Taco Bell

10230 Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond
(804) 330-2407

Recent Reviews

kami Sherman

The young lady at the window had excellent customer service

Adelina Teves-Revis

Foods okay, service is fast but not always effective - they've missed 2 things from my order in last month.

Allen S.

The service here was excellent and very professional. The great customer service from Joniqua was also the high light of my night.

Jenn Spain

Ordered two supreme combos and received one combo. The second combo was subbed with a $1 bean burrito. ( order reflected on the screen correctly and I paid $19) The bag was so crammed it would have ripped if I tried to check the order. The "quality seal" was placed on the side of the bag.

Mary S.

I normally don't go to this Taco Bell because there is another one around the corner from me. Because of COVID it is currently closed. I found that out when I walked up to the door to get my husband some burritos for his hangover. I called this one and a girl answered the phone. Her voice was cheerful and she let me know they were open. Since it was before the lunch rush really kicks in I popped on Midlothian and got over there as fast as the stop lights would let me. When I walked in and mentioned what I was there for, she recognized me from the phone. Her cheerfulness was contagious, she was upbeat the whole time and if I wasn't wearing a mask she would've seen me smiling. My order was done correctly, no stray cheese stuck to the wrapper, no pieces on inexplicable meat, no smear of sour cream. Taco Bell is the only classic fast food place I can order a menu item without customizing it from what they offer in order to make it vegan. Thanks to the team working today, they put a smile on my face!

Allyson L.

I don't have much to say other than this is my favorite Taco Bell . They are taking the precautions during this pandemic. My food is always fresh and the taco are always crunchy, soft, and they don't skimp in meat lettuce and cheese. When I ask for extra sauce, the always oblige. I'm here about once a week and I'll drive only to this one no matter where I'm at. Haven't had a bad experience yet. My favorite Taco Bell wether I'm grabbing lunch dinner or late night snack.

Dorota Petty

Great customer service at the drive through. We weren't familiar with the menu and had minor allergy restrictions, employee Christina was very helpful and accommodating.

Jackie Horowitz

Great deal, perfect delivery, really enjoyed it but they forgot my Cinnabon Delights - reason not 5 stars. Also can't get in touch to notify someone of the problem.

Joshua Brown

Caught that filled beyond understanding. Itus

V. Todd Wheeler

This is one of the best Taco Bell's that I've been to. Clean and well maintained. Employees are sharp and very impressed with the manager. Service has been very good on all 3 times we've eaten here

Adrian Thomas

Food was good. Not super excited about the homeless man sleeping inside..but we all need a little food and rest.

Adam C

Taco bell as a company has fallen from on high. It's a little too expensive for what it is, and I hesitate to go there because of the higher price point. This particular location is also relatively slow (for fast food) but the staff is kind and helpful.

Jacob Thompson

Fourth time attempting to try the new Nacho Fry buffalo burrito and the first bite is 100 buffalo sauce and from there its like eating a rainbow of sour cream, fries, chicken and then buffalo sauce again-

Nohelia Carpio

The employees were really rude and they seemed mad for some type of reason,And they could definitely treat customers better than that.

Kenny Contreras

Clean. Service with a smile and care! Love taco bell.

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