Salty Lobster & Co

16 Church Ave SW, Roanoke
(540) 581-4921

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Dea Adams

Was very disappointed! Ran out of several items on the menu. Shrimp roll was very small, for the price, and shrimp was ice cold! Horrible first experience. And couldn’t make change for a twenty, though they were set up in Member Ones parking lot.


I have been wanting to try this for years… my chance came today, right time and place. For a $25 lobster roll and fries, would you think you would have the best and freshest lobster roll ever… not so much. The lobster taste was dated, it had a strong fishy smell (on the edge of being thrown out). I fully understand stand that you make get some shells during the picking process but after two bites, pieces of shells in both, plus not being fresh, I lost my appetite and threw it out.Now the fries were off the chain good, two ???? for those but overall not worth $25 IMHO.

Justin Kahikuonalani Young

Delicious food. Burger ? is the best.

Sheldon Russell

It’s expensive and food is typically good; but today waited for over 39 minutes and no orders were taken. ”My boss says it’ll be at least 10 minutes “ said the lone employee. The ‘card reader died’ multiple times. If you don’t have staff or can’t take orders then don’t get our hopes up

Sherrie Jennings

Super nice staff and such good food! The lobster roll was so good and seasoned great. The chips were so flavorful and crispy. Definitely will be back!

Kevin Brooks

I really loved the lobster rolls! And the fries were perfectly crunchy. I can't wait to go back!!!

Don Rowe

I really loved the lobster rolls! And the fries were perfectly crunchy. I can't wait to go back!!!

Suzanne Brundrett

We ordered at the food truck last night. I admit, they were very busy. And for a $10 sandwich, I might be ok, but not for this price. The employee that took our order was complaining while we were in line that the customers at our location were the rudest he ever had. Then he was rude to us. When the order was ready there was a mound of meaty lobster but it was completely cold. And not lukewarm or room cold. I agree with other reviewers that the tiny bag of chips when you run out of fries seems like a lousy substitute.We had a previous very good experience with the food truck, which is the whole reason we went to their location last night. It made me sad because I was so looking forward to it.

Lisa Brewer

Staff very attentive and friendly. Food came out fast and tasted wonderful. BBQ fries are tasty. Lobster roll is buttery and fresh. Great experience.

Wendy M. Kitts

Great food and friendly staff!

Kevin Nunya

I bought a lobster roll at Hokie Village on the day of the VT/Notre Dame game on 9 October and have to say I was punched hard by the price (27 bucks and change with tax for a 25 dollar roll) and the size, which was about 5 inches and what I consider to be very small. The bag of chips provided with the roll was a kid's bag of chips with about 13 chips in it. I checked the price of the Fish Market in Old Town Alexandria's price for a lobster roll and it was 27.99 and since I have had one there, they are much bigger than the Salty's roll. The roll was too small for price point and stop handing out a kiddy bag of chips, especially when I had substituted chips from the fries option. So a family of four at a football game will pay 108 dollars for four rolls. Seriously?

Kevin C

I was at the Virginia Tech vs Notre Dame on October 9, 2021 and saw the Salty's truck in Hokie Village. I was amazed, hurt, and shocked that they were charging 25 dollars, 27 and change with tax, fo a lobster roll that was about five inches long. This is the a flat out rip off of customers for both size and price point for a lobster roll. For comparison a lobster roll that is much larger at the Fish Market in Old Town Alexandria is 27.99. Paying 25 buck for a roll from a food truck is not a good way to do business. I review a lot of places for Trip Advisor and can tell you that roll was way to small and way to much for a food truck food item. Who in the City of Roanoke can afford to eat your food?

Cathy Thornsbury

Had the opportunity to try this at the Bruce Hornsby concert at The Coves last night. it was amazing. Great food truck vendor. Hope to have them there again. Thanks guys

Jennifer Wilmoth

Found their food truck at blue ridge rock festival and had no idea they where in Roanoke. Now that I know it's close to home I look forward to eating here again! I got the shrimp roll and it was absolutely amazing. Such awesome flavors!!!!! Can't wait to try more of what you guys have to offer.

Steph Anie

Ate there at blue ridge rock fest. Ended up eating there everyday we were there. So delicious and fresh tasting. Staff was very kind.

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