O'Charley’s Restaurant & Bar

6291 W Broad St, Richmond
(804) 673-8233

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Dan Morris

We ordered delivery within the last week. Said 30-40 minutes. Watched as delivery driver headed there as soon as driver arrived. We got message order canceled. Worst thing the same thing happened 2 months ago.

Jamie B.

Ok, I see some negative reviews but decided to take my chance since I had heard good things from coworkers about O'Charley's. Let me tell you how glad I am that we went in tonight. It's a Sunday night which usually means that the place has been busy all day and we came in at the end of that. We were greeted by a very outgoing manager who immediately led us to our table. He also stopped by during the meal to make sure everything was good. One of my party has a shellfish allergy and when we told our server, Brutaja according to the receipt, she gladly helped us navigate the me u for what would work and what wouldn't. Throughout the entire meal she made sure we were well taken care of and had everything we needed with a smile and a most pleasant attitude. When she informed the chef, Roger, of the shellfish allergy, he came to the table and explained how he would cook the dish to avoid shellfish and asked if this worked for us. He was very informative and wanted very much to make sure everything was done right, all the way to delivering the food himself and checking on us a bit later as well. All the while the server continued to make sure we had everything we needed. I could go on but you'd get bored so I'll just say We'll definitely be back again soon and thank you! Thanks for reading

Amanda Fyola

The food was very good but we ordered for pickup and they definitely forgot about us even though we called to let them know we were there. Our food was cold ? their sign says to call and they'll bring it out to you but it's probably best to just go in and wait.

Timeka P.

First time eating at O'charleys in over 15 years. I see why, the food is just mediocre. I had the bbq chicken sandwich with a loaded baked potato. The potato was good and the sandwich looked good but wasn't very flavorful. The server was nice that's the reason for the two stars but I will not be back


The bread!! Just come here for the bread!!! And the service was wonderful as well.

Kathryn DeCastro

I ordered delivery last night and it was horrible... even to just across the street... literally. Decided to try on restaurant tonight. Much better. Presentation was better. Showed the waiter the picture of the pie I got and was asked that was not typical. The fish was great... and the rolls are the best I've had. Deleted my 2 star review and updated with 4. Pass on delivery.

Barb Da

Yes yes yes. My food was fixed to perfection. I set in my car my food. My chicken tenders cheese wedges and potatoes skins were excellent. I will come to this location every time I want O'Charley. Great job to the cooks

Lateesha Mckay

They have rolls that melt in your mouth. Food was great service was great

Kathleen D.

O'Charley's is basically a slightly better Applebees.

It's an easy, average chain option for picky eaters, like my mom. We were at Home Depot and it was dinnertime, so we stopped over since it was convenient. The hostess who sat us was friendly and brought us to a booth that was spaced out appropriately for Covid. I'm glad it was her who sat us, as the other hostess was using her mask as a chinstrap. I was also surprised to see people sitting at the bar.

Our server was nice but spacey. The food came out within a normal period, but the check took forever to be dropped off and returned. That part was unfortunate, as some folks walked in and were seated two booths away who smelled like they had last showered in 2015. The odor permeated straight through my mask.

For food, we got the spinach and artichoke dip to start - it was pretty good. I had the burger and my mom had chicken fingers. Very basic American food. Most of their menu is overpowered by chicken, so if you like chicken (I don't eat it), this is a spot for that. My mom loved her chicken, for what it's worth.

O'Charley's wouldn't be first on my list to visit again -- if I do it'll be post-pandemic -- but it's also not in my mental rotation.

Penny P

We had dinner there tonight and I got the 12 oz prime rib. I ordered it medium rare. It was medium and it was very dry it was hard to cut and chew. It was the worse prime rib I have ever tasted. I got the mashed sweet potatoes and they were cold. It made me sick on the stomach. Also the restaurant smelled bad. Like the sewer was backed up. I won’t be back.

Betty Johnson

Very nice I love this place food is always good i will continue to drive 45 minutes to an hour to eat there delicious foods

Rob K.

Worst service of any restaurant I've ever been to. It's not really curbside delivery if nobody ever comes out. Happened two weeks in a row now. You go in and nobody acknowledges that you're there. Wait around for 30 minutes for an order that said it was done 10 minutes ago. Actually went in to eat today and it took 50 minutes to get an appetizer. I usually order for 3 people at a time because the restaurant is the closest to work. Food is usually decent, the service is terrible.

Mike M.

One star because I cannot leave zero. Never have I submitted a negative review. I usually just delete it and move on. Not today, O'Charleys at Horsepen and Broad!
Walked in at 8:32 on December 23. One waitress appeared to be hustling the floor. One lady by the kitchen rolling silverware. Stood there til 8:38 waitress told the silverware lady that we were there. Silverware lady looked our way and turned her back. No one would greet us. We left mad. Sign out front said closes at 9. I did not see that before we walked in. Would not have gone in. But the fact that this went down the way it did has me steamed. We pay for our food. We tip well. We treat people with respect and decency.

Craig Keller

Need to fix the deep fryer timer! Fries looked the same!

E Frank

One of my preferred locations for American food. I love eating here. The staff was very helpful and observant. It has a great feel to it. Food is similar to a cafe in Portland I liked.

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O'Charley’s Restaurant & Bar

6291 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23230
(804) 673-8233