7102-C, Hull Street Rd, Richmond
(804) 276-8971

Recent Reviews

Kristin Nelson

Very rude!!! I will never spend my money here again!


Always great service. Bipin is the best.

William jones

This is one of best subway.

Bryan Baskerville

Sandwiches were good, but they were out of Spite big bummer for my daughter.

Lena Arias

Rude workers. This place should be shut down. Disgusted and disappointed.

Anthony Davis

I'm a huge Subway fan but this store was worse than anyone's imagination; the food looked icky; the worker Vipin didn't want to give me two extra napkins. When I asked for extra cucumbers he got mad at me even though those are the only veggies I get on my sub. He didn't know how to use the Subway app and he was getting mad at me for wanting to use it and then when I showed him which button he needed to press he finally did it and it worked but he didn't even apologize. Also, the food was icky like it's been sitting there for longer than it's supposed to. I saw the worker scratch his head with his gloves on and continue making the person in front of me's sandwich. Two people left the store after witnessing his rudeness with me. Do NOT recommend this location of subway.


Quite rude, bad English, and overpriced to best it. Go to any other local Subway.

Elnora Lightfoot

They.make great sub sandwich ,however the elder Indian lady asked me a guestion,That I didn't appreciate. I received three gift cards for my birthday so I was in the process of using two. And so I did and when I went back I had money left on one of the cards she asked me where did I get the cards from ,I was startled because it was a birthday gift and it was none of her business where I got the cards from you know as long as they covered my purchase I really didn't like that question and I was very upset about it ,but it didn't stop me from going back because sometimes people ask some of the craziest question.

Anthony Pollock

Service could be better and not to serv old looking topping to customers 😢

Christopher Trites

Always a great place to eat

Jannell Lankford

The veggie sub was good

Weston M.

The employees working during lunch time on August 7th were yelling at me while I was placing my order. Then started "spit yelling" all while making my sub. Afterwards they began laughing about it. Terrible! Would not recommend this subway location to anyone! Never coming back!

Chris Royster

Service is terrible and never have what we want...

Carmine Talley

Subway food is always good..

Matthew Vernon

Good customer service and food. Restaurant and bathrooms could have been cleaner.

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