Little Caesars Pizza

4007 Mechanicsville Turnpike, Richmond
(804) 321-2171

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Melissa Sharpe

I have tried to call them all day this is the second time I've had to call I've tried since Friday evening I got my food delivered cause I have no car and when I got my food i had found a piece of hair on one of the slices of pieces I just either want my money back or my pizza I got remade if possible please this is the second time this has happened


Everytime I go there you have cars lined up , some pull away from the window and leave because they tell you there is at least a 30 min. wait so you have pull around in the lot and wait. Or they take about 10 min. to come to the window. I usually leave and go out Mechanicsville to Hanover.

Letice Richardson

My last time there I had a bad experience. Due to out of the employees not paying attention to the online orders or the system not showing the online orders. Because when I ordered on line I thought my order should be ready since I was late. But that was not the case so I had to wait and on top of it the cashier wasn't going to tell me that my pizza wasn't ready and just had me sitting outside waiting for my order to be finished


The pizza was bunt and very undercooked. The crust was bunt. Called the them now answer.

Michelle Brown

Horrible service everytime I visit which is even cause my kids like it I have to wait 10 minutes before I’m greeted if I order thru the drive thru no one answers the window til they feel like it n and customer is trash the manager also tried to over charge me because she didn’t like that I told her they had poor customer service I asked for a receipt and the price changed this place need to be re-staffed and fast

Ju L

Pizza always a HOT choice. Unfortunately they're so slow at times but this location pizza way better than laburnumsFood: 4/5

Daniel Jones

Had to wait 20 min for my pizza. 6 other people got pizza before me despite me ordering first. When I asked for my pizza I was told "patience is a virtue " by the manager.Food: 1/5

Atonya Dennis

Waited in line for 15mn to get to the window to say I sold the last two pizzas. Ohhhh that's not all they had 15 b4 they close.Food: 1/5

Barbara Huggins

Waited 30 minutes for food...had to go inside to remind them I was outside waiting...gave me a free crazy bread for wait.Food: 3/5

Kayla M.

Bunch of children "working," would not trust them to handle anyone's food. The entire kitchen staff was standing around talking and eating chips. Just go home

Reuben Spencer

To be totally honest not a big fan of Little Ceasars. The pizza are to bready for me,and to my knowledge they don't offer thin crust, that's somewhat puzzling because all the other pizza franchises offer them as an option. Only go to them in a pinch.

T. Rogers

I always come to this location when I used to live on this side of town and every time I'm with my family, I come to this location. The service is the same, they work hard due to limited staff but because of the great flavors and outstanding deal that would put the "other" pizza companies out of business they stay busy. As a retail manager, I respect anyone who cooks my food as they work to make sure the order is right and when it's wrong, they always correct it without any issues, which is why I come to Little Ceasars before any other pizza company. They actually rule and people know it!

Tyra Coates-Smith

The worst experience, all staff on their phone, drive thru backed up, nothings ready. Hot mess. Had to wait 30 minutes on one pizza. The drive thru backed up and I'm at the window and still waited 30 minutes on a pizza. Hot mess.

Brandy Pleasant

This place is garbage don’t waste your time or your money here it’s no such thing as “hot&ready” at this location prepare to be there at least 40 minutes just to get a burnt pizza. The service is terrible at this location I ordered at 3:04pm and left at 3:50pm with no pizza this location needs to be closed down or they need better employees. The picture is what they tried to serve me

Amanda Lynch

I could swim to Italy faster than they prepare food. I will never come here again. After waiting 40 min. For a cheese pizza I just left.

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