Taco Bell

10230 Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond
(804) 330-2407

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kimberly jackson

We love this one . They get the order right and give you the sauce you ask for.


Sat in drive thru for 20 mins and no movement. 4 cars pulled out if drive thru before I made this review because of how long the wait is. Will not visit this location again

kelly williams

Went through about 730 on Wednesday.. placed an expensive order.. got home and half was wrong.. called the GM Dawn and she was amazing in making the situation right! Even though there was an initial mess up, how she handled the situation made up for it 100x's over!

Valerie Foster

This location was a bit better this visit. Because I have been so disappointed with a number of past experiences. Chicken isn't freshly cooked, has an old oil taste or very dry, not seasoned like what I'm accustom to with KFC. I love KFC chicken, and have always enjoyed them more than any of the other chicken places due to the taste of the original recipe and the usually soft delicious biscuits. But this location the bread is usually hard as a rock!! And the cost is not consistent with the meal you receive. Better management with close detail to the quality of food and courtesy of staff needed!!

Mary Harvey

The food was great, moderately priced. Service was excellent

Caroline Grova

Service was fast and polite but asked for a cheese quesadilla with no red sauce and got a chicken quesadilla that was quite spicy -- mistake or employee prank? Not sure but unappreciated either way.

Justin Maddra

Customer service was good, I wouldn't eat the food here, but I did pick it up for friends. Everything came out correct, and everyone was happy. Good Job Taco Hell!!!!

Megan Pollock

If I could rate lower I would. We waited forever for our food. I’ve given this specific location multiple chances and I’ve never once left with what I’ve ordered. I have 8 of my 10 things we’ve ordered and 3 of them are incorrect and no sauce that I asked to go with it. I’d go 20 mile out of the way to avoid this Taco Bell. Update we got 4/10 things right :)


You guys are my guilty pleasure in my unfortunately gluten-free world. I have never had issues with customer service. This is the first time i will not eat what i ordered from here. PLEASE! Please cover yourselves appropriately, no one lile hair in their food. I paid for it, brought it home and i will not eat it. I will not be a Karen and ask for a manager, but PLEASE, check your items before you hand them out. If we are wearing masks and handing food out from plastic containers, there should never be hair or other human matter inside our food. Disappointed ?

Amanda Burry

This Taco Bell is a joke. This is the third time now I’ve placed a mobile order and show up for them to tell me they’re closed. They are supposed to be open until 1am and I show up before midnight and they’re closed. With people in the drive through. An employee walking out with food yelling at me in the parking lot getting in his car “we’re closed”. Then I have to wait for my money to be refunded a few days. Maybe update your hours AND the Taco Bell app if you’re going to close over an hour early. Absolutely ridiculous. I could understand once or even twice, but this location really sucks.

Ashley Scantling

Never had a problem at this location. Line goes somewhat quickly and the orders are correct.

Nathan Morrison

We tried out the Taco Bell in the Burlington Coat Factory shopping center off the Midlothian Turnpike today. The staff was fast and efficient. Our food was exactly what we ordered and hot! Excellent dining experience. Thank you!

Rita Jones

Food was good, but was shorted two tacos at drive thru when I got home. Asked the “boss” who was pleasant and working at the window if the bag contained everything as it looked too small. Said they were out of bigger bags so tacos &burritos were stacked on top of nachos, so hold bag in flat side. When opened at home only had 1 of the 3 tacos paid for. Too far to go back, rest of food would get cold!

Suzanne Miladin

Line not too long, 10 minute wait. Food good except for the cheesy rice burrito was on the cool side. Service was cheerful and quick!

Deborah R. Evans

They were just slow but everyone seemed to be trying. The drive thru and inside, hard to know which was faster. Humm, should have just went to a restaurant.

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