1110 W Broad St, Richmond
(804) 355-0433

Recent Reviews

John Marcinkevicius

Could have toasted my bread longer but otherwise great

Gregory Tillis

The customer service and attitude of the two making the food was very good, however they really need some work on their sandwich making ability. My son’s sandwich was a job in and of itself trying to get it made right. I ordered the protein bowl and both my chicken and bacon was cold, which I saw them heat it up so I don’t know how they managed to pull that off.

Azhanique Houston

Management here is poor. It’s the same few employees working and they do not get treated well. One of the managers stormed out and left a worker there alone crying..

Megan W. Breslin

Chrysler and Amelia were amazing. Great service and would come to visit again!

Lessard Schoenfeld

I have been to this place multiple times and always have received a great sandwhich.

Dashae Jackson

If I could rate no stars I would. Older employee had a VERY nasty attitude. If you don’t like serving people then don’t get a customer service job.

Sum Ting

This place is consistently robbed! If you don’t want to be around during the commission of a robbery, please don’t visit here. Plus, the food ain’t even that good. There’s no reason to visit besides the cookies.

Alyssa Vega

All of the employees are great, EXCEPT the manager. She lacks customer service skills. She was mad at another customer and took it out on me and was slamming trays around. Get it together.

Cessyboo Huggins

Wraps were too high in price for too people when the store had no bread should have gotten a discount

Pierre Dorcely

Omg!!! The way they toasted the bread, it was like it was made from the angels! Subway as a whole is meh at best but this one??? WOW!! TOP NOTCH!!

Felicia F.

The service was terrible today. I ordered on line because I wanted to walk in/walk out as quickly as possible. One server was waiting on a lady with a difficult order, so she just ignored me. I'm not sure what the other server was doing, but he ignored me as well. When the first server finally finished with the customers order, she looked at me and started to walk away. I said, "excuse me!" She said, "what do you want?' When I told her I had placed an online order, she looked around and asked her co-worker. He pointed his chin at a rack beside the drink machine. I hadn't seen the rack before, had no reason to look that way as my order was always ready and at the cash register. I was almost back at my desk, when I realized that the cookies I ordered were not in the bag. I asked for a chocolate chip and a white macadamia nut cookie. I received the chocolate chip and a burnt raspberry cookie. This store is convenient and half a block from my office, but I will not go there again, unless I see different workers that give great customer service like before.

Yuri Weinberg

The person makeing my subs put them together like he just didn't want to be there anymore. The store was clean the attitude not so much

Mohammed Almutawa

I like this store. Convenient location

chris godfrey

They know why it only one star. Just saying, I would avoid this place ?

Mark Zobel

Fast service, an overall average Subway. Only minor complaint is the toasted subs don't get toasted that much, but that's just a small detail. Good place to grab a quick meal.

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