16 Church Ave SW Suite 109, Roanoke
(540) 566-7001

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Alyssa Neavitt

Orderd online, food was waiting when I got there. The food was incredible and I will be back many, many times!

Ginger Robertson Conner

Husband and I were in Roanoke today and we had several hours to waste. We were looking for a different eatery, but walked the wrong way. We had passed by a little place that said tacos and misc. shopping, so went inside to find Tacorritos. It was a little before 11am, so we waited. At 11am, the chef opened up and we ordered the chips and salsa, tacos with asada and burrito with asada. From the first bite, we both were already hooked! Everything was so fresh, cooked perfectly, great portions, and decently priced!!


Husband and I were in Roanoke to take our cat to the cancer specialists. We had several hours, so decided to walk around Market on the Square (Market Square) and passed by a place that said tacos, records, etc and decided why not?! We were a little hesitant, until I read others reviews. I ordered the 3 soft tacos with asada, cilantro, onions, chips and salsa. Husband had the asada burrito and first bite…HOOKED. Chips were fresh made, everything was so fresh and delicious!! I think, we agreed we’re making a trip back next Wednesday for more, LOL.

William Acosta

This is definitely a hidden gem in Roanoke. Highly recommend stopping in and giving it a try.

Tee Kay

Great food.Great service.Good Value.Short hours so check to make sure you check in advance!Todays meal as good as it gets.Fast service. FOOD Hot and Fresh.Closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Noah Winslow

Went with a friend of mine. I got a bowl, she got a burrito. The rice was cooked perfectly, the chicken was flavorful and mildly spicy. I tried the burrito too and it was so flavorful. Absolutely recommended this place!! The guacamole was okay. I honestly like guac that has nice chunks of avocado and more cilantro and lime , but hey. It was so good, I ordered two more bowls that I can take home later to enjoy. Amazing little spot

Michelle Rader

This place was fantastic. My forend and I came for lunch and the good was phenomenal! Great portions and great prices too. Best Mexicab food around!! Get some today!!

Anna Sandoval

The menu is excellent. and the food was so delicious!

Matthew Piercey

The dude behind the counter looks like the big guy from East Bound and Down season 2. That being said the burrito was ?

Moustafa Moustafa

Delicious little taco joint tucked away.

Julia Anderson

Ridiculously good. Originally from Austin, Texas and these are probably the best street tacos I’ve had around Roanoke. Highly recommend the pollo street tacos. Both green and red salsa are amazing, but love red for the extra kick. Pictured are chips and orders of pollo street tacos!

Cindy McLaughlin

Every time my food has been well prepared and tasty. Switched it up today and got the pastor and it’s going to be ordered more often. So good.

Whitney Shamley

Delicious, fast and friendly. Coming from AZ this place makes me a little less homesick.

Liezl Hopkins

Love the pork tacos and Sopes! The people working were very friendly.

Rebekah Pitera

Great spot, good portions, reasonable prices! Eat local!

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