Pho Tay Do

6328 Rigsby Rd, Richmond
(804) 288-3861

Recent Reviews

santiago vargas

Very friendly attention. Tried the rolls, they are incredible. The best pho in town. I go there a least twice at month

Bethany E.

We ate here as a family and it was a great experience. You can get everything on the menu in a kid portion. Our toddler loved the food and we agree that it was delicious. Everyone was friendly and attentive. 100% would eat there again!

Avi Drucker

My favorite pho place. I love you guys! I feel like I am on cloud nine after I eat here :)

Alexander Greene

Pho Tay Do is that “hole in the wall” everyone is always searching for. The pho is incredible; served with a beautifully aromatic and delicious broth that pairs perfectly with your choice of meats and veggies. The rolls are handmade perfection packed with flavor and served with the classic dipping sauces. Dress your pho with a combination of fresh Thai basil, bean sprouts, jalapeños and lime, and enjoy. Then finish your stay with a Vietnamese coffee to go!Not only will you be floored by the quality and quantity of food, you’ll also be greeted by a welcoming atmosphere and friendly faces at the door.This authentic eatery only takes cash, so be sure to plan ahead and make that stop by a bank or atm beforehand!

Amanda Minton

Most amazing food at this place. Shrimp fried rice was the best I ever had.

LaKesha Jones

Absolutely delicious! Me and my family will definitely be back. Just a heads up, they only accept cash. Please check them out.

maria hartway

This is our second time coming there for food. Unfortunately it wasn’t as good of an experience as the other time we went. We ordered large and when we got home (we live 20 minutes away) we discovered the containers that hold the pho were only half full. This is for two large orders of pho, the broth that was included didn’t even cover both orders of the noodles. When I called and said something they told me I could come back for more broth but that’s all they could do. Poor costumer service. Why would I drive 40 minutes total to have to reheat my food when it was the business fault for shorting us? No gift certificate, no discount off the next purchase just a sorry about your bad luck attitude. We will not be returning and will find another pho place.

Alyssa A.

AMAZING pho spot! I've been to this place a few times over the last few months and have always found it to be amazing. Usually I order to go, so I can't be sure about their dine in situation, but it's always a great amount of food and incredibly reasonable pricing. My go to order is the medium pho with extra lime, and the veggies are always so fresh and crispy. The soup always comes hot, which is an issue with takeout sometimes, and everything is separated out super well so nothing is soggy. Sometimes the noodles can be a little clumpy and they only take cash, which is why I knocked off a star, but overall I love this little place. Located off of broad in the cutest little building, they manage to make the inside look so inviting and welcoming, despite how itty bitty the whole place is. Would recommend and will definitely be back.

Heather P.

A very small spot but always with the best service! Of all the pho places in the area, this has my favorite as well as my favorite fried egg rolls.

Cherise H.

I visited Pho Tay Do about a week ago on Saturday, 03/13/2021. While it wasn't a horrible experience, it wasn't the best, either. To focus on the positives first, the flavor was desirable. The broth - while visibly oilier than neighboring Pho Thien Phat - was pleasantly aromatic with a mild 'cinnamon-y' scent that was surprisingly comforting. The beef flavor was evident, and there was not an excessive amount of MSG detected. I ordered the Tai, Gan, which translates to eye of round steak with tendon. I ordered my Tai on the side, as I prefer to receive it rare and cook it in the broth to my desired doneness upon receipt. I also paid an additional $1.00 for Bo Vien (Vietnamese meatballs), as they do not come with the 'combo' in which I am generally interested. It should be noted that I requested the 'XL' bowl, as the sizes appeared misrepresented, and their 'XL' was truly that which what would equate to a 'L' at comparable establishments. My dissatisfaction began almost immediately. Our server (whose race I won't specify) was visibly NOT Vietnamese. However, he took it upon himself to 'correct' my pronunciation on more than one occasion (namely, 'Bo Vien' and 'Hanh Dam' (Vietnamese pickled onions)), which wouldn't have been as embarrassingly inappropriate if his pronunciation had been correct. Unbeknownst to him, I have been mentored by Vietnamese natives, which made his unsolicited audacity that much more uncomfortable than it would otherwise have been - it was cringeworthy. I chose not to vocalize my embarrassment for the sake of his pride, but hopefully, this review will result in his being coached going forward to spare him of repeated experiences. When I received my 'XL' bowl of Tai, Gan with Tai and Hanh Dam on the side, there were literally more pickled onions than beef. And, no, I am not joking - there were probably approximately five slices of beef. Understandably shocked, I immediately inquired as to whether or not that was the standard portion. Given the promptness with which he responded, I'm assuming our server has probably gotten that question before, as he immediately assured me it was, and proceeded to offer the explanation that it was because I ordered a 'combo' in which I also had Gan (tendon) and Bo Vien (Vietnamese meatballs). No, sir - I ordered a 'combo' which came with Tai (eye of round steak) and Gan (tendon) - I paid $1.00 extra for Bo Vien which was not included. His explanation apparently wasn't thought out well enough in advance because it made no sense, whatsoever. Assuming five slices of beef is the standard serving in an 'XL' bowl, the logical explanation, then, would be that four slices would be the standard serving in a 'L' bowl, three slices would be the standard serving in a 'M' bowl, two slices would be the standard serving in a 'S' bowl, and one slice would be the standard serving in a children's bowl - does that even sound reasonable? No, I didn't think so, either. Double those serving sizes, and they still wouldn't be justifiable. But, again, I chose not to vocalize my concerns, but rather flagged down another server/busboy who supported what his colleague had already stated. No surprise there, but no less disheartening, nonetheless. The Hanh Dam added a nice flavor to what was already a nicely prepared broth. The temperature was desirable, and the vegetables seemed relatively fresh. For the reasons specified above, however, I will not be revisiting this establishment, nor will I recommend it - I will stick with Pho Thien Phat where the sizes are accurately represented, and the servers are familiar with how to accurately pronounce menu items. Should you choose to 'give them a go', however, be advised that they are cash only. Otherwise, they will retain your driver's license (heaven forbid you get pulled over in the process) while you commute to a nearby ATM for cash, as they did

Ben M.

The broth is the nectar of the gods. I feel full of ichor when I leave Tay Do. Cash only, and worth it. Go on get you some.

Casey Adams

Cash only! This place is like family. Not only is the service excellent but so is the food as well! I’ve been coming here regularly for several years now and they never disappoint. Certainly the best Vietnamese spot in Richmond by far. If you want some good comfort food - come grab a bowl of pho at Tay Do!

Angela Desposito

Consistent, fast, and delicious. This is the best pho & the customer service is even better. Very reasonably priced!

Larry R.

This review is for three people. It may have been a bad day in the kitchen, but the broth smelled like rotten chicken bone marrow. I hope we are wrong and it was a one off, but it was unbearable. The servers were pretty cool. Cannot emphasize how bad it was.

Claudia J.

Probably best pho in town, food is soooo good and they give you decent amount of meat. It's also super cheap ($8 for a bowl of bun bo hue). The only downside I can think of is they only take cash.

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