411 1st St SW, Roanoke
(540) 566-3709

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Lord Skeletor

Okay, having never heard of this place until a couple of weeks ago made me sad that I missed this place for so long. The food was amazing. Everything that I and my friend ordered (we tried damned near everything) was great. The service was good and I never had an empty drink glass on my table. However, the downsides are the small space, the inability to book a reservation online properly was a real downer for me. I was only offered a 2-person dinner reservation at 4PM on a weekend, yet I was surrounded by empty tables when I got there for an hour or two. I had to leave friends behind because of the reservation system and when I got there, the booth could've fit 6 people comfortably. The place probably lost out on about $500-600. because my other friends had to eat/drink elsewhere before we met up later. The drinks were okay (a bit small), but the prices weren't outrageous, so no harm there. I will certainly be back and will definitely call for a reservation next time instead of the online thing. You need to try this place and quickly!

Alice Smith

Fantastic experience. The food and drinks were amazing but the service is what sets the apart from the rest. Everyone was happy and you could tell they loved their jobs. I am excited to go back again soon!

Talicia Whittle

Fell in love with the vibe and ambiance of this family owned local Roanoke favorite. The lighting, decor, the music, the old movies in the background made the experience. It’s also next to Martins bar which had live music shows with the best drink deals. I was in Roanoke on a contract and easily found myself here having dinner before catching a live show. It makes you want to try everything on the menu. My favorite drink was the Self Care and Eagle Rare Manhattan. The service and staff was exceptional as well as diverse, inclusive, and safe. Will definitely come back every time I visit Roanoke.


I have been going to Martins for years and yet I never knew that Sidecar existed right next door! Duh.. Not sure how I missed this place all this time. I always thought Roanoke did not have any French restaurants, and this place is French/European so it's great! The service right from the moment we walked in the door and until we left was phenomenal! They staff cleared our table after each course and our drinks were always filled. All the food was amazing and took me back to my time in Europe and Paris!! Oh how I missed cuisine like this. We had a charcuterie bored that was out of this world with 6 different kinds of cheeses and wonderful meats and olives. Also had a dozen oysters on the half shell and delicious roasted brussel sprouts. The main plates were everything our party could have ask for! Everything came out beautifully presented and hot like we were sitting in the kitchen. Sea bass was to die for, and the pork chop with grilled Foie gras was on point! Can’t wait to go back for drinks and to try more things on the menu! Everything ran smooth and service and staff were excellent!! Best service I have had in awhile in a restaurant!!! Keep up the great work Sidecar! Amazing place and amazing staff!

richard ruffin

Visited for first time on Valentines Day. Excellent food. Fresh ingredients. We tried different foods. Sea bass and pork cheeks a must try. Very courteous and professional staff. Will go back again for the seafood platter.

Katie Ryan

I'm obsessed with the cauliflower au gratin and the ratatouille. The massive cocktail shrimp are delectable. You've gotta try the pinxto gilda for a salty, surprisingly delicious bite. The servers are experts at recommendations! They make it easy to branch out and try something new.

Kelley Hambrick

Delicious birthday dinner. In house homemade sausage. ?Great service

Molly Watkins

My dinner and beer brought me back to Europe! I appreciated the chef bringing the plates to the table. The cleanliness of the restaurant was very noticeable. The subtle holiday decorations were beautiful and classy (and looked like time was put into it).Thank you, Stephanie, for the excellent service ☺️

Annie Radigan Overton

My husband and I stopped in after a wedding & each had a cocktail & appetizer. The service was great & cocktails exceptional. We’ll definitely be back!

Rachel S

Best restaurant meal I’ve had in a while! The lamb sandwich with fries and the curry ketchup was a fantastic experience. Pictures don’t do it justice. The service was great too.

Cecilia Marie

Amazing place. Top notch service and the best food I've had in Roanoke ever and I've lived here my whole life.

Robert Bolling

A fun place to hang out , meet friends, have drinks, have dinner, go next door meet more friends, drink another drink. Listen to music,, the list goes get in there and find out for you self, if you have not been in yet, then quite possible you have been living under a rock...!! Lol..

Matthew Lyness

Absolutely fantastic first experience at Sidecar! Wish I had taken more photos than just of the appetizer round, but the food was so good I forgot to (I’m usually a big picture taker of good meals). I had no complaints whatsoever.The two cocktails I got were creative and delicious; the El Curandero made with cilantro and jalapeño was a spicy, refreshing drink that I could have sipped all night. The pork cheeks entree was spectacular: so succulent, tender, and bursting with flavor. For dessert was a delicious pumpkin roll with cream cheese filling. My partner got the porchetta sandwich with frites and they were both delicious as well. Our server Johanna was so warm and provided top notch service! I loved the atmosphere and decor and even on what seemed to be a pretty busy, popping night, we got our drinks and food within a very reasonable time. We were there for about an hour and a half for three courses.The menu is inventive and thoughtful; you can tell it has been well planned and tested. Of the six dishes we had throughout evening, I couldn’t find a bite I didn’t enjoy fully. The total bill which included three small plates/appetizers, two entrees, four cocktails, and a dessert was $120. Not bad at all and so worth it because the flavors were all incredible!I am so looking forward to returning again for date nights in the future. Very pleased to have found this little gem, will certainly recommend it to others!

Emily Bond

DELICIOUS. Our server, Rainy, was so amazing to us! Everything we drank and ate was perfection. The ratatouille and mussels were my favorite! Definitely stop by for a nice dinner.

Carole Jefferies

What a wonderful meal and Zack was our waiter thanks for great service!

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