Kroger Bakery

161 S Electric Rd, Salem
(540) 986-0009

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Dave T.

This is the this is the worst Kroger I have ever been to. I had to wait at the meat counter for 20 minutes and they paged for the guy and they sent another guy looking for the guy and still nobody showed up. Then I had to check out my own groceries cuz even though it's the middle of the afternoon high Time shopping time they only had one register open for the whole damn store.I then tried to inform the customer service gal that nobody was working the meat department and she didn't even listen to me talk for 10 seconds to tell her there was nobody there before she went back to looking at her phone visibly and blatantly ignoring me The Kroger on Challenger avenue is great so go there and don't go here unless you want to be pissed off

elena bauer

nice location to meet with family. certainly worth going back to. prices were average for the menu.

Joann Murray


Ashley Caudill

Shame on you, Kroger. During a time of crisis, a local restaurant steps up to provide free meals to community children and I assume ran low on supplies and made a quick trip to the grocery store for hot dog buns.

Keith B.

My wife and I are Jewish. We are disgusted by the utter lack of kosher food and items at your store. Your kosher section is pitifully small and has barely anything. With Hanukkah coming up we looked for Hanukkah candles and found absolutely nothing. You treat other ethnicities favorably by having a large selection of food and items, but not Jews. Shame on you. Shalom.

Jessica JJ Johns

So today at 4:30 PM I went to my local Kroger to pick up a birthday cake for my son’s party. I had came straight from work. I placed the order at the bakery a few weeks ago. Initially on the day that I placed the order and went to the bakery and there was a gentleman working. He told me that the lady that I need to speak to was on break and to come back in 15 minutes. So my seven-year-old and I wandered around the bakery and store. I had told the gentleman that this cake was ...

Torie P.

I called this bakery because it is in Salem and I thought that they would surely be able to do Salem HS colors; my mom is a huge fan. So! The idea for her 75th B-Day was to have Salem Maroon, Pink, and Silver. That is not what we got! What we got was this ugly colored cake with green added in (no green was ever mentioned), what looked like almost brownish-black flowers, and cracks in the cake itself. The only redeeming grace of the cake was that it did taste good! It was moist and fresh. I did not pick the cake up and my cousin did not know exactly what the cake was supposed to look like. She did complain about the cracks and Kroger did give her a $10 discount. She picked up 45 mins before the party started so there was not an option for a do over anyway. After my moms party, I personally went to Lakeside Kroger and spoke to the manager. I showed her the cake pictures and explained what I had asked for. She asked me what I wanted her to do to make it right. I said I want a refund and she didn't hesitate to give it to me. I am giving this Kroger Bakery cake decorator no stars. Do not let this bakery do anything that is really important or a party that has a coordinated color scheme. The cake itself tasted great, just don't do a special order. I am giving 2 stars for the manager who took care of this for me. I would give her 5 stars for being so responsive, but that would be confusing to everyone. I don't want anyone else's special occasion effected by bad cake decorating.

Bobby Glass Sr.

I love Kroger especially the new supper stores they have everything a person could want

Jeannie Arnold

I complained about the pharmacy because I was not receiving the correct amount of medication (The prescription was for 90 pills of catapres and it was being filled as a 60 count) script. The pharmacist asked me if I was the one who called and I replied "yes" after that he refused to give me my medication. I was treated badly because I had complained a month ago. The pharmacist is verbally abusive unprofessional and vindictive. He refused to give me my medication for my chronic pain, it was filled almost a week earlier and yet he would not give it to me once he knew that I was the person who complained. As a pharmacist your job is to help people not harm them. This store denied me a medication that I've been taking for over a year because of personal reasons.

Robin H.

Don't buy Gift cards!! After purchasing several during their promotion, I found one did not work (Uber) / the website returned an invalid gift code message. Of course, I purchased using a uscan terminal (as they often have one or no cashiers on duty), so I didn't get the separate purchase receipts usually provided with a gift card . After several emails and telephone calls (more than 2 hours of my time wasted) I'm told I must call back in 2 -3 days to get a valid code. Last time I'll get sucked into this b*******

Mark M.

Everyone here was exceptionally kind and helpful. I was walking down the aisle carrying a 32 pack of waters and instantly someone working there offered me a cart. Then at checkout I was gong to pick up the waters to have them scanned, and before I could reach for them one of the cashier's notioned to the one checking us out what we had so I wouldn't have to. Coming from Jersey, you don't see this, ever really. I was pleasantly surprised.

Timothy Gordon

Thank you for believing in the responsibility of us, your customers, on whether we decide to open or conceal carry in your stores. Please don't cave to pressure. Thanks again.

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