMMM! Tasty and nicely prepared. The shrimp and beef were flavorful and tender. The veg was crisp and tasty, love their brown sauce! Our new go-to for Chinese takeout.

Kirsten B.

I've been eating here for over 40 years!! We LOVE it!! Ordering it for lunch today as a matter of fact! The owner is always there and is so sweet!! We order several times a month too!!

Betty C.

So I have been told for years by my friends how fantastic this place is.....well perhaps I just ordered the wrong items. Hot n sour soup was not spicy at all but good. Crab Rangoon's were by far the worse I've ever had in my life. I mean I didn't even think Crab Rangoon's could be bad. The were greasy soggy pocket of ........ My dish was good but not amazing. Waitress was very nice.

dwayne brockwell

I am in Johnston Willis hospital call to have delivered they did not call to inform me that the food is here I ordered bones less rib tips I ask if it was boneless rib tips and not full on rib on bone she said yes they don't know what's on they're own menu but I can tell person on the phone was young and didn't really care but they sent me full bone on spare ribs I ask for soy and buck they sent hot mustard they act like they really don't care first and last time for me had to come back and the food suck I have been eat hospital food better then this so disappointing

Arewa A.

The sweet & sour chicken has only 12 tiny pieces of chicken smaller than a mcdonald's chicken nugget on a pile of steamed lettuce for $13. The cooked lettuce flavor was soaked into the chicken and tasted strange. None of the black rectangular take out boxes (that are normally stuffed full at other restaurants) were even 1/2 full. Shockingly tiny portions for a high price. This was my 1st and last time ordering here.

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