Ramen Spot

948 W Grace St, Richmond
(804) 353-8999

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Rita D.

The service was awesome!!! Very attentive staff! The food serving was huge!! Had to get the rest of mine to go. Definitely a vibe and stayed packed the whole time

Stephanie T.

Oh man, best miso ramen in RVA! I mean what more can you say. I got the pork buns, they were soggy on the bottom, and weren't the best I've ever had but again, they don't call it the Ramen spot for no reason. Another thing, there's a bubble tea place right next door. Great location!

Ladonna A.

Spicy Miso Ramen So good. Get 4x spicy if you want it with a kick. The other stuff just playing

Aleigh H.

Really delicious lunch specials. I have been wanting to try this place for awhile and finally got it grub hubbed to my work. The medium spicy miso ramen was fantastic. What a delicious flavor. The pork buns were also delicious. The pork flavor and the buns were yummy soft pillows of goodness. I will definitely be ordering again.

Mallory B.

So good! One of the only places with chicken katsu with golden curry Highly recommend everything is bomb

Konstantin L.

Decided to splur on most expensive bowl and got barely any chicken, broth was flavorful after dumping sriracha and soy sauce into it and the egg was cold. Server was nice though redeeming a 2 star, so nice to the point I didn't want to bother her by complaining about the food in person.

Marcela P.

So good better the expected. Give this place a try! Great customer service !!! The spicy ramen so good

Karin D.

For a very busy weekend with students moving in to the Vcu housing it was very easy to get table. Parking was kind of tricky. But we were greeted happily and knew what we wanted and our food was quick out. We had the fried squid as an appetizer and then we both had the beef Ramen. Everything was delicious. Our server was very attentive. The only suggestion would be that the noodles were a little chewy. But other than that it was awesome!

K. Macklin

Amazing food and the waiters are very friendly and helpful!! I do not eat pork and alot of the ramen on the menu came with pork bone broth, so our waiter gave me the option to have regular veggie broth, soo thankful for that! I ordered veggie gyozas and chicken katsu ramen with substituted veggie broth.. 10/10 for flavor and it was a good portion, very filling. The restaurant is small on the inside, not ideal for a big group but thats how most local ramen shops are lol. Also great music playlist here, if you like kpop you will be jamming during your meal :)

Montana Powell

The Ramen was really good. It's a small place. I had Misu Ramen and he had Beef Ramen. The waiter was nice. I'd go back.??

Nancy L.

Delicious authentic ramen in VCU. We ordered the Katsu Ramen & Udon. Both were tasty with lots of toppings. Katsu & the tempura were not soggy when we got our food and the broth was flavorful.

David M.

Okay, I was craving ramen after work so I decided to look some places around the area (was staying in VA for work for 2 weeks). Came across this place after a brief search and had a suspicion that it might be Chinese owned. Why do I have an issue with this? Because every time I go to a Chinese owned ramen shop, it tastes like Chinese beef/pork noodle soup. Not once have I gone to a Chinese owned ramen shop and have I tasted something that was remotely close to authentic Japanese ramen. But yes, it was Chinese owned after having a conversation with their waitress. I don't recommend coming here for their ramen, you can give their apps a try, they were decent. (I'm Chinese myself, so don't blast me folks)

Takina A.

I'm not a huge fan of ramen, but my daughter is and she wanted to eat here for her birthday. For appetizers, I got the roast pork cha-shu bun, my daughter got fried oysters and my son ordered baby tako (grilled octopus). We all enjoyed our apps, and the cha-shu bun was the best I've ever had. My son and daughter both ordered ramen, which they enjoyed immensely. I got the pork and kimchi fried rice. It was deliciously spicy and flavorful and I actually finished my entire dish. This place is the real deal, and I'm definitely up for returning. I may even try ramen next time!

Mark G.

Spicy miso ramen and the chashu buns here will never get old. Shoyu is also really good if you're not a spicy-person.

Sam G.

It's amazing it's a very small place on the corner of the street but wowwww it's amazing. I personally recommend the medium spicy miso ramen.

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