Sen - Organic Small Plate

2901 W Cary St, Richmond
(804) 355-0736

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Ben Isenberg-Rubyan

Great selection of unique organic dishes, cocktails, mocktails and fancy teas. Nice ambience and friendly staff. The price could warrant special occasions or a date although it’s possible to get less pricey options if you study the menu a bit.

Tennille Amuso

Food is amazing !! One of the best lunches I had in a very long time. Service was great as well. The fried egg rolls and Pho was absolutely delicious and the best I have had.

Sandro Cafasso

Always had great food here. Staff are helpful and organised. I've eaten from here 4 or 5 times. Would recommend. The Pho portion size is too big considering how rich it is. Be prepared to take a nice size portion home with you. Not a complaint just an observation.

Rhett Rebold

Love the decor and vibe of this place. While very tasty, it seems as if some of the dishes are over the top with what might normally be a spice used sparingly. One example was the hot chili oil floating on the Buen Hue soup was fully 3 tablespoons worth where perhaps a teaspoon or two would get you there. I felt the need to partially skim the soup before eating it. Do people really take in all of that oil?

Lauren Bond

Amazing vegan options!! The Potato Pie is absolutely delicious! We sat outside and the plants were beautiful and created such a peaceful place to dine! ???

Shirley Phillips

My food was absolutely delicious. It was my first time there and it definitely won't be my last

Wenhui Z.

The $18 Bahn mi is not even half as good as a $5 one we got from falls church : we ordered both pork Bahn mi and chicken Bahn mi, both do not have much flavor and the meat is dry and chewy! The outside paper of golden rolls is thick. They impose 20% tip for 5 people, even though they poured a whole glass water to make you wet! Grilled pork is just so so but cost almost$30. We also ordered some other dishes. They are so pricy for this quality and flavors! Do not recommend!

Emily H.

All organic! Food was not great and way overpriced. I will most likely not come back. Service was great- the waiter was very friendly. It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience for me.

Shawnita B.

The food was great HOWEVER the customer service was simply unacceptable. When I proceed to pay my bill the two hostess acted as if I was not allowed in the lobby. I can understand if the restaurant was not allowing anyone to eat indoors and requiring masks inside however there were multiple patrons inside eating without mask and none of their employees were wearing masks either. To make it even worse I actually had my mask on when I went inside the restaurant requesting to pay my bill. When I asked our waiter, when he came outside to take my credit card, if there was a reason why I could not pay my bill inside he stated no there was no reason why I was not able to pay my bill inside. I am not sure if this was racism that I experienced from this restaurant but the manager should look into this to make sure this does not happen to any other customers. Of course I will NEVER be back to this restaurant after the way I was treated.

Casey Williams

Overall the experience was pretty nice, our server was very nice and remained engaged with us during our visit (Can't remember his name, he has an afro and glasses).The Broth was delicious and all of the ingredients was really fresh. Plan to spend a little more than the average price for Vietnamese food, I'm assuming the price point reflects everything being organic.Will definitely return and I would recommend if you're looking for something different.

Christina H.

Been here twice, once with a friend and once with my husband and our moms. The atmosphere and food presentation are very lovely and aesthetic, and I love the restaurants commitment to sustainability/organic foods. However, to be completely honest, the food doesn't leave a particularly impressive impression. The organic sen fries are pretty soggy and leave a starchy texture on the tongue I find a bit unpleasant. Their pate is a bit livery (which just comes down to preference so it's not why I've taken down a star but I personally prefer a cleaner tasting pate). I did enjoy the dry version of the hu tieu but the portion was a bit small and the rib meat was surprisingly fibrous and dry (we make chinese pork bone soup at home all the time and even if you boil for a very long time, even over multiple days, it shouldn't be so dry). The pho is pretty tasty and has a unique flavor that sets it apart from the typical pho joints that you find everywhere. I wasn't a fan of the bun hue, the quail was just ok and the coconut pie dessert is soooo dry and honestly one of the worst tasting desserts I've ever ordered at a restaurant to be totally honest! As you can see there are many things that I liked and disliked about sen's food. If it comes down to just flavor, I would have to give this place no higher than a 3.5, just because it's more expensive but flavor wise isn't superior to the other, more casual and less pricy local Vietnamese spots. But having the background information of the food, the lovely atmosphere, and great service is also really important. And there are many things on the menu I haven't tried yet, so I'm definitely still open to giving sen another try!

Kathy K.

A cute little restaurant on Cary St. We were lucky to get indoor seating for lunch but they have a nice outdoor patio area. I had the Buddha bowl with the mushroom and it was large and delicious for $17 plus $3 for mushroom. Nice information on the placemat while we were waiting.

Mathew M.

Poor execution of a good idea. First off the menu is busy and extremely hard to navigate. We ordered some soups at the recommendation of our waiter and because I was in the mood for pho, I order one with beef brisket. At the price you're paying I expected way more, but my broth was tasteless even after adding their chili spice, while my partner ordered the purple bun sen at the recommendation of our waiter- which was pretty but was overly salty and had to be sent back. I don't see any value in the price you're paying, aside from nice outdoor seating, but go elsewhere for that.

Fiona H.

Finally got chance to dine at Sen Organic and the food/service was amazing! My husband and I loved the organic tea with ginger sugar cubes! We also enjoyed the infographic placemats, we learned about Vietnamese food & culture -- added bonus. The menu is expansive, lots of veggie and gluten free options and of course ORGANIC ingredients! We started off with the Sen Organic Crispy Golden Roll and split a pork Sen Banh Mi & Beef Brisket Pho. Everything was delicious! The beef brisket was so yummy and the pickled onions on the banh mi were so good! Highly recommend sitting outside, you'll get a chance to meet Tofu the kitty!

Valerie Y.

Sen Organic has always caught my eye when I'm walking around in Carytown, so I'm glad I finally got to give it a try. Upon arrival, we were asked whether we prefer indoor or outdoor seating - nice that they let you choose! We chose indoor seating and were given a counter next to a window, which was alright... except for the number of flies that were around the window. They bothered us for the entire meal :( would not recommend sitting at that location. We ordered the Organic Potato Pie and the Special Pho. It was honestly kind of hard to read their menu, which consists of multiple pages on the phone. It's very cramped, so I'd suggest just looking at the menu online before you come or asking for a paper copy. The Potato Pie was very good, and it was kind of like fried mashed potatoes! I also loved the sauce that it came with. The Special Pho was pretty good as well, but honestly not worth the price. You can get a good bowl of pho at any Vietnamese pho restaurant for the same quantity and quality at a much lower price. I will admit that having egg in the soup is a game-changer, but aside from that, it did not taste any different. We also ordered the Blackberry Lavender Twist as our drink, but it was also not worth the price - the glass it comes in is very very small! So, 1/3 of our items were good and the others were just okay. I think Sen is a good place to try out, but not somewhere I'd come back to due to the priciness. However, it has great vibes and they have creative dishes.

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