Westhampton Pastry Shop

2010, 5728 Patterson Ave, Richmond
(804) 282-4413

Recent Reviews

Tee Carr

Staff very friendly and helpful

Chris Didiot

Is it wrong that I'm writing this mid chocolate iced glazed donut? I drove by, doubled around and was glad I did! I got a pecan brownie, prune Danish, the donut and a cup of coffee. The coffee could have been hotter but it's 3:00 p.m. it was spot-on. The brownie was flavorful. It was very soft, but not undercooked. The donut was puffy and awesome with a lot of chocolate on top. It was the Cadillac of chocolate glazed RVA donuts. The service was awesome, the cakes look phenomenal and I will be back.

violet tanner

Everyone at our table was very satisfied. Looking forward to a return visit. Reminds me of a cafe in Chicago I liked to visit.

Elisa Mangubat Hayden

We have loved trying the treats here-the donuts and fudgies are just a few of our favorites-my daughter also got baptized just the other day and the crew at Westhampton enthusiastically helped me pick out a last minute cake for the celebration. Everyone raved about it!!!!! Love the ‘old fashioned’ feel and classic desserts.

Shameka Renee

Stop by here just to check them out and got a glazed donut and I must say that donut was everything. The most wonderful donut I've ever had.

Lisa M.

Disappointed. I called more than a week ago and asked about getting a small one-layer wedding cake to cut at my wedding and 75-100 cupcakes to serve guests. I decided cupcakes were a better option due to COVID, so a lot of hands aren't touching cake. The small cake would just be for show and the cake cutting ceremony. I was told that I could come in and pick up a tasting box of different flavors of cake. Today, I called ahead to confirm the box was ready and then drove 15 minutes to the shop. There was only one person there being waited on and several people behind the counter. After a minute or two, a woman offered to help me. She went in the back and returned with the cake samples in a box, but when I tried to ask her questions (Did they have a brochure with cupcake prices? How much does a single layer or 2-layer plain white wedding cake typically cost?), she didn't act like she wanted to take time to answer my questions, even though there was no one else in the shop to wait on. She was wearing a mask, but at one point she rolled her eyes. At some point in speaking to me, she told me the cupcakes weren't available in any specialty cake flavors, only in yellow cake and devil's food. To taste the different flavors of cake for the cupcakes was the whole reason I was at the shop. So, not only was the person I spoke to on the phone uninformed, but the person who waited on me was rude, in my opinion. I told her to just forget it and left. I ended up at the Mixing Bowl Bakery, where the clerk was both polite and didn't seem to resent taking a few minutes to answer my questions. I don't typically like leaving bad reviews, and the only reason I'm leaving two stars instead of one is to give the clerk the benefit of the doubt in case she was just having a bad day. In general, my advice is to consider that even though you deal with wedding cakes every day of the week, your customers likely only have to plan for these types of events several times in a lifetime. Maybe be a little nicer when they try to ask questions when they want to buy your goods.

Jeremy Bourne

Friendly staff, amazing treats. I used to pop in to grab donuts for the office back when I worked nearby. Consistently delicious. Don't sleep on the other options, though. Their danishes are outstanding (particularly rum raisin), their bread is perfect, and the French apple pie is the best dessert I've ever eaten.

Paul Shaia

Great selection of pastries, cookies, pies, etc. Friendly staff

Jennifer Stevenson Zeile

if you're ever having a terrible day and need to eat your feelings, I highly recommend you do so by stopping by here and stocking up on treats sure to soothe your aching heart. wonderful recommendations, thanks for your assistance and for the delicious pastries

Chelsea P.

I am such a last minute person haha so I really appreciated how this place has whole cakes (not slices) available for purchase right on the spot. I was invited to my boyfriend's house for dinner and wanted to bring something a little more unique than a Whole Foods cake (nothing against those, they are very tasty, it's just I wanted something less generic and more festive). I went around 1pm and there were still several cakes to choose from. You can also order ahead to ensure you will get the kind you want - I saw someone ahead of me in line picking up a chocolate birthday cake inscribed with a message. They have several other smaller pastries besides cake too.

Brenda Walton

Always love the baked goods we get here!!!

Diana Girhotra

I’ve been absolutely loving this place for the past 20 years! I attended a wedding where they had the vanilla cream pound cake and I was hooked. I’ve since moved to NYC and have family bring it down from Richmond. It’s a no-frills place with old school recipes. They do not disappoint!

Fresh Savagery

Fresh, affordable, & delicious. Wonderful local pastry shop.

Liz K.

Phenomenal pastries. Try the donuts, they have improved my donut willpower because other places just don't compare.

aka Thorn

Very saddened today. I have left great reviews for this bakery in the past. No more. Today I was treated as if neither myself nor my business mattered. The normal conversation was instead replaced with a rushed rudeness. There was 1 other customer in the store and 2 employees. We both waited about 5 min before being helped. When I spoke to the red haired employee, she cut me off and said "what do you want?". My birthday is coming up and I said I wanted to get 2 cakes for that when the time came. She replied "Well it's not July, what do you want today?". I started to give my order and was cut off again with the same question, "What do you want? It's not July yet. What are you going to buy TODAY?", in a tone that said: "hurry up and buy something. Then get out!". Even the one other customer looked at the employee confused and slightly offended. Covid is a problem, but dont treat loyal and paying customers like this. I will not be returning to this shop.

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