9125 Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond
(804) 320-9534

Recent Reviews

Bob Bowie

Love this coffee shop. Good location. Great drive-up service.Spacious, high-ceilinged, open customer area with widely-spaced seating. Service counter purposefully designed. Outside patio with umbrella canopies provide nearly complete coverage. Patio has sufficient space for personal distance. Seating and table surfaces are easily decontaminated. Baristas are busy but efficient and do a good job.

Sherry Sammy

Slow and they need more practice to make the drinks

Vern Puller

Staff was excellent. They did forget to add sugar syrup to both orders. I had already left location before realizing this. I appreciate you folks keeping us going. Thanks for your dedication.

T Ko

Best customer service of all the new locations sprouting up on Midlothian Turnpike. Since Covid I've only been using drive thru and the employees are always nice. Especially today when I was tired and had not had my coffee yet and I left without my credit card. Thankfully Matt ran out and returned my card to me. Really NICE people and the drinks are always excellent. Thank you!

Holly Ross

This Starbucks is always neat and fast! The Baristas are very good at their job! Very friendly and not to mention the make a pretty tasty drink!

Tara C.

I go out of my way to visit this location! The staff is always kind and prompt while making my order. My drink is always perfect! Thanks, keep up the good work!♡

Tara Clary

I go out of my way to visit this location! The staff is always kind and prompt while making my order. My drink is always perfect! Thanks, keep up the good work!♡

Brian Conlon

Always consistantly great coffee in a calm peace filled environment.

Tim Galligan

It is pretty much self serve but it has a lot of things


Smoked Butterscotch is back! ... The staff is super patient and professional. 2 of my 3 gift cards were not working, and the cashier were not rude or impatient. It's embarrassing enough when your trying to pay and you're holding up the line. They kept their cool and that is so appreciated.

Rick Simpkins

I didn't go to the old location, which is odd because it's less than a block away, but I come to this one frequently. The staff has never not been wonderful. I rarely always have a good visit at a place, there's a small hiccup somewhere sometimes, but never here. My compliments to the staff!

Brittany Stilwell

If you have the pleasure of coming here when Herm is working, you are in for a treat! This gentleman has the best customer service I have ever experienced. He will truly make your day better ❤️ thanks Herm!

Abigail Banks

Greeted this morning with the kindest smile from Herm!!! He is a total rockstar. Great experience at this location.

Tom Townes

Courteous. It's Starbucks. Just cold inside.

Dhiral Kanabar

Terrible service, rude staff, took over 15 mins to heat up a sandwich and 20 mins for 1 coffee. Explanation was we are short staffed and we can work only so fast. Whats the use of opening a bid place and manage it so badly. I was also told not to wait on the bar for my coffee and they will bring it out to me, i insisted i wait and after 10 mins they found my coffee sitting for the drive thru drinks.

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