9300 Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond
(804) 272-8055

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Janice Burkot

Food was good. Ordered online and went to drive thru to pick up and was told I had to come inside. The reason I ordered online is to have little as possible contact with people. Luckily there was nobody in the restaurant at the time I went in. I was shorted 1 tender and didn't get any of my dipping sauces. I know it's minor things but it's those things that you think about the next time you want chicken especially since we have two other chain restaurants to choose from.

Carolyn Branch

Best chicken sandwich!

T W.

I don't understand you place your order. So why is that everything I asked for I didn't receive? Maybe if the woman taking the order wasn't so busy running her mouth to the other employee maybe she could've got the order correctly. I'm sure I'm not the only person order she got wrong today. It's a shame because it wasn't like they were BUSY. Or maybe they don't know the right pieces of the chicken. If that's the case their in the wrong business. SMH! For example I asked for a Leg I got a wing. I asked for bbq sauce I had ranch and honey mustard. Really I know this may not be a big deal, but I should get what I paid for not what she thinks I should have. Next time I'll just go to another location. They need to do better with there service. The popcorn nuggets were terrible every other piece was hard as a brick. So most of that went in the trash. A waste of time and money no more I will NOT be returning to this location

Gary Lenhart

Terrible waste of timr was told to wait 12 minites for our wings took 46 minutes. I had never seen more lazy staff in my life. It was a terrible experience and i will never patronize that place again.

Jessica Estes

They won’t even answer the phone. Messed up my order and won’t answer

Ashley Nicole Powers

absolutely awful. Only 3 people in line including me and they still have me the wrong order then I had pull up and wait for fries so I sat there for about 10-15 min then when they finally bring me the right food I still didn’t get everything and I told her I had ordered 4 chicken littles and I’ve been waiting 40 min just to get it so I’m guessing they just aren’t bringing it to me so I’m leaving and I’ll never come back to this location on Midlothian turnpike

Richard Ivey

Very slow service. The young man who was left in charge wasn't interested in answering questions about the grilled chix. Cars were parked all over while waiting for their food orders to be corrected.

nicole Gibson

KFC going down hill.. Food is never good always over cooked

Kevin P.

They are freaking slow like hell even turtles are faster than them. I have been waiting more than 50 minute to get the order.

Gary F.

Picked up chicken tonight (12 piece bucket $36.00) got the lid off and it looks and tastes like it was made last week. As I was walking into my condo my neighbor commented that the last 2 times they got chicken there it was awful. Horrible food.

Liz K.

An employee here called a young man a woman on accident and then proceeded to laugh about it. Management was given the opportunity to make it right, but didn't.

Tmkus Dean

Get your act together. Hire employees who are trained in customer service. Not discrimination

Cynthia H.

I wish I could give this KFC a 0. My Family come through the drive thru and the guy said they were out of a certain meat I believe white meat but he called my Son a Mam. My Son corrected him and said I am a guy so over the microphone the guy says yooo you got to be fucking kidding me. He comes out of the restaurant and sees that my child is a guy and continues to make hateful remarks saying I can't believe this picking on my childs voice. So I was upset we pulled to the side glass trying to speak to the Manager and he never come to see what the issue was he just acted as if no one was at the window. So we go inside the same guys in the place laughing joking on my Son's sexuality he said oh that's your son is that what you call a Son he called my Daughter a bitch and said some more hurtful things to my Son. I ask the Manager who also has the same microphone on his head to give me the number to corporate he refused so I said what about report he still refused. So I have called corporate for 3 times now and not one person has gotten back to me. They discriminated against my child they threatened us this is a place of business luckily I do have the video of what happened a gay person can eat anywhere they want. Its not your place to treat anyone this way your JOB is to make food and treat people equally and this has had my Son crying and upset since it happened. I want something done with this place of business a Owner should reach out to my family at this point.

Cynthia Hill

discriminated against my child. The worst I have seen since I have been around. An employee comes all the way out of the restaurant to see if my Son was truly a Man then continued to make hateful comments to my Son Manager had a headset on he did nothing. I hope no one gay ever goes into this location. Never even got our order he was more concerned if my Son was a male or female even after he was corrected.

Paul Peasley

Bought an order several weeks ago (original recipe, four pieces), and it was delicious. Last week, for supper, bought a small tub (original recipe, six pieces), and most of it was inedible (greasy skin, dry meat). I believe it was a day or more old. I’m a senior, and it was like “give the old guy the old food.” Had to throw most of it in the garbage (that’s what it was, anyhow). Will not go back. Suggest you readers stay away, too.

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