Mi Hacienda Méxican Restaurant

8250 Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond
(804) 560-6994

Recent Reviews

Dalton Belcher

Fajita Texanas was really good as was their white salsa sauce.

K Luv

Could use a make over... server was extra but nice. Didn't like he tips himself $9.10 without permission... food was decent but have had better.

Robert Mann

Beautiful restaurant that was surprisingly not very busy. It has a warm, festive feel inside and the food was amazing. The staff was incredibly friendly and you really felt that they were happy to take care of you as a guest. Highly recommend!

Colleen Wilkerson

Food is Always good here! We've been coming here for maybe 12-15 years! Food is made fresh! Safely measures are practiced here, not over crowded at all! We feel safe to eat here. Wait staff is friendly & good service! Prices are good too!

Gutierrez Family

We had been looking all over Richmond for Tortas Ahogadas. Was recommended Mi hacienda. Well wanted to suprise my husband and took him to try it out , as my husband is from Guadalajara and this is his favorite food. Was so excited that we had found what looked to be authentic torta ahogada. The picture on menu looked just like ones from Mexico. Then here comes his plate. Bread with carnitas and what looked to be some enchilada sauce on top. No tomato & hot sauce , was not drenched like picture. No onions,limes,avocado. I asked waitress if it came with onions like the picture shows and could we get limes. Instead we got a plate of the grilled onions for fajitas. (Not the red uncooked onions that are supposed to come with it) And still no limes Definitely nothing like the picture. Guess they use someone else's pictures. We paid and then my husband talked to manager to let them know the huge difference in case maybe it was a new cook or something and she looked like she could care less. She said you had a sandwich with carnitas right, he answered yes and shes like ok ??‍♀️. He left the whole sandwich. This torta looked like it came from wish app? mi hacienda was beautiful inside though, just don't go for this particular meal.

Alicia La Goldita

Great place to eat the service wonderful. The place looked great with it's decorations. Food was great. I will visit again and again.

Brandon Vincent

The food and service were both exceptional. I will definitely dine here again.


Food was great and our waiter Vincent was fantastic... thank you so much for a great time

Aimee O'Neill Bradley

Absolutely a beautiful restaurant with amazing service and food. Great mommy & son date day today. We will be back for sure and our server was awesome.

Anthony H.

Now that is how Mexican food is supposed to taste. Still not a big fan of guacamole. But the food had a taste. Nothing food that just lays there like a bad French kisser. The pork was moist and I almost over ate

Jason S.

This restaurant is one of the best looking Mexican restaurants that I have been to. The looks match their customer service, food selection, food quality, and fairness of price. We had an amazing meal and the service team paid extra attention to our son, which really meant a lot to us. We will definitely return.

Steven Norris

Good food, service is good, definitely a friendly atmosphere

Jessica Smith

Great Place and Service. Highly recommended.

Sherry Sammy

Great food drinks need more.alcohol good service and they wear.mask and practice social distance

Christian B.

Horrible...i ask for a specific order, server tries to filp it and say that i order something else...when i tried to explain what i ordered, he kept trying to tell me what i ordered when i pointed it out on the menu ! once again horrible, ONE STARRRR ! Don papa grande is better !

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