Pepe's | Mexican Restaurant

9550 Midlothian Turnpike St 204, Richmond
(804) 272-0920

Recent Reviews

Elizabeth Gindhart

Curbside pickup and online ordering were easy and efficient. Everything was delicious! We’ll definitely be back. (PS - if you’re wondering if a large order of tortilla chips is enough for your family, it definitely is. Order a second if you love chips, but don’t be me and order three bags

Jade R.

Quite literally the best Mexican food I've had in Richmond. I was absolutely floored!!! I ordered the el guapo and a margarita DURING quarantine. The system was flawless and so was the food. As soon as I placed my order online, I received a text that said "when you arrive text us your spot number." The parking lot was so organized and labeled. I pulled up, texted them, and they immediately brought my food and my margarita. The burrito is....... massive. Huge. Comes in a huge container, and is stuffed and also covered with cheese. It came with chips and salsa too. I was amazed. Literally the best take out experience I had thus far. The margarita was so fresh, you can taste all the ingredients. It certainly wasn't artificial mixer like a lot of other places. I feel like if Pepe's were closer to me, my wallet and my arteries would be in huge trouble. I 100% recommend them to any and everyone!!!

Jennifer Eggleston

Easy online ordering and curbside pickup. Food was tasty. My only sadness is that the small bag holding my quest, salsa, and white sauce broke and let’s just say it was explosive. So be sure to hold your bags from the bottom

Annie M.

I already love this place, but they have definitely been the most organized take out I've had since the covid mess started. They make sure to wear gloves and masks, have a fabulous online ordering system that allows for modifications, and a very organized pick up system with labeled spots and a texting system that's easy breezy. Oh and they have delicious food and various margarita options. Can't say enough good things about them.

Kristen B.

We had the guapo burrito and the chesterfield and a side chile relleno. The relleno was the best I've had in Richmond and I'm a relleno snob. The chesterfield burrito was great- tender pork, good chorizo. My mother got the guapo burrito and loved the seasoning but thought the chicken was a bit on the dry side. Overall great! Would go back again

Ronald Flournoy

The El Guapo is the way to go. The food here is delicious! The food is not overpriced and the wait is not too long. maybe 30 minutes tops. Had takeout a couple days ago and the food was really good.


They figured it out before so many other restaurants. I can trust them for a quick trustworthy meal made with care and hygienic trust during these times. Also margaritas

Lauren V.

My husband and I ordered takeout this past weekend. Due to Covid-19, Pepe's has reorganized their takeout service. It is SO organized. The experience was great! The food was really good. I recommend the BLT shrimp tacos or fish tacos. We ordered to-go margaritas and we are pretty sure there was no (or very little) alcohol in them, but still tasted good. We just missed the tequila! We will definitely order from here again.

Denise Melko Miller

Never got a bad meal here. Staff are always super friendly.

Donnell Lyons

Pepes, is Mexican restaurant with great Mexican food and a friendly staff. I stumbled upon this restaurant just on a hunger. As I enter I was greeted and seated, I was told the specials and the the lunch menu did not disappoint. The salads are full of flavor and meat, the tacos are a combination of refreshing flavor, but the bowl was my favorite. Great food will definitely go back!!!

Irena Eats

Great spot for lunch! They have A taco special on Monday’s. There is plenty of parking. Pepes also offers a loyal customer program. I think it’s like buy 10 lunches get 1 free. I’m looking forward to coming back next time I am in Richmond!


Reasonably priced, great service and really good food. Generous portion, knowledgeable waiter, much better than expected.

Tyneisha F.

I came across his restaurant one day because it's in my neighborhood and decided to try it. Their food is really good and your stuff is really pleasant. I came here to get their chimichangas and I loved them.

Julie W.

tldr; 2 stars for the poor response to a complaint and slow service My team came for lunch at my suggestion because several of us had either dined here previously or were regulars. The atmosphere here is fun and the food fine but normally quite bland unless jalapeños or hot sauce are usefulness(as mine was today). The normally quick and friendly service was slow for our large group, but the biggest problem was the Diabla Shrimp default spiciness level of Thai Hot, and the server's disregard and visible/audible dismissal of the complaint. We mentioned it immediately after a number of us tasted it and found it incredibly spicy, and while my coworker opted to try removing as much sauce as possible and dipping the shrimp in butter to reduce the burn, by the number of napkins she went through for her runny nose, it looked painful. Several of us mentioned it again when the server came back to clear dishes but he audibly pish poshed the comment, saying "it's spicy," and walked away. Yes, but it's 5 levels above TexMex spicy by default, not on request. We were left at the table for a while waiting for checks but eventually decided to go handle it at the register.

Crabby Girl

i wish i could put down 20 stars for this place. great food, service, and decor that captures the spirit of mexico. i got a free dessert when i visited on my birthday, and wore what m family calls "the sombrero of honor". super convenient and reasonably priced for the good quality.

Scott M.

We went to Pepe's on national Margarita day which means it was mobbed. Despite this, We were seated quickly by the pleasant host. The only major ding I have against them is that they can not make a virgin margarita. Honestly? Yes, we were told that a virgin margarita was not feasible. Pregnant thirsty people beware. The food was delicious. The white sauce is sweet and a big hit with the chips. My chilaquiles campechanos was spicy and sweet. Pork carnitas, homemade chorizo, chips, cheese and red sauce. Yum. The chile relleno on the side was huge, breaded and sweet. I ate too much. I drank too many non-virgin margaritas and still walked out spending only $45 for a table of 4. Not too shabby. Decor is fun with murals of Quetzalcoatl, shrines to Danny McBride? And local art. Better than your average Texmex place, we'll be back.

Daphne R.

Not only the best priced Mexican, also THE BEST TASTING! They have a large menu Each visit here has been constantly delicious The service here is superb, all the staff is very friendly, helpful, patient and attentive The atmosphere in Pepes is fun while also being family friendly

brooke pega

Always great food. Their giant burritos are delicious. I also like their bean dip. Yum!

Dragon Girl

i wish i could put down 20 stars for this place. great food, service, and decor that captures the spirit of mexico. i got a free dessert when i visited on my birthday, and wore what m family calls "the sombrero of honor". super convenient and reasonably priced for the good quality.

Britni Tate

This place is by far the best Mexican food around! The atmosphere is great, staff is attentive and quick, food quality is top notch. Its not your run of the mill Mexican joint.

Ben Grant Lockwood

Nothing but the nicest of people. Great food, excellent staff, smiles all around. No complaints what so ever. Will gladly be returning. Just great all around.

Jen Ren

Really yummy place and awesome service/management! The steak and added guac in the fajita salad was so good.

Kyle Rowland

This place has been the bomb. Been going there since day 1 and it's still blows me away everyday. The owner is chill and the staff is top notch. And the drinks are always on point!

Brittany Lauren R.

Always great service and food is pretty good. The bowls are really good and tasty. The cheese sauce is a must to get.

Francisco Peot

We had the tacos al pastor, tacos de carne asada, and queso dip. The salsa for the chips and salsa was delicious! The tacos al pastor was made with steak instead of pork which was different, but still good. The tacos de carne asada were extremely delicious. The tortillas were a little thicker than what I like, but overall it was a delicious experience. I would definitely recommend this restaurant.

Jennifer Einolf

Love Pepe's. The carnitas is (are?) wonderful. Everyone is friendly and the food is delicious. The design is modern and fun.

Mac Yah

Food was good. Employees were nice. Not the best Mexican I've had but a good contender.

Colleen Burke

I always love coming here! Fast service, amazing food and good atmosphere ❤️

Carrie Hancock

Staff are super friendly and remember your face. Music is great as well.

Lizzy H.

I've heard of Pepe's and always wanted to go. Their sister restaurant is hibachi box is well loved & I had high hopes. I decided to grab lunch with a friend and catch up. The lunch menu does go till 4 pm which is nice but I don't think it's that much of a discount depending on what you get . The chips and salsa was fresh and delicious. I loved that you get white sauce without asking and the salsa was sooo good. We ordered the chori polo which came out very fast . The beans and rice were my favorite. I almost order a whole other side since I finished it before I even ate my chicken. The beans are smooth and have a great texture that doesn't make it gummy. If you like spicy stuff they do make a in house green hot sauce and even hotter red one . I personally like mixing the two together but it's no joke. I like that they have a punch card for the lunches if you get 9 lunches you get one free . They also do sell candy which is random . I would definitely come back and try their margaritas and see if they have any happy hour deals .

Mike McCaig

First time there, the service and food were both great. I had a steak and chicken burritos and the meats were well seasoned and tender. I will be back for sure.

Maggie Melendez

The food here is so good! I come here when I want good mexican food. The waiters are really nice too.

Samantha Ellis

The food is amazing, the staff is so sweet. the place is clean, and everything there is just wonderful

David Wills

Probably one of the fastest and most quality consistent budget Mexican restaurants in the city. It helps to speak Espanol but don't let that stop you, Pepe's pleases! For healthy option that's a meal, try the Goatocado

Richard Nutwell

Best Mexican food I have eaten for a long time. The carnitas were superb. Fast and excellant service also.

Hadar Pedhazur

Haven't been here in a while. Always enjoyed it in the past and they haven't lost a beat. Decor seems to be updated (nicely) and the food was great (as we're the frozen margaritas). Wonderful staff as well.

William H.

I love this place. Staff are consistently friendly and food is beyond any other Mexican type restaurant around. Once Pepe's established themselves and went through a few iterations of their menu it became a waste to go to Mexico, Casa Grande, or any of the other places around. They're stingy with their lunch card though because you can only redeem for a small amount of money and all the stamps must appear on the same card (ie you can't give them two cards that would add up to the full amount to redeem a free lunch). Literally that's my only complaint. Been here 50 times. Will go 50 more.

Heather Lee

Great Food, friendly staff, good prices & atmosphere. would highly recommend and I will be going back


Very fast service and great food. Simple, no frills, just excellent tex-mex.

Brian J.

Average food, expensive for what you get. . 4.50 for one taco seems excessive to me. Much prefer mr. Pepe's on Hull, better food and value