Quickway Japanese Hibachi

6136 F Arlington Blvd, Seven Corners
(703) 533-8084

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Rico Jones

Customer service was horrible and the salmon hibachi isn’t actually salmon. The fish was more like swai fish. I can’t be the only person to notice.

John Denver

stop holding out on the sauce. my gf said she asked for extra. there is no extra.

Richard L.

I've been going here since I was in high school and never once had a problem. After last night's encounter, I'm pretty sure I will never be going back here again. The concept is simple. They give you a stamp card, you buy a meal, you get a stamp. After you fill out your card, you get a free one on the restaurant. Tonight when I tried to redeem my free one, I was straight up told no. I said what do you mean "No"? The guy at the counter refused to give me the free meal that I earned. I told him you guys gave me this card, how can you just refuse it or go back on your word about giving customers the free hibachi box they earned? I was straight up ignored. I asked to speak to the manager and turns out it was the same guy. Eventually he must have realized what he was doing was wrong, so he gave me my free box. I go home to open it and it looks like it was just messily thrown together. He didn't even fry the rice... Protip: If you don't want customers to redeem their rewards, don't implement a reward system??

Frank Ward

This restaurant offers first-rate service and enjoyable meals. One of my favourite places in the city. The food came out fast and the prices are reasonable. Recommended.

Nne Idegwu

This quickway in Severn corners VA is horrible. I had high hopes because of the quickway in Frederick. Sushi was undercook the rice which ruined the whole sushi who wanted to eat semi hard rice. Put too much noodles not enough of everything else smh. Wasted $20

Micah K.

The person at the front misheard my order and they didn't give me an extra yummy sauce that I payed for. Very annoying. Not pleased.

N. Moore

Always hot and fresh good at a reasonable price.

N Moore

Always hot and fresh good at a reasonable price.


Service was very bad. I had tried the sushi once before and overall taste was good, however the service was extremely bad. On both my first and second trip I had the very distinct impression that they were doing me a favor by providing any service at all. This attitude by them was consistent from the start (taking my order) to the end fulfilling the order. Any requests were meant with negative responses. Something as simple as requesting the diced green onions be placed in a small container on the side instead of on top of the food were denied. The customer had to accept them on top or not at all. The taste of the sushi was not good enough to overcome the attitude of the servers. Won't ever go there again.

Jathiya Omar Atwa

Best fast food cooked hibachi I've ever had.

Paul Kersey

The food is decent but at least it's hot and prepared fresh however they really sauce the living hell out of everything if you don't tell them to go light on the sauce and this is not exactly the hibachi I would cook personally at home but something better than nothing. As far as the staff are concerned I've never interacted with the cooks because they're working their magic but the people who take your money and who call your order are not exactly the nicest people on earth. It depends on who you get.

Riyo M.

Lots of greasy food for a good price. Not exactly the healthiest option but considering how fast and easy it was, it was worth it. Basically a chipotle for Japanese food that is cooked right when you order it so it's hot and fresh. The perfect place if you're looking for something quick and not super healthy.

Nick P.

Good pricing for a good amount of food! The portion of beef/shrimp was a little small, but all the food was very good.

Omar Atwa

Best fast food cooked hibachi I've ever had.

Ren Lopez

They dont pick their phone up when yu try to orderband when they do they are rude.

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