Viet Huong Restaurant

10201 Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond
(804) 272-2963

Recent Reviews

Virginia Paddler

Good food, good atmosphere. Waitress was ok.

Michael H.

Ordered GRILLED pork on vermicelli. Did takeout. Sign on door said wear mask. Wore a mask but guy behind cash register didn't. Still tipped 20% because I'm a nice guy and trying to help local restaurant workers. Got home and the pork was a slab of RAW meat!! There were whole bunches of uncut herbs too, like a cook your own meal or something. I called to try to see if it was a joke or what the heck happened, but all they said is they would cook me another. Please do not go here - your life may depend on it!

Patrick Parris

Very good food, extremely nice folks running this establishment. Also, word of advice, when the lady tells you to be careful of the spicy stuff they have available on the table for you to careful, it's intense! Worth it!

Tina Flaugher

Soup was good. Noodles a little thick for Pho than I am used to. What I ordered did not look like the picture and I was a bit dissapointed. The picturw had chunks of meat but when I got it it was thin sliced meat and hardly any.I am new in Virginia a transplant from California. Pho is more expensive here. I expected more for the money.

Peter K.

This place goes through peaks and valleys more than many places I go. I'm not as much a pho as a bun customer and their pork seems to vacillate between South and North Vietnamese marinade. I like the glazed one that uses black soy sauce. They now started serving that instead of the lighter marinade that doesn't caramelize. However, sometimes the noodles are fresh and the meat is plentiful and sometimes the noodles are old and the meat is skimpy. Do still frequent for their bubble tea and smoothies, but prefer the west end Little Vietnam restaurants for my bun. (And quite honestly prefer Pho Saigon on west broad by innsbrook...great fresh herbs!!!)

Rick P.

It's been 4 years since this place opened. The food is clearly their strength. When executed properly it is some of the best Vietnamese food in the area. So I give the cooks two thumbs up. The problems are your order is often screwed up and the service is terrible to outright rude. It really makes coming back here difficult. A young lady who answers the phones and often works the register is beyond rude - like the type you want to just tell off. You often get "that's what I said" or she will just ignore you if she doesn't like your question. She's like the pho Nazi but the problem is her $hit stinks. The orders are often messed up. They tell you 20 minutes for taken out and it could be not ready or taste like it was made 20 minutes ago - spring rolls all dry. When you eat in service is just as bad. Luckily they turned the TVs off b/c often the staff was glued to them. Halfway through your meal you still wouldn't have drinks and if you asked your server she would get visibly angry and reply "I know, I know, it's coming". We dine here a lot but I think after 4 years any idea that this place is going to get better is not happening. It's too bad because the food can be really good and the owner is a really nice lady. Maybe she's too nice and that's the problem - it seems the staff all takes advantage of it.


I paid $15 for a meal and ended up disappointed. I used to come here all the time and actually get excited to dine here but not this time. I'm not even disappointed with take out policy due to COVID nor am I disappointed in the lack of response to customer's existence when I arrived. I was disappointed in the food. Either the place is under new management or the cook simply stopped caring. Either way; I will take my love for pho and supply my patronage elsewhere

Marie C.

The food was lack luster. I won't go back. It just didn't taste fresh. I hate to write reviews like this.

Raven Dunn

One of my favorite restaurants in town. Everything they serve is good and always fast service. Portions are generous as well.

Brittany Forte

Amazing pho & food is fast to come. Its a order once and be left alone kind of place but they are more than willing to come back if you put a hand up.

Kristen B.

The pork bun I had was overcooked and seemed old. Like it had been cooked earlier and reheated. Very dry. The noodles were off they don't use traditional bun noodles- which I could forgive if the meat and everything else was good. Just not great. Also got a Thai tea bubble tea and also very mediocre. Bland and not enough tea taste. And the tapioca balls weren't cooked enough and a bit hard in the middle. The veggies were fresh and they were fast and friendly.

Melva F.

I've been at this restaurant several times. The first time I ate here a few years ago I was mind blown with how delicious was the pho. However, I've noticed that in reality it is a hit or miss place. However, I could say the same about a lot of other Vietnamese restaurants in the Richmond area. The pho is decent, but not outstanding. The egg rolls, on the other hand, are some of the worst I've ever had. Besides, egg rolls are supposed to be pipping hot when they first bring it to the table, but it's never like that. I'm going to keep going to this restaurant because I love pho and it's the closest Vietnamese restaurant to my home, but I do hope they step up their game.

Tennille Amuso

I've been here a couple of times for smoothies. The kids that work here are super weird and rude. Make weird faces at you when you speak to them. Definitely not coming back. Try learning social skills since its a restaurant and want customers to come back .

Ricssy V.

Literally the worst place ever. I tried giving it a few tries. Food was cold, I asked for more bean sprouts & the man told me I couldn't. Didn't get a single refills after asking multiple times, they didn't care about any customers. I miss Saigon River. I would have never gotten the service I got here, there.

Holly Demby

Valentine's Day was our first time there. It was very busy, but there was no wait and service was fast. The food was delicious! Overall, a fantastic experience, we will definitely go back soon!! If you haven't yet tried this place, dont hesitate.

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