7017 Three Chopt Rd, Richmond
(804) 282-7760

Recent Reviews

Erica B.

This location is great! I knew what I wanted to order but said it incorrectly and the barista double checked with me exactly what I wanted. He even took the time to shake my drink, which is not required for what I ordered but helps it get really cold, really fast.

Allen Bean

Good coffee Coffee Shop that offers a relatively spot to catch up with friends.

Kevin Schoettlin

Had a great experience at this Starbucks. Very quick service and a delicious drink.


Great store and friendly staff. Always helpful and attentive. I enjoy starting my day with these folks.


Great store and friendly staff. Always helpful and attentive. I enjoy starting my day with these folks.

Phillipe Hue

Plenty of space to sit and enjoy an addictive coffee drink prepared by by friendly staff.

Tom Baise

Great coffee latte.

Teddy B.

coffee kicks ass!!!! And Starbucks has the best! I love this place because it keeps me awake.great staff and great spirits

I Burlock

Lousy service, overpriced offerings. Never go back.

Shmuel Landon

Nice staff, but very busy.

Chris S

Staff was very kind and quick 2 help. And store was very clean. Bristia was nice and asked if I needed anything else and very polite

Jonathan C.

Pumpkin spice latte! What's not to li. Coffee cake is OK. I Iike the chairs out front

Terry Foxwell

It was very busy and still the service was so quick. Love the order app feature too. Very nice atmosphere with plenty of seating .yea there's a Public's next door ..

Kris Lambert

Friendly staff. Lots of table space. Comfortable and good internet speeds.

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