Bratcher's Ice Cream Parlor

3436 Orange Ave NE, Roanoke
(540) 344-4030

Recent Reviews

Patty Baker

We love the hotdogs and ice cream. Friendly atmosphere.

Brenda W. Bland

Laid back, friendly staff or clerks. Cherry atmosphere!! Doggone DELICIOUS ICE CREAM AND HOT DOGS!!!!! I WILL GO BACK AND TAKE MORE WITH ME!!!

Jacob Montague

Lovely shop with a great selection of ice cream. All at a great price.

Ghostly Greyhound

I went with my dad it was so amazing will definitely go again

Kimberly Treadway

Looove this place!! Awesome employee’s and amazing ice cream!!

Crystal Ashbrook

I took my grandson here for the first time, such a great place people are so friendly and the ice cream was delicious

Amanda Boone

I love the staff and the atmosphere. Kind of feels like home. My little guy loves this place and ice cream is delish!

Peter Gallimore

Ice cream at this location was very good, I even took some home. Wonderful job and service

Cindy Arthur Brammer

The best hotdogs in Roanoke.

Becky Padgett

My husband enjoyed his banana spilt purchased by our friends for his birthday. Our first time there . My sundae was good

scott brammer

Believe it or not some of the best hotdogs and pinto beans in Roanoke. Really good prices on the dogs and beans too! Try'em.

Jessica West

I love this place! Great flavors and prices!

David Hadden

This place really had it together...impressed. I know we are talking icecream, but the sudden influx of customers did not shake the two girls behind the counter...

Lisa Marie

Excellent ice cream place and more very polite staff. Highly recommended

Jeremy Fields

Wonderful place, Just started coming again. Its a great small business and the owner really cares about the customers. It gives you a small town feel and you just feel like family.

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