1110 W Broad St, Richmond
(804) 355-0433

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Joel Skinner

attentive of customers very polite and the food was fresh

Mary Anne

Went in today to place an order and had a negative experience. Off the bat, they were missing the Italian herbs and cheese bread, but I understood and didn’t mind and proceeded with the order. There was a young lady there that handled my food in a way that absolutely revolted me. Not only did she basically throw my the toppings onto the sandwich, when she was adding the sauces, she literally squirted it all over the sandwich. Not even adding all the sauces that I requested, she ignored my request to add salt and pepper as well. After she made her mess, she said with an attitude, “anything else?” I couldn’t help but chuckle at this type of customer service. I told her I no longer wanted the sub and to have a nice day and I walked out. I felt bad but I wasn’t about to give my hard earned money to an unappealing mess of a sandwich.

Roann Lara

This Subway location is small, but nice. Clean and located on a nice little corner. They have the normal selection of chips, drinks, and cookies. The dine in area is fair plenty of chairs and tables. The service was great the sub maker was very polite and energetic. Overall good location.

john lara

Nice friendly staff. Food was as expected and everything appears to be freshly stocked and as you would expect. The reason I took one star is because parking wasn’t the easiest to find. I parked behind the building not sure if that’s okay or not. That being said I’m not from the area so I’m not familiar with the area or how things work in the area.

Spencer Stitt

Good Subs good price

millie ville B

Never has Italian bread

Mike K

Bait and switch tactic. Saw an online ad, offering free chips with a sandwich. Ordered the sandwich but there were no chips. Fool me once, shame on you.


This subway is good but service is very slow. It's really really busy when it actually takes swipes. Soda machine works only sometimes but that is better than most places on campus.

Cathy Teller

Service was good and my sub tasted great

Douglas Wolfe


Willie Green

Nice people

Deborah Lawrence

Great subs! Nice and meaty...

Joe Wilkerson

Was not a good sandwich

Valerie Taylor

Their tuna subs are good.

Austin Eastwood

i wanna see jared food long dog

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