Tropical Smoothie Cafe

1601 Willow Lawn Dr Suite 150, Richmond
(804) 658-5431

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Jeffrey Ray

The staff are incredibly rude, slow, and incompetent. I have tried this place three times, and every time they messed up my order or forget something I ordered. One or both bathrooms have been "out of order" for months only because the staff are too lazy to clean them. Corporate should step in and make drastic changes to this place.

Steven K.

Always way to slow for the amount of people. The staff don't seem to care. They just throw the bags on the counter and don't make an effort to announce what orders are up. I love TSC, but avoid this location at all cost.

Rose neonlights99

Now I've been a regular here for 5 years, never had an issue, but have been noticing this year, these new kids don't really take their job serious. I'm vegetarian, and have been so for 4 years. Yesterday I ordered 2 sandwiches from this restaurant through doordash (Quesadilla and Flatbread). Clearly I wanted to sub the chicken with the vegan chick'n (Its even on my reciept!!!!) but my Quesadilla was bought to me with regular grilled chicken on it. Now I tried to also call the restaurant several times to have them remake my order but they don't like to answer phone calls. They kick you to voice-mail after 1 or 2 rings. Something needs to be done about this or this restaurant will have a huge lawsuit on their hands. Would post pictures but this review doesn't give me that option...

Michelle R.

Terrible customer service on 9/4/21 at 12:30-1:00 PM. Cashier and staff showed no concern that customers were waiting more than 30 minutes for their orders, no receipts were given and I was asked if I want my change back from my purchase. Customers were so frustrated on the wait and the lack of communication from the staff they started taking other customers paid orders just to get out of there. My companion asked for their money back due to a long wait and lack of service. Customers were complaining walking out the door. I will never return and will warn others about this particular store.


Some days I could give this place 1 star and some days 4 stars. More often than not getting a smoothie, food or both is relatively quick.However there are times the service here is terrible.Today the person working on my smoothie just up and left on a break I assume while the other workers did nothing. There was no one in front of me and it took about 10 minutes to get 1 smoothie because the others weren’t paying attention to what happened. Once the cashier finished with the next person she noticed what had happened and told someone to finish the smoothie. Similar things like that have happened before. Where I have waited almost 30 minutes because my order was forgotten. Things like this are unacceptable but overall I still go due to the convenience of the location.I can tell some of those who work there do not care to be there and I can understand that, but it is still unacceptable. For the other workers who are incredibly nice that work here I thank you for your service.

Tanesha Delaney

I just left this location 10 mins ago and I typically visit the Willow Lawn location often, but today is my last time going there. I saw two employees handling customers food WITH NO GLOVES ON. I saw another young lady grab a broom, sweep dirt into a dust pan and then handle food WITHOUT CHANGING HER GLOVES! I watched closely to make sure she didn't touch my food that was being prepared. This is completely unacceptable, especially during COVID or at anytime. That's just disgusting. Where is training? Where is management?????

Joey McCrea

Friendly good smoothies looks like they've lowered the price of the food to which used to be super pricey now its reasonable

Tanesha D

I saw two employees prepare customers food WITH NO GLOVES ON. I also witnessed one young lady grab a broom and sweep dirt into a dust pan without changing her gloves. She then began to handle customer's food as well. Disgusting and unhygienic!!! Prepared my order incorrectly. Wait is long.

Tony Cannella

Cashier was super slow bc she was talking on the phone through her AirPod unrelated to work, despite a line out the door. This place needs new management and new employees.

Logan M.

Love tropical smoothie cafe, but this location is sub par. Long wait times but multiple employees able to stand around and text. Every single employee had there masks below there nose. When I got my food the sandwich looked like it was just slapped together. Definitely not worth the time I waited. Do yourself a favor and just go to a different location.

K E.

25 minutes to get one smoothie with8 people working. I watched the person that ended up making my smoothie walk around for March 14 a towel five times before she actually put my sweetie together

katie meyers

This business does not answer their phone. I had placed an order for delivery but they do not allow special requests. And with an allergy you want to assure you can talk with the person making your food. If I knew their phone was not on or no one would answer I would not have placed an order with this location. How can you run a business and not take phone calls?

Debbie Glover

Great parking area and always great service!

M. Todd Kirkpatrick

Everything about my order was wrong. I asked for a vegan version of their hummus wrap, so without cheese or ranch. What I got was a pile of lettuce SWIMMING in ranch, covered with cheese, without hummus or avocado, the most expensive parts. The side item of chips wasn't what was advertised online (DoorDash) and couldn't eat those either because of dietary restrictions. The smoothie I bought exclusively for the featured edible straw (which was obviously built into the higher price), was missing the straw, and I'm not even sure it was the right smoothie.Only leaving this review because of the others who have had bad experiences. This location needs to get their stuff together.

Jay Brumfield

My love and I eat here all the time love the food and smoothies. Creds to Willow lawn location.

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