Richmond Ice Creamery At Kung Fu Tea

Inside Kung Fu Tea, 946 W Grace St, Richmond
(804) 254-1746

Recent Reviews

Anthony B.

Their store is clean and fast environment. always there are long line, however, doesn't really need to wait more than 15 minutes. staff are fast and nice. I am so Addicted right now. Oreo slush with bubbles is my go to. Good place to get yummy drinks.

Adrianna T.

Just tried the Milk Cap variant for the first time, which I haven't seen in any other boba chains. Love it! The foaminess of a cappuccino with a salty finish balances the sweetness of the milk tea in a surprisingly beautiful way. Next time I'll do a better job of apportioning the "cap," since by the end of the drink, I only had salty foam and boba (no tea). Oops. Bonus: This KFT store is near the BRT.

LeAn H.

One of my go-to's in the city...or when I'm getting some Vietnamese Coffee Ice cream at Richmond Ice Creamery. I'm doing some lazy keto and discovered their Passion Fruit Green Tea. It is my must get. I always it with Nata Jelly with 0% sugar and no ice. The last time I came here, I actually ordered three to enjoy it throughout the week since it is a little bit out of my way. Service was pretty quick and the drink was delicious. It has the perfect amount of sweetness to it, why add more sugar to it? I think they have a punch card for it, but it may just be for the RVA Ice Creamery. They didn't push that perk to the customer and wished they sorta did it like another chain Kung Fu Tea place up in Northern VA. Overall a great place for getting your bubble tea fix!

Mags D.

I've always wanted to try this place since seeing it advertised on Facebook. I got to try the pina colada slush and the passionfruit slush with mango jelly. The pina colada was creamy and very refreshing and the passion fruit was packed full of flavor. I'm excited to return next time and try the Vietnamese coffee ice cream.

ThaiHoa B.

I can't wait to go back and try some new flavors. This was my first time here as recommended by a friend. I had the green tea milk. I didn't add any toppings this time but will definitely do next time. Service was fast and friendly. Good price, it goes up the more you add to your drink. It was cold and refreshing. Bathroom is clean. Small but cute space.

Moses Y.

Visited multiple times to verify that this location compared to the other kft locations is really disappointing. The taste of the drinks here are average at best. I order only one drink and that's the winter melon milk green tea. The taste has never been consistent. One day it's too sweet and other days I question if it's even the drink I ordered. If you're a fan of the kft franchise I'm afraid to say that you will be disappointed visiting this location. ‍‍

Tenzin G.

These guys are always busting their a$$ working hard even when business is slow and do their best to make sure customers are well-accommodated. I'm always here because I'm always a fan!

Hanna H.

I really enjoyed my bubble tea (I got matcha), and I loved the atmosphere of the place. The shop had a really cool vibe too, it was really well decorated. I will say the service was okay. There was a large order in front of mine and I understood there would be a wait. What bothered me a bit was that neither me nor my friend had been acknowledged after standing in the very from for about 7 minutes. Otherwise you should stop by and try it out, it's worth it.

Janelle A.

NEVER ORDER FOR DELIVERY FROM HERE. The company they're aligned with isn't that great. I placed an order expecting it to take less than an hour to arrive, but instead it's been 50 minutes since I had placed the order and Kung fu tea said that the person who's suppose to pick it up to deliver it hasn't even shown up yet. I asked for a refund and they couldn't do anything and told me I had to call the delivery service. So I go on their website to get their contact number and not to my surprise, their phone number doesn't even work. I will never be doing delivery from this place ever again.

Angel H.

Fun place to hangout and grab dessert! It's small and cozy and gets pretty crowded. The boba is fresh and chewy and goes well with the ice cream. I love the consistency of the ice cream though I found the matcha flavor too sweet. My bf really liked the coffee flavored ice cream. There's also plenty of board games to add to the fun!

Lynn P.

Updating my review because of bad customer service... I go to this location frequently, like I get a drink every week or so. I got a wrong drink today. I get it, it's busy at night time. I ordered a drink with full sugar and no ice and received a drink with less sugar with ice. I went back in to tell them about the wrong order. I literally saw them take my drink, pour some of it out, put a new lid on it. The cashier then had the audacity to tell me that I "took someone else's drink". My call number was the right number on my cup. I would've been alright if they just added sugar, but they ended up being really rude about it. Other kung fu tea locations will remake your drink if it's wrong, I'm not sure why this location will make up excuses if it's wrong.

Ann P.

Got 2/3 orders wrong. Ok fine, it happens. But the customer service is awful when you come back and say it's wrong. They make excuses and refuse to change your order! I got a clawingly sweet drink when I ordered less sugar and I ordered ANOTHER drink when they wouldn't change it. So $9 total for ONE correct drink... Nope they got the second drink wrong too and added no sugar instead of the 30%. I threw it out so now I spent $9 for no drinks. I go to other Kung Fu teas all the time so I know what drinks are supposed to taste like. If you made a mistake the first time at least have the courtesy to remake it.

Christina C.

I wish this place was better I want it to be better. We went an hour before they closed on a Saturday and it wasn't busy but it took more than 15 minutes to get 2 drinks. Also they didn't give us our correct order. I would not recommend this place unfortunately.

Janet L.

We went the Ramen Spot next door and had to get some Bubble Tea right after. This is located across the street on grace from Edo's Squid. I've been to a Kung Fu Tea in northern Virginia so I was excited to get my favorite Rose Hip Milk Tea. Super yummy if you like sweet and tangy flavors and of course bubble tea with tapioca balls. My only complaint with this location is that some of the tea flavors already have the full amount of sugar added. The beauty of Kung Fu Tea is that you can request less sugar in your drinks which is my go to and less ice. I was a little bummed the Rose Hip Milk Tea was mixed already... but regardless it was still delicious and hit the spot for my bubble tea craving. In addition to that, there are also ice creams available from the Richmond Ice Creamery. Got my daughter cookies and cream which she loved. The store also allowed all of us to have tastings of the ice cream. We had thai ice tea, coconut, taro and the Vietnamese coffee.... honestly all were good but all of us agreed the Vietnamese coffee was the best. Anyway so fun, can't wait to go back again!

JusDanni ..

Strawberry and Taro Slush with tapioca balls. So good! It was very busy but the staff handled the overwhelming amount of customers so well. Definitely recommend.

Steve T.

Kung Fu Tea is pretty solid in general, no matter which storefront you go to. This one is no exception. My taro milk-green tea with no ice and no sugar came out exactly like how I like it in Centreville, Annadale, and Falls Church. This Kung Fu Tea location did have a small ice cream vendor inside it though, with delicious local ice creams. One of the flavors was Ca Phe Sua Da (traditional Vietnamese iced coffee), which sounds absolutely amazing. They also had Thai Tea ice cream, and a couple other ones that were outside the typical strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate flavors you see everywhere else. I came for KFT, and left with KFT, so unless you know about this ice cream stand ahead of time, it probably won't sway your decision.

Andrew L.

Kung Fu tea is a chain establishment that serves bubble tea or "boba tea". For those who don't know what that is, it's essentially a cold drink or slush that has "boba" at the bottom of the cup which are chewy tapioca. It's a Taiwanese drink usually consisting of sugar, milk, and various flavors. The variety of drinks at Kung Fu are impressive. They have regular milk teas or even slush drinks. They recently started coming out with hot drinks, but they are known more for their cold bubble teas. The reason why I like this Kung Fu tea is that they have plenty of seating for large groups and have board games or card games accessible to entertain yourselves. Normally when I come here, my friends and I would order our bubble teas then play some monopoly deal while chilling. Just love coming here!

Amanda W.

This place is fine and has lots of flavors but the only one I care about is Thai tea and theirs tastes nothing like Thai tea so I don't love it

Kelly C.

not THE best milk tea i've ever had, but definitely as good as it gets in richmond. this is my go to place around here. i do have to mention i am from california where there is a plethora of awesome boba shops to choose from lol. we do have kung fu tea back home and that is generally not my go-to. their milk teas tend to be made very sweet so i would recommend order 50-75% sweet instead. the taro milk tea is definitely way way way too sweet so order 25% sweet. my favorites here are the green milk tea (it isn't jasmine) and their original KF tea. i'm a milk tea person so i can't say i've tried the other fruity teas they got here though. service is mediocre, they always seem to be in a more sour mood.

Danielle H.

Totally trendy teas. I had the taro root slush with bubbles. It was sweet and creamy with 1 cm sized "bubbles" at the bottom. The taro slush was delicious- like a vanilla ice cream. The bubbles were chewy and no flavor, so they were kind of strange. The place was packed but service was quick. Tons of flavors to try!!

Vivian H.

Since moving to Richmond this summer from SoCal where boba shops were found on every street corner, I've been trying to find a good boba spot to become a regular at. Kung Fu Tea is definitely my go-to every time and their drinks and boba always come out delicious at each visit. My favorite thing to order here is the Honey Green Milk Tea -it's pretty sweet at 100% so if you have a big sweet go for it, otherwise I'd recommend doing 50-75%. The only thing that makes it hard to come here sometimes is finding street parking on a crowded 1 lane street near the university.

Emily W.

The tea itself is not bad, but I do think the employees should be more familiar with their menu. They messed up my order twice out of my three times visits. They always give me "winter melon milk green tea" when I order "winter melon milk" (which is on the wow menu). After speaking to the front desk, they either told me there is no such thing or refer me to another drink. However, my friend was able to order and receive​ the exact drink that I was asking for which really confused me. This never happened to me when I visit Kung Fu Tea in other cities.

Kalissa Z.

Located on the VCU undergrad campus, Kung Fu Tea is a great place to stop by for your boba needs. The menu is absolutely huge so it can get a bit overwhelming, especially since they're always releasing new drinks. My favorite orders are: Milk Green Tea with 50% sugar and Passion Fruit Slush with 30% sugar, I get both with boba. Overall, their drinks are too sweet for me but it's great that they let you customize the sugar and ice levels. I'd also recommend trying the milk teas hot during the wintertime when it's cold out. But they only serve hot drinks in the large size so prepare to be sipping on it for a while. Overall an awesome place to hang out with friends, they have games available that you can borrow while you're here.

Arun M.

The inconsistency with the availabilities of certain drinks and toppings drives me crazy. You should have a back up plan to your back up plan. Other than that, the drinks are good.

Saysay S.

Our second time here. The drinks are amazing, with so many to choose from. There was a line of people ahead of me but the three employees cleared it quickly, maybe faster than Starbucks baristas even! The only hard part is the street parking to get here if you are driving.

Ella S.

I ordered Taro Milk Tea with bubbles and 50% sugar. It was tasty! Costs $4.50 medium size. There was a queue but was worth the wait. We'll try some more!

Mai N.

I was really sad they were out of Thai Tea. I didn't know what else I would like so I tried the Cocoa Cream Wow milk tea and it was okay. I wish it was a bit sweeter.

Sara H.

When I entered with bunch if my friends today, there seemed to be a long line; however, it got to our turn pretty fast. The drinks are refreshing and tasty as drink from any other kung fu tea place !!! We loved playing games at the kung fu tea as well. They had monopoly and we spent hours playing games at the place !! We all enjoyed our time and can't wait to spend more exciting time at Kung Fu Place !

Tyrone B.

It's alright, nothing to write home about. Ever since coming to Richmond, I've been looking at various places to try. I came across this place because it reminded me of one of the many boba shops back home. There's a variety of selections for different types of teas, but I was hoping there was a bigger selection for slushies, which is my go to at these types of establishments. I ordered the Mango Slush with boba. It's a bit on the sweet side and I LOVE sweet stuff. I wish I ordered it with less sugar. Back home, they wouldn't charge extra for boba unless you got anything but the regular boba. If you want boba, it's an additional $1.25. Which isn't cool with me, but I ended up sucking it up because I wanted to try this drink in all its glory and see how it compared to back home. Sadly, it failed my expectations. Price wise, it's kind of expensive. Back in Cali, for the same drink, I would've paid around $5, if not a little cheaper. For my large slush with boba, it was $6.12. The staff seemed friendly and they have a variety of board games available to play if you like. If I come back, I'll probably try one of their teas.

Ashley B.

Delicious! Ordered the taro slush with 30 percent sugar and was very satisfied with my order! It was Saturday so I decided to get the mini bubbles (only have them Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for some reason). I loved what I got (not too sweet). Cute little place at a convenient spot on campus. The line was pretty long but it moved fast so we weren't waiting forever. The only reason why I'm docking a star is because this place is kinda pricey. ~$12 for 2 of the smallest size slush.