Burger King

706 E Atlantic St Ave, South Hill
(434) 447-1086

Recent Reviews

Tony Harper

Quickness of the service

Donna Spurlock

After all these years ,, the BK burger is still really really good

Susana Lamas

Went thru drive in and they were not serving soft drinks due to water problems,according to cashier, they could not serve drinks except for ice tea and water???? Explain that. We asked for discount since we were not getting the full meal they denied it, so pay full price and no discounts..that's customer service. Thank you!!!!

Dr. Ashmon GetFit Movement Dr.Trifinia Ashmon-Ebede

Great french fries, meal was fresh and hot.

Austin Canfield

Terrible food and terrible service they make McDonald’s look good

Nancy difranco

Very busy place. Everyone super nice!!

Makayla D.

Bad customer service, food was burnt and order was wrong. I was not very happy that I waited 30 minutes for that

Betsy Green

They always have soft serve ice cream sundays.

randy atkins

One of the best burger Kings I have been to so far!

Brandi Wiggins

They gave me the smallest possible tomato on my chicken sandwich

Mr. Fox

As far as Burger Kings go, this one had some hair in my sandwich, mostly clean floors, and the bathroom was out of order. So the best burger king I've been to yet!

Nancy Melton

What a polite group of kids working here. Food was just as ordered

TNTJ Redmond

Got hit by door by a employee at the Statesboro location will never be back


Unfortunately every time I've taken my mom for the past two or three years she complains that her whopper is always cold. I must say I have experienced the same but I just tolerate it because usually we've already left and I do not want to turn around t o go back.

titsand ass

They make the kids smile when the order is correct and the toy is in the box!

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