Ridgeway Drive In

821 Main St, Ridgeway
(276) 956-3326

Recent Reviews

Josh Brinklow

Burgers are always over cooked, thin, dry, and hard. Cooked way too long. Every time! I’m tired of buying my whole crew burgers just to hear grown men complain about the lunch I buy. I will no longer be buying lunch for my construction crew here any more.

Tim Craddock

One of the best little drive ins anywhere,great food and service,I highly recommend the "Arnold Palmer"

Travis C

A little more pricey than I would prefer. Cash only is a negative. The lady at the window is not very friendly. They alow 1 free refill which is fine, but when I tasted how horrible the tea was I asked if my refill could be lemonade (same price as tea) and was told no. The tea did not taste anything like tea; I am not sure what was wrong with it. Crinkle fries were okay and so was the hamburger; it tasted just like cookout hamburgers. I forgot to ask for the hot dog buns to be toasted so the hot dog was not very good either.

Leona Hawkins

I went there 2 days in a row, first day 30 min before closing I was told that nothing else was available from the grill....second day I went there I was about to be charged for a coaster for my drinks, I said , no thanks ..... both times service was with a not so friendly attitude , which I have noticed many times before......need friendlier people at the window


Think 50's drive-in. Burgers, shakes, etc.Great soft-serve ice cream.

James White

Great drive in food, reasonable prices and fast service!

Kristen Vermeesch

My husband and I were very excited to try this place. Never saw too many people there and now we know why. Crabby people run it. They literally stared my husband down and gave such a rude attitude. Everything he tried to order they were sold out of which we were fine about but they gave him an attitude about it. The food wasn't that great either. Better food and friendly people at Cookout.

Felicia Pryor

Friendly service worth great food. Cash only though...

BrittneyAnd Christopher

I got a sausage biscuit here and it was on a hamburger bun instead of a biscuit!! the bread had mold on it, the tea taste like something I couldn't explain and everything is over priced but I wouldn't eat here ever again.

Justin Guthrie

It’s 2022 and this place is too cheap too accept card must be that hard to be a 5 star restaurant with a faded menu that u can’t even read to know what u want. Go 5 min down the street way better options. This place is for the old people who get the same thing for lunch everyday within the community

mustardBnasty wardy

Hot ,fast service with a old school vibe. Will go back . Cash only here

Christina Scott

I love this place they have really good food there.

Grover Cheek

Used to be better have been going there for years.Haven't had onion rings for over a month blamed the supplier when you can go down the road a quarter mile to Woody's and get them.Not very friendly when you ask for extra condiments even if you offer to pay for them.Don't know how their still hanging on.Most employees have the fryer side manor of a fence post but thats just Henry Co. customer service.

Matthew Pagans

The best sausage dog I have ever eaten!

christopher knight

Food was no good and the woman serving the food hollered at my kids because they was waiting at the window for our food told them to move away from window when we was the only people there will never ever go back

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